Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Doug Coe of "The Family" Has Died

CBN was very supportive of him as you can tell.

They Want a Theocracy: The Family

Coe Met With Pope Francis

The Cult Next Door-Bill Gothard

The Cult Next Door(Offical Trailer #4) from Youngman Films on Vimeo.

"The Cult Next Door" short documentary exposes the founder of The Institute in Basic Life Principles, Bill Gothard. The cultic group is focuses on authority and control. Gothard and the organization is now facing a multimillion lawsuit for rape and sexual assult. Sign up for the email update list. This is a good way to stay updated with the film and how to eventually view it!
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

People Who Feel Like God Hates Them or Doesn't Love Them

[this is not a Christian video but being used to show what some people are going through]

I don't believe this man is a born again believer, please pray for him. However I have heard what he has said from many others. Under spiritual and Satanic attack, I have even thought things like he is saying. Once I mulled to my husband on a very very bad day, what if I am like Esau and God does not love me?"  You know that verse that says "Easu I have hated?"This is one thing the "PERFECT PEOPLE" false Christians have wrought. These are the people they are burdening with their oppressions and sending far away from God.

 I have been under immense spiritual attack, it is bad. It's one reason you haven't seen me on here in the last couple weeks very much.  If I didn't "know" "Christianity" was true for sure and if I didn't have the Holy Spirit prompting me with scriptural warnings in my head, it would have been worse. One big part of this spiritual attack was Satan sending the message, "God doesn't love you".  I think Satan is sending that one to a lot of people. People get beaten down by life, and you look around, and think "Why has my life gone so badly?"  Here that false deliverance minister did a number on me, I am still working through. She connected the rightness and blessings of this life to one's spiritual standing. There's a difference too between years of chronic problems and short term stuff too.

Spiritual abusers are making people feel bereft and like God doesn't love them.  I know I have warned of "Best Life" Christianity for YEARS on here, it is worsening. While many churches help the poor, those teachings are coming out in a variety of ways. This man believes that riches in this world are equal to God's love, why wouldn't he? So many of the churches teach it.

There is so much focus on being a "success" in Christianity that if your life doesn't turn out well in this world, it can be an incredible burden. Sometimes I'll go watch sermons of local churches online to get the flavor of the church world, I saw one preacher preaching about how it's great when someone rich gets saved because people can give more money to the church then and he told a story about a rich man getting saved who donated millions to the church. Could a story be any more transparent? So wonder the man in the video above thinks God hates him for not having money. He doesn't know those celebrities mostly sold their souls.

One experiences the churches with their smiling, happy, prosperous people and you ask "What about me?" I will admit it at times, I have asked "What about me too?" You hit that old age and you get "regrets". You wonder why life turned out the way it did. I did not get a normal life at all.  It is hard. God showed me some immense things, you know how I exposed so much on this blog for years, well there was personal things shown to me too. It wasn't just the public ministers and current events, it was private life too. It's one reason I departed from wicked people in my life. It was a lot to face. I was lied to for decades by "family" members, I was shown very surprising things.

God if you ask Him, will open the door and show you a lot of truth. It's hard though, sometimes things will surprise or upset you.  When I was under the spiritual attacks, I could not ignore the things God had done for me.

 I've had a lot of weird temptations too with the spiritual attack. Some of it concerns this blog and the future. One day, I had the thought over and over, I should give up this blog so I am not a hypocrite, start attending one of those friendly churches that give me and my husband food at food pantries and stop being so isolated. It's like I am told to conform over and over, and my mind says "No, No" No". I shut down these temptations but it's crazy how they come. Satan is massively using the sense of extreme isolation I am facing as a Christian. It's crazy I even have thoughts like this come out. People as we get into the last days will be under immense pressure to conform. God allows my husband to support me, even despite his spiritual status and he tells me to continue with the blog.

I am not perfect and fear fainting. I never have gone through such bad spiritual attacks.

I do know Satan uses the message, "God does not love you, and you are going to hell anyway" as an accuser of the brethren. Satan has bombarded me telling me because I have rare disfiguring illnesses and other problems that we are "bad" people and getting what "we deserve". I wish some minister out there would say "Look life is tough, some of you may end up with a life that is nothing but hardship" instead of all the false hopes and telling people God has a miracle for every problem in this world when we were warned of Tribulation. If anything I got the feeling God's children are out for the most suffering in this world.

I am happier now and settled now, but I feel like I was in a punch down-knock down fight. Even the church thing is absurd. I certainly have been in enough where I had no choice to leave or otherwise I would be forced out for opening my mouth.

I am thinking though more then just myself here though. I meet so many people, non-believers who tell me, "God does not care. This life has too much suffering." I have conversations with people like this all the time.

Some even segue over to determining that God is cruel and hates humanity or they believe in a "higher power" who is poking at his "self-created" ant farm with a stick. This is a question churches fail to answer. I tell people direct, this world is hard and Satan run. A lot of people don't like that. A few have listened though and told me, that makes the most sense.

The pastors all sugar-coat life, and so wonder no one is prepared. This place is a death factory. Sure it may have nice blue skies and some flowers but there is a reason Jesus Christ came to RESCUE US.

Galatians 1:4 Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father

The churches aren't even getting that basic right.

Right Wing Deception Comes Home To Roost

 From an atheist website

 I have talked about how for years the religious right would discredit Christians and would turn even more people away from Christianity. These are the days now where if you don't have your own relationship with Jesus Christ, "Christianity" or how it is made to appear is going to nauseate you.

 The wickedness of the right is being made apparent to the secular world. The left is wicked too. Those standing at the sidelines, it is hard to watch it all. Even with the immigrants, Trump made a giant show of stopping them midflight instead of giving a date in the future. That was for the show time and drama too, and featured oppressions as children and women were left stranded in air ports and we have seen pictures of some of the refugees in America [hmm surprised it's not Americans yet] running to the Canadian border.

 There's truth in that woman's sign. I wish she had wrote ANTICHRIST instead of "Alt Jesus" because I do not want my Lord and Savior's name maligned, but she is right about what they are teaching and promoting.

 The religious right worships money and mammon and got a sociopathic billionaire in as president. They do teach fear everyone for their racial and division games [yes the left plays the race card too from a different direction], they do teach blame the poor and ignore the sick. Even other secular countries in the West have more care for the poor and disabled then the religious right in America. Here they just want you to go die in the gutter. If anyone wants to argue this one with me, you'll lose, my husband hasn't had medical insurance in 10 years.

 It's funny to me how it's mostly liberals protesting things, and not a peep from Christians, well maybe a few independents like me, as our reality TV show president/actor who used to fire people and be rude to women on the show the Apprentice, is tearing more holes in the already imperfect safety net and setting a tone for a meaner and more wicked America. The liberals definitely have things they are wrong about too, but then they are exactly right about the "religious right".

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The NWO Hates God-Given Emotions

I saw a different commercial for this same product and was a bit worried. I have noticed an extreme trend over the last years where emotions are to be  repressed.  We live in a society now where the artist and storyteller are hated, and the soul-less technocrat is the most honored. This product seems to more about quelling the emotion of anxiety and fear, but fear has a reason to exist. Repress that one enough around toxic environments or people, your health will show it anyhow, no matter how many breathing exercises you do. Those feelings of fear are there for a reason to WARN YOU. Interesting it shows one big eye in one shot.

The focus on "mindfulness" from the New Age has entered the mainstream where one must endeavor to be calm, and relaxed 24-7 and oddly always thinking of nature scenes and perfect scenarios. I have noticed one must always separate themselves from the actual environment to make this happen. No one ever addresses changing environments or lives to be less stressful anymore but that all the plebes now on their way up to some extreme business meeting are required to go inward and practice "fantasies' in their mind to keep from freaking out. None of this is questioned. The focus on fantasy and "virtual realities" now literal to suppress emotions is part of the new world order plan.

There is a point where emotional control can help in life and is biblical, but there's a point where it seems society desires a legion of pod people who no longer feel and are so closed down, emotions have become a thing of the past. Malignant narcissistic people  or who the Bible would refer to as seared usually are cold fish. It seems now the wicked controllers of the world wants everyone else to be as cold. Emotions are hated. They must be controlled now and/or eliminated. Mind control in this world is about making everyone lose their inward conscience and closing down God-given emotions to do what you are told and to keep poker faces on for the comfort of the powerful.

Ecclesiastes 3:4 - A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

I've noticed in some dysfunctional circles, how emotions are seen as "weakness". This trend has been growing. The bible warns about people growing cold. The cold are the emotionless, frozen like icicles. Sometimes it frightens me how cold some people have grown where they no longer "feel" or have "attachment" or "love" for others. Those with emotions are seen as fodder to destroy and to hurt. People sneer at those they deem "too sensitive".  People with consciences have emotions. People without consciences only have the emotions of anger. They have destroyed all inner introspection. The "living waters" inside a person of conscience flow, while for the degenerated seared, their inner landscapes are dried out deserts, empty, and a shell. The bible tells us most of the wicked will "have their love grow cold". These deserts are cold as well, with no feeling for anyone else as the person shuts down conscience and emotions.

I was raised within a wicked family where emotions were seen as a bad thing, the only emotion allowed was anger and glee over winning over your enemies. Many of them make 6 figures and above and are very successful in this world.  Those who sell their souls prosper in this world. One thing my wicked relatives would tell me is that I was "too sensitive". If I showed compassion to someone else they got angry. Love, feelings and tears were not allowed. If I cried, I was in trouble.

I was told I was a "weak" person for having emotions and this included even the good ones like joy or love. Many wicked people hate emotions but this does not mean all reticent people are wicked.  Some people were over taught extreme emotional control, think of British aristocrats and other cultures like in Japan, where emotional control is stressed, but there is a line between cultural mandates and inner spiritual coldness.  We see this now in America as to what is deemed a "good professional". Be hard, cold, hide all emotions, and vanquish your enemies without breaking a sweat.  There is a reason now while in our society and world that is growing more evil that emotions are being repressed and stamped out. In the American Hunger Games, softness is not tolerated.

This is happening in society where emotional IQ points are handed out to the most controlled and in the churches as well, where it seems to have as few emotions as possible is the ideal. Many in the churches, from what I have experienced, are not focused on "being real" but focused on this idea of pious perfection where emotions are deemed "bad". God's truly faithful are never crying or weeping or angry or upset. In church circles, the most respected people are the ones who are "together" and never vulnerable. Many non-believers or people who attended church when young and left "Christianity" all together have talked to me about judgmental worlds where to expose any vulnerabilities meant you got eaten alive. They have spoken of "cruel" Christians. Being someone who is of very low income and with disabilities that show, in American society, I have gotten some tastes myself of what they have dealt with. I have no ability to put on the required perfect masks.

The church world for many low caste people in America is a hell of judgments and most of those judgments pertain to your "unsuitable" emotions should you ever let them slip. Poverty itself even if one can avoid homelessness by the skin of their teeth or find food to eat, the worse thing about the lack of money is not the going without, but this constant drumbeat even felt within churches about what a "bad person" you are to have "failed" in life. One will be called "bitter" and "lacking in faith" by many church people simply for having a different kind of life they do not relate to. Once in the war-loving IFB I left, I asked for prayers for a health condition and admitted "worry". I did not say anything extreme like "God has abandoned me" or anything sharp, but this so horrified the church denizens, I had two hand me books the next Sunday on trusting in God. I saw eyes rolling in heads as I broke some kind of social contract admitting worry.  There's an authoritarianism growing in fundamentalist Christianity and it goes beyond the evil sickening politics, there's so many lines not to be crossed. People who face serious depression and other problems in church, know that in most churches admitting them, means social and other destruction.

You get the feeling many now consider emotions dangerous. You are to be stifled. Social isolation grows among many down trodden people in America where the shaming never ends. There's no one for poor people to talk to especially in mainstream culture, about what you are going through. Saying the Emperor has no clothes, is the soonest way to find yourself in even hotter water.  The best life mantras and memes, force a certain emotional mask to be worn like the below. Don't worry about the future, sure we are supposed to trust in God, but one can see the strain of the "prosperity gospel" and keeping a smile always on one's face below the message, "don't be the kind of woman who worries". That's a strange tattoo for a Christian by the way.

This ties into the "think positive" nonsense, now you must not only "think positive" you better "feel positive" too. In watching all those Leah Remini shows and others exposing Scientology, I noticed how all the auditors wanted people to close down their emotions. That seemed to be the common theme.  Obedience was instilled to a great degree too. The training seemed to be about having people squash all emotions, even when they described one exercise of being shouted at for hours while not being allowed to react. Another exercise they were told to sit and stare at one another for hours and hours. E-meters serving as low-watt lie-detectors were meant to keep the auditors knowing what was happening to the people they were "training". I have wondered if Scientology is a mind control experiment factory. It does make you wonder.

Too many false religions teach a "shutting down" of emotions. All cults do it. They do not want open emotions or thought among their followers. Here too false leaders control masses of people telling them that showing any emotion is "wrong". People within these groups from the "Keeping Sweet" FLDS cult to your local fundamentalist "Christian" church, know that "emotional control" is one of the unwritten rules. Even showing too much "grief" is deemed "lacking trust in God." Abused women are told they must always keep a sweet smile on their face and must never react to abusers or the wicked with any anger or a frown.

I always have written on this blog, they are basically doing "mind control" on the masses. Soldiers are given resiliency training. One is told that one must always maintain "poise" no matter what. The stuff about emotions is growing stronger.  Yes emotional control has some importance. What we "do" matters comparative to how we "feel" but you wonder what has happened when emotions are seen in such a bad way. Aren't emotions God-given? What happens to people who close down all their emotions? Haven't you noticed for decades even the slang term "Cool" is applied to people who are the most disconnected, one is "cool", for being "emotionally above it all". Think about how that affected people and the expression of emotions.

One notices this a lot in false religions and cults. Emotions are to be suppressed. Emotions are to be controlled at the behest of the powerful who tells you what you are allowed to feel and think.  This is how so many are led to enable evil.   This is about control and power. My advice to all here is never allow someone else to tell you what to "feel" and be wary of those who seek to invalidate your feelings automatically. The bible warns us to "Guard our Hearts", and one aspect of that would be protect your emotions, and protect yourself.

Proverbs 4:2 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.
Many of the wicked will try and get into your heart and mind wiggling and burrowing like a worm. There are people out there who commit soul murder. They destroy others using their emotions against them and tell them that because they have emotions at all, that they are horrible people. They will tell them that they are not "strong", and that they are "weak" failures who must be "delivered". The wicked seek control and they seek to "break" you. I believe many people who are separated from their God-given emotions or shamed for them, can be driven insane. I have noticed most of the Trojan horses who have been sent me over this blog, head for my "emotional" centers first, telling me I am "wrong" and "bad" and not a good person because I am not "happy" enough and not feeling the "right" emotions.   This is where some of the worse mind screws will come in. I believe it is happening society wide too.

What about all the psych medicines too? While some people do need help for chemical problems, have you ever noticed how they all numb people out? One scary study I saw in mainstream news was when they reported that in a study, Tylenol may decease empathy. Is it possible it was designed that way? That is a drug a lot of people take.

Some of the biggest ways mind control is used, and breaking people down in cults, is to teach them not to trust their emotions or to repress them. Obviously we are facing a message society wide, that "emotions" are a bad thing. Feelings are a bad thing. They are to be stifled. What is happening to the human soul in the middle of all this?

Romans 12:15: Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Verse For You If You Get Angry At God

"When my soul was embittered, when I was pricked in heart, I was brutish and ignorant; I was like a beast toward you. Nevertheless, I am continually with you; you hold my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will receive me to glory." (Psalm 73:21–24).

If you get angry at God and sin, this is a good verse. Some weeks ago, in pain with horrible mouth sores from a flu and my husband getting very sick on the same day, I sinned and felt angry at God. This was first time in a long time anything like this had happened. I am not perfect and blamed God for things that were not His doing. We all have to be careful to see where our emotions carry us. Some Christian friends counseled me and assured me during this time.  I read the verse "I was like a beast towards you" and it applies. It is something that hit me out of the blue too.

God will forgive you if you get angry at Him and sin and go and repent. It was a very troubling time for me.

Is it wrong to get angry at God.

A Cartoon Display of the Republican Party

Doubleclick to enlarge the above. I saw this on Facebook, it is supposed to be by an artist named David Sanders. It's interesting that the carrot on the stick is not a real carrot, but perhaps he means that the GOP never really intends to end abortion which is something I agree with. I can't even begin to count the Christians who all told me to vote for amoral Trump because he is supposedly for "pro-life".

 I read the other day that the real deal with Trump is to privatize everything for the mega-corporations as well as doing the "transfer to nationalism" for the war build up. If I drew this cartoon I would have drawn some bombs in the back of the cart for all the war mongering.  A Democratic party one could be drawn with the Christian voters taken out of the equation, and they could leave the widow and orphan in the same place.

Leah Remini Embraces Catholicism after Scientology

Leah Remini Embraces Catholicism After Scientology

"After more than three decades as a Scientologist, Leah Remini tells PEOPLE she is now finding comfort in Catholicism – and is embracing it for all the ways she feels it differs from Scientology.
“Nobody is asking me for money. Nobody is demanding that I come,” she tells PEOPLE in its latest cover story. “I light a candle. I sit and I listen.”
Remini, 45, broke with Scientology in 2013 after growing up within the controversial religion, and rising in stature within the church after she found fame on The King of Queens.
But the actress – who just released her tell-all book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology – says her exploration of Catholicism is also a return to her roots, explaining that she was baptized Catholic and learned about the religion from her Sicilian grandmother."

That's going from the frying pan into the fire. Now it seems she wants to lead Scientologists to Rome.

Leah Remini Exposes Scientology