Sunday, May 29, 2016

Naked Cowboy Shows Up At Hillsong Conference

What is that mess? It's a church conference? Really? They got Elvis too and someone playing the statue of liberty which is doubly offensive, since that is a representation of a "goddess" figure. Naked Cowboy is this guy who became famous walking around almost naked in his underwear playing the guitar.

Naked Cowboy at Hillsong Church Conference

You know it gets worse and worse out there in these apostate churches. 

United Methodist Church Delays on Homosexual Decision

Sadly many churches have already accepted homosexuality or openly gay pastors. It looks like the United Methodist church is on the same path. They just delayed the decision by two years. It is one of the more liberal denominations so this is not surprising.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bryan Delinger Supports Ruckman

I had posted some of his videos in the past but stopped once I realized too many points of disagreement. The support of Ruckman is deeply worrisome. I thought he had left Ruckman behind from one video but was not sure. In his book video, I did see Ruckman books on the shelf but did not want to judge as I have a bookshelf full of books I disagree with.  I suppose this is pretty direct.

This is too:

Why don't people get when they put a man's name like first, like Lutheranism or Ruckmanite, something has run off the rails. Jesus is supposed to be first and foremost in someone's mind. Ruckman has such crazy teachings, I wonder how people can fall for these wolves so easily. Are they afraid to go down the path some of us have gone here, where we realize most are fakes? Even the Jesus is Savior website owner has an undying loyalty for Jack Hyles who has endless false teachings too.

On the second video, I think he saw my article where I called Ruckman out for his views on abortion. See around the 8:28 mark. Ruckamn says a baby is not really a baby until it has it's first breath? Isn't that what Planned Parenthood teaches? At least Delinger says he disagrees the point but what kind of saved person would support abortion? We are called to examine the fruits. No one is asking anyone to be perfect but  Ruckman had other problems beyond the abortion issue too.


This is Social Engineering

This is social engineering pure and simple. The children's thoughts and views are being directed. A FEW rare ones may have hormonal disorders [even then their hormonal imbalances would be an opening for the wicked to steer them wrong] or those born as "made eunuchs" but most are not. The NWO and "New Age desires androgyny.

The Bathroom Wars Real Agenda?

I'm sick of the bathroom wars. Hope this does not offend anyone, but I believe this is the latest non-issue probably meant to push forth another social-engineering issue.  Didn't Obama tell the schools now that transgendered kids can use whatever bathroom they want?  Is he nuts? I may have told my school principal I was "genderqueer" just to get away from some nasty bullying girls in junior high. Sure, this is about pushing the transgendered stuff at young people. I see young people doing it to be "cool". I even know the family of a 13 year old where she lived as a boy for a year, being called by a boy's name who hit puberty and then "changed" her mind. Should we blame this girl for being confused? I don't.

And here comes the Christian right, playing their part, "Oh no the bathrooms are being taken over by roving transgenders!" Anyone dumb enough in our violent world to let a kid too young to understand "Stranger Danger" use a bathroom alone is a poor parent. Just because the bathroom has a plastic sign saying WOMAN on the front of it does not mean that pedophiles and perverts are going to keep themselves from going in there. These types are almost pushing society carte blanche into acceptance of the endless gender bending and new androgyny.

How many transgenders are there? What are they? .002%? of the population? I used to see a guy dressed as a woman in a big city who would take the bus, with 5 o'clock shadow and a pink dress, he stuck out like a sore thumb. Are they going to do sex checks now for everyone to use the bathroom? What if a woman has PCOS and her face is hairy and she's wearing pants? What if a hippie man with long hair looks like a woman from the back? They definitely want the number of gender benders to go up by pushing a manufactured problem. Isn't our world run like a full 25% are homosexuals now? Well  the 2 percent or less of transgenders now want their cut. What about the heterosexual cross-dresses, which bathroom for them?

And what about hermaphrodites, they are out there! Before they just passed for whatever sex they chose to go by. Polite society just went along with it's business and has for decades. I guess that's not good enough anymore. The sex police have to be called out. Google congenital adrenal hyperplasia, I wouldn't want to be one of those women trying to figure out which bathroom to use. Does the Bible say abuse the eunuchs, I'd like to see where that is in there. Do you remember my old article on the Homosexual Hegelian Dialectic well now we have the Transgendered one.

Maybe some business people all want ONE bathroom for EVERYONE to save money and said "Push this Transgender bathroom scare story, I'm sick of paying for all those plumbing repairs!". Well people in small towns, are already stuck with sharing the bathroom with everyone, from Granny to Brutus the plumber. Only the government buildings, local library and hospital have separated bathrooms. Wipe the seat or use one of those paper liners. Anyhow I'm sick of hearing about the bathrooms.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Morgan Freeman's The Story of God

Don't forget my celebrity rule. Morgan Freeman is another one who sold out to the powers that be. I decided to watch two of these shows. Sometimes I will watch and look at things I don't agree with to post about them here. The videos do have many "signs" and symbols" you may recognize. The pyramid at the start of one was put there probably by design.

 It wasn't easy, though they had decent enough footage of religious ceremonies and scenery, because basically what he was selling was universalism. I heard basically the same message over and over during my years in the Unitarian Universalist church.  Some of these messages include: "All religions lead to "god". "Human beings simply have different understanding of "god" but none of them are wrong and all have pieces of the puzzle".

 This message is wide spread now. Those who deviate from this script are often described as bigots. I left the UU church in 1999, and the changes in people's thinking has been radical in the last 17 years. Even members of other religions would stand on them being "true" without holding the idea that their religion was just one more truth among many but now most people see their "religion" as representing a flavor of truth just like the UUs.  Almost everyone is an universalist now and even many of the so called "Christians" are.

God is not unique to the Christian faith according to many of these people but is present in all religions of the world.

 Morgan Freeman via this show definitely is promoting certain ideas. Catholicism and Catholic "scholarship" is held up. Just the other day, someone I know local must have seen the show in the first video as they named Nero as being represented by the number 666. One can pick words like umbrella or sauerkraut and add up numbers all over the place so I don't buy that logic. 666 goes deeper then that. That one would take a post of its own.

Morgan Freeman Meets Joel Osteen

Morgan Freeman's Granddaughter Stabbed in an Exorcism

Assisted Suicide Passes in California, Takes Effect in June

California Right to Die To Take Effect This Spring

I've been told by doctors I would die before and then lived many years longer. Lets just say I do not believe doctors anymore on my own life span.

Disabled and chronically ill people are actually frightened of these laws and support groups like Not Dead Yet. "Right to Die" will become "duty to die".  People have the right to refuse unwanted medical care, but to actively kill yourself is something different. What gets me is so many doctors are stingy about the pain killers so people ARE suffering, because of the war on drugs brainwashing and the police state but then the supposed solution in these "right to die" states is to turn around and tell people, now we will spare you pain and suffering by letting you kill yourself! Take these pills and your troubles will be over!

The people in this video all weird me out. Some are elderly but seem like healthy types. Just watch it and let it speak for itself. It gave me a very sick feeling inside. I don't want to upset anyone but these "right to die" laws greatly concern me. The Republican party and right wing doesn't care about this stuff. They care more about whining about the .03% of the population [transexuals] wanting to use a bathroom as a distraction.

 Compassion for the ill, elderly and weak in our society is growing lesser and lesser. Combining these answers especially in our profit-driven medical establishment is very scary. Life is for God to give and take away, not human beings. My particular state does not have right to die laws like this and I am glad. If it came here, I would fight against it and make a stand.

Brittany Maynard: Using a Pretty Woman For Selling Death to the Masses

Seen Online

Share International is still advertising...

Looks like the usual "sun worship: in the ad too.


Lucis Trust and New Group of World Servers: Ultimate World Unity

Glenn Beck Wants People to Leave the Republican Party

He's pretty upset over Ted Cruz losing. There's no rich and lying Republicans? Glenn Beck made his money off the right wing for years. Glenn Beck grows sillier and sillier. Is his career finally over yet?

Brooke Shields Would Like To Chip Her Child

Here's more indoctrination for people to accept a "mark of the beast" RFID chip. Never trust
celebrities when it comes to religion or life matters, many of them sold out for fame long ago.

RFID chips by 2017

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Job 38

Good to read during a "Why God moment?"  The reader does put some passion into it.

UN Says Eating Insects Will End World Hunger

Does the Bible in the Old Testament call insects an unclean food? I'm curious. Hmm let's go look...

Leviticus 11:22 Even these of them ye may eat; the locust after his kind, and the bald locust after his kind, and the beetle after his kind, and the grasshopper after his kind.
23 But all other flying creeping things, which have four feet, shall be an abomination unto you.
24 And for these ye shall be unclean: whosoever toucheth the carcase of them shall be unclean until the even.
It looks like the bible is okay with the eating of locusts, grasshoppers and beetles but not other insects. We are not under Old Testament dietary law, but I believe there are natural reasons why most human beings do not eat vultures, and bats and other animals listed in the Bible. Some of these rules and commandments are there for a reason. When a human or animal is adverse to a certain food source there usually is a reason for it. There is an evil agenda behind this push to get human beings to eat bugs. There are enzymes and other things that human beings need in regular sources of protein. One can tell the elites desire to push a horrible life upon human slaves using the lie that "it will save the world". Soylent Green may mean bugs in the future.

  Sweden Pushes 15 Programs for the Eating of Insects

Bono Loves "The Message"

Bono loves the bible translation done by Eugene Peterson which was "The Message". Watch out for this Bible and it's different translations. Bono and Eugene Peterson have made this above documentary together.

Watching the Psalms changed so radically is bothersome.

I get a very Unitarian Universalist vibe from that guy, his house decor reminds me of old church member's I guess.  What is sad, is they are right about the deep beauty of the Psalms and their truths, so this can lure more people into accepting the messages of Bono and false translations of the Bible like Eugene Peterson has promoted via putting together "The Message". Having looked into different bible translations, "The Message" is one of the worse translations.

 One weird thing Bono says is that David danced naked in front of the troops. David in Samuel 2 Chapter 6 is wearing a linen ephod. He is indoors too.  I guess Bono is already saying things that aren't really in the bible. The guy who dressed up as devil is not going to tell us the truth about what's in the Bible.

In other strange news another U2 member plays a visit to the Vatican to play in the Sistine Chapel:

The rock band U2 has already been used in many "one world religion" agendas including their time pushing the phrase Co-exist.

"The film featured exclusively through FULLER studio, a site offering resources—videos, podcasts, reflections, stories—for all who seek deeply formed spiritual lives. Explore these resources, on the Psalms and a myriad of other topics, at
© Fuller Theological Seminary / Fuller Studio
a Fourth Line Films production, in association with Fuller’s Brehm Center Texas and W. David O. Taylor
[Video message, 2002] Mr. Peterson, Eugene, my name is Bono. I’m the singer with the group U2 and wanted to video message you my thanks and our thanks from the band for this remarkable work you’ve done. There’s been some great translations, very literary translations, but no translation that I’ve read that speaks to me in my own language, so I want to thank you for that. Take a rest now, won’t you? Bye.
Eugene Peterson:
I’d never heard of Bono before. Then one of my students showed up in class with a copy of the Rolling Stones—Rolling Stones?—and in it there was an interview with Bono in which he talked about me and The Message. He used some slangy language about who I was, and I said, “Who’s Bono?” They were dumbfounded I’d never heard of Bono, but that’s not the circle I really travel in very much. That’s how I first heard about him.
Then people started bringing me his music, and I listened to his music, and I thought, “I like this guy.” After a while I started feeling quite pleased that he knew me.
[Interview at Point Loma Nazarene University, 2007:]
Dean Nelson:
Yes, but the rest of the story is that he invited you to come and hang with them for a while. You turned him down.
Eugene Peterson:
I was pushing a deadline on The Message. I was finishing up the Old Testament at the time, and I really couldn’t do it.
Dean Nelson:
You may be the only person alive who would turn down the opportunity just to make a deadline. I mean, come on. It’s Bono, for crying out loud!
Eugene Peterson:
Dean, he was Isaiah.
Dean Nelson:
Jan Peterson:
The Old Testament is a long, long book, much longer than the New Testament, and it did take a long time and a lot of devotion on both of our parts to have that happen.
I have to say, in the last years, Eugene’s writing has kept me as sane as this is, if you call it sane, which you probably won’t. Run With the Horses, that’s a powerful manual for me, and it includes a lot of incendiary ideas. I hadn’t really thought of Jeremiah as a performance artist. Why do we need art? Why do we need the lyric poetry of the Psalms? Why do we need them? Because the only way we can approach God is if we’re honest through metaphor, through symbol. Art becomes essential, not decorative. I learned about art, I learned about the Prophets, I learned about Jeremiah with that book, and that really changed me.
Eugene Peterson:
Then several years later…This was about 4 years ago, 4 or 5 years ago…Bono would like Jan and me to come to Dallas for a concert. We went to the concert. He was very sensitive to us. We were really well cared for, had really good seats. I’d never seen a mash pit before. That was my introduction to the mash pit. Is it a pit?
(Voice off camera):
It’s a mosh pit.
Eugene Peterson:
Mosh pit. Okay. You can see how uneducated I am in this world.
We had a 3-hour lunch. We just had a lovely conversation. It was very personal, relational. He didn’t put me on any kind of a pedestal, and I didn’t him, so we were very natural with each other. Through that 3-hour conversation, I was just really taken by the simplicity of his life, of who he was, who he is. There was no pretension to him. At that point I just felt like he was a companion in the faith.
[About U2’s song “40,” based on Psalm 40:]
I think it’s one of his best ones. He sings it a lot. I mean, he does this a lot. It’s one of the songs that reaches into the hurt and disappointment and difficulty of being a human being. It acknowledges that in language that is immediately recognizable. There’s something that reaches into the heart of a person and the stuff we all feel but many of us don’t talk about.
[Quoting from The Message’s translation of Psalm 40:]
I waited and waited and waited for God. At last he looked. Finally he listened. He lifted me out of the ditch. He pulled me from deep mud, stood me up on a solid rock to make sure that I wouldn’t slip. He taught me how to sing the latest God-song…
The Harlot Church Loves Bono and U2

Are Evangelical Churches Abandoning the Working Class?

Are Evangelical Churches Abandoning the Working Class?

The answer is YES and every class beneath that one because the pastors want money. This guy at least admits poor whites in America actually exist. Church is expensive now. I was talking to someone today how many poor people have dropped out of churches with the extreme Republican politics that decry the poor as at fault, and how community has lessened between the impoverished. I do truly believe there is an agenda to silence and isolate the poor, definitely of all races.

Are Poor People Leaving the Churches?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Blame the Poor Brainwashing Fest Worked!

Angry Woman in Walmart Throws a Fit Over Man Using Food Stamps

This could be a political set up as the Fox News set battles the victims of the failing economy in America but anyhow it's disgusting. This is more blaming the poor. Didn't she get the 1996 memo, that you have to work [for the abled bodied with children] or be disabled to even get food stamps? I'm sure she's not complaining about the trillions handed over for war in the Middle East or banker bail-outs. Doing this in a Wal-Mart is even more ironic as most of it's lower tiered workers especially with children qualify for assistance.

 There's plenty of people working 40-60 hours a week wages have sunk so low and prices have gone up so high that need help. Sometimes it feels embarrassing to be American, this country has gone down into so much stupidity and overt meanness. One thing I noticed reading the comments regarding this article is many people wrote, "Yeah I bet she is a Christian too!" That is what the right wing has wrought for us. By the way sitting in the last IFB, hearing rants and raves against poor people and "those who won't work won't eat" was not a good time either. So those attitudes, I have seen and heard exactly where they have come from. That is the sign of false Christians who do not want to help the poor. Of course the elite have no problem oppressing and impoverishing the majority for their own desired outcomes.