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The Fake Christians Oppress Us

How some see the Christian world in the above picture. Sadly there is a reason these stereotypes exist. Betty Bower is a caricature by non-Christians of how they see pretentious stuck-up false "Christians". Sadly you don't have to be a non-Christian to feel burned by such types.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15King James Version (KJV)
13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

The Bible warns of counterfeits all over. Counterfeit religion, counterfeit churches, counterfeit religious system--whore of Babylon and the Beast. There are plenty of counterfeit Christians. The Mustard Tree is grown, flourishing and huge now.  The wolves surround us. The biggest wolves can be fake Christians who with their pious do-good attitudes who wear masks of deceit.

My life has grown odd lately, I've paid a price for my beliefs, and being shy I never was bible-thumping in people's faces but I have not only lost the majority of the family who couldn't stomach my beliefs or me, but friends. Of course a number were wicked and I had to get away. Think of people who sold their souls for success in this world. I'm under great pressure. Please pray for me.

Sometimes I ask God "Why must I be so alone?" and have wondered at times if something is wrong with me. Maybe you are in that situation. One thing I notice about the "Christian" world, is they are all cozy with a huge close knit family and lots of friends. It sometimes makes me feel like I am a bad person because I have ended up so alone outside of my husband. Some seem to have won world popularity contests and then some.

The "Christians" who have their big families where everyone shares their faith is not my experience at all. What do I make of people who have had these lives where their family are all members of their church? I've only been to ONE church where there were people coming in from the outside, where there it wasn't just vast family networks making up the church. This isn't my experience at all.

The "Christian" world seems to be one where the people mostly are loved by the world, they are not ending up all alone. I was ostracized for my religious beliefs, dis-invited from family gatherings and denied visits with nieces and nephews for leaving the Catholic church. I do not regret this at all. It was the price of following the truth.  I come out of a very wicked family and can't even explain some of the details about this on here. Let's just say it was a land of secrets and subterfuge where all the sell-outs and Satan's disciples prospered in this world. My family is well-off too and because I did not achieve a certain class status, that led to some of the divisions too. It is far worse to become poor in a family like that as an adult. You become a non-person. It is far different and better to have a poor family that loves you.

Many friendly people in the church system, would ask about my family, this would happen in the last church I was in, and because I really didn't have one, or one that was part of the church, this too separated me from them. Their lives seemed so rich and full and I felt so alone among it all. They were all proud of their fecundity to the max and never let me forget it.  In the last church I told the pastor, and one other person I was estranged from my family over religious differences, but that was a rarity, no one else related. Even opening my mouth to that slight degree was a giant mistake. It made me a pariah to be a person without a "family" or "networks".

I can't stay that everyone with a close knit family is a "false Christian" but I kept having this thought, what does it mean to be so loved by the world? Why were no others in my position considering the plethora of false cults, churches and religions that a born again Christian must come out of? Why have I never met anyone like me except online? Why do I meet the long lines of people who have it all according to this world and fit the mold?

I never fit in due to my lack of children--my health conditions precluded having children--infertility, and having a close knit extended family. Other child-less women were nonexistent in the churches I visited, I think they had all been driven out. To be in many of these churches, it almost seemed a requirement that you had a certain kind of life, that your husband had a good job, and you owned a nice home and had a wide extended family and had children. I met many nice people and am sure there were true Christians with all of the above, but knew the "fake" ones saw me as a non-person for lacking all of the above. And since I am a married woman, and middle aged, how do people who are more poor then me feel? How about ones of another race? I am a darker skinned Caucasian and rude questions about what exact ethnic group I came from never ended. How about single people or those who had never been married? How about young people? While I have complained about the cookie cutters before, it goes beyond that, in many places now unless you fit the cookie cutter, they don't want to know.

They live in a narrow world where Reagan was a great man and where the war in Iraq was really about those horrible weapons of mass destruction.  Ted Cruz is our best friend and Trump will save the country from too many immigrants.  They bow down to all the elite's political agendas. In the last church I was in, not one had ever heard of the "new world order" which flabbergasted me considering the information that is now available on line. Brain-dead Republicanism absolutely ruled. There wasn't even a libertarian in the mix or a 9-11 truther in this coven of die hard Republicans.  I am so tired of these type of people, that my head hurts. The other side of the coin people don't do me any favors either.

 While some church people are "happy acquaintances" once a "church" person gets closer and realizes the thin surface of what I believe that is enough to be "hated" and newly ostracized. You don't have to tell them a lot! It can be that you believe churches are falling away or that you do not believe in "sacraments" or in celebrating Christmas. Many will be upset that you have not conformed. You will be written off as a freak. It happened to me. I either was a stranger keeping my mouth closed or written off.

This oppression can destroy many people spiritually. Without the Holy Spirit and if I had not been in the positions I've been before in life, I would have already fallen away. The "Christian" culture stinks, it is faith destroying not faith elevating.

In my case, it's not like I am going to run back to being an atheist, I know that world all too well, and will expose some of it more too.  Saved Christians will cry out to God, "Why me?" We will be weary. I am tired. Some of us our only rewards will be in heaven. I am not well liked. I have been betrayed so many times it's not funny.  People come to this blog and say they are Christians for years and then expose themselves as some type of extreme heretic I never even heard of. My family hates me. This world hates me. My husband became a throw-away in the career world. We barely are above the streets. We are alone in this world. I want to move because I live in a stuck up wicked affluent community where there is no one to talk to, and while I got good medical care here, my spirit can't take it anymore. I am now a middle aged woman without any resources and treated accordingly. Many of my friends died too.  Weren't we warned in scripture? Do you see any in the "Christian" world who are hated? If anything the churches are full of the "popular" kids while the "outcasts" disappeared long ago.

Many will tell you things like you "need to be in a church" and are sinning not to be. Still others will slowly freeze you out. Since I left my "good" IFB that had some decent folks in it, I have felt silenced and repressed, where I feel like I haven't been able to talk to people for years except on here and in close friendships. Leaving that rural community was a mistake as I have cried quite a bit over the last 8 years missing the real people who were down to earth. At least there if I disagreed I would be heard and still treated like a human being. Here, they just want me to stay shut up. Dead-inside sorts, going through the motions, and one finds themselves bored to the core with it all.

The "Christian" world has become one of even more conformity. It has worsened in the last ten years.  The non-believers who complain about Christian "pod people" are on to something. They are absolutely correct about silly externals and appearances being focused on.  Their disgust matches mine, with the core difference, they rejected Jesus Christ based on the Mustard Tree of deceit. I wish I could have sat down with the ex IFB pastor guy and tell him, "Yeah, you are absolutely right the Christian world stinks". It's false programs, and appearances, and little social codes. It's drivel and busy-work for adults. It's control-freak land. As an ex-Catholic and ex-UU, I never really learned the social codes of the IFB and even in those kind  of churches, in some social ways I never fit in and never would. It was like moving to a town where everyone had been born there.

 That's a guy who needs to see Jesus Christ aside from the fake churches. Nothing he writes shocks me, I thought it all in my 20s. I see his life as having been far easier then mine. He is disabled but I have been sick since I was my mid- 20s, and his health problems are less severe and far less disfiguring. He has a huge extensive family, economic security and has grandchildren. Perhaps his rewards are here.

The churches and Christian system disgust me. I became a UU even watching the TV evangelical preachers in the 1980s, realizing they were all bunk. The religious world is indeed a stinking cesspool. Look at this blog, I've written it for 5 years and haven't had time to expose all the rot, I found out about. The pastors are money-makers first and foremost but many are down right evil. The churches follow every agenda laid out and there's a reason more of them are becoming the same. The church system in fact is part of the control matrix of the elites, with the resultant brainwashing and blind following of political agendas.

I referred to the Luciferians, that guy would say "Ah that's just conspiracy stupidity" but he's in a net I already was in when I was in the UU, listening to the academics, and wealthy academic intelligentsia, who are just as much serfs preaching their religion of "leftism", and lies about the world. They all conform too, to each other, pod people of a different flavor with noses in air and Saabs in the parking lot.  Free Thought organizations are just as intertwined into the system as the churches. They are all rich too. They oppressed people too. They are just as much money-grubbers and system boot lickers as the worse evangelical TV preacher like Bakker.

 When I lived in the gutter, not one Unitarian Universalist offered me a meal or 1 dollar and this was a church of mostly millionaires and the upper middle class. That says something doesn't it? Today's phony Christians running to save the globe, remind me of yesterdays UUs who ignored someone in severe poverty right in front of their face, and told the church to make a collection for some freedom fighter in Bali. I've been in the false churches, sometimes for secular community activities or clubs, where the pastors always travel the globe and have their travelogues on the wall as people live in shacks and burnt out shells of buildings 5 miles across the river. There are a few churches here who do local charity work, but the majority are doing the save the planet nonsense for the United Nations. If you are poor they don't want you "messing" up the place.

I met a man two weeks ago, who overheard my conversation with my husband and told us, he felt like because he was poor area churches did not accept him. He had tried three and left. I told him of my own experiences and how I was done with the church system. Jesus Christ Himself in these churches today would be rejected as a "homeless man" 'without a job'.  He told us how at one church the pastor drove a BMW, and everyone was just fine with this while looking down on him for being impoverished.

I am tired of fake people. Be real or get out. Don't tell me you have a direct line to God and then spend years playing with my mind. Don't send me 70 DVDs extolling the virtues of Missler and then get mad when I see through the guy. Don't use my poverty to pretend to "help" and see me as a worm while doing it. I've had my fill of busy-body gossipy types too. I have learned to avoid them like the plague around here. Their eyes of condemnation and always lecturing me like a schoolmarm. Brained washed by the likes of David Ramsey, they see the poor as "children" who must be set on the right road and who have made bad decisions. Even those of us at an advanced age, seem to live under a cloud of oppression from wealthy narcissistic Baby Boomers with endless entitlement and smugness. They aren't any better at 70 then they were at 50. They still tell us we are no good because white picket fence dreams never existed for us. Their oppression for those unlike them never ends.

2 Timothy 3:5King James Version (KJV)
Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

Too many approach God with this thought that if they "appear" good, God will accept them. How about getting real and telling the truth? God will know anyway. The world sees the hypocrisy and turns away from God in absolute disgust. They know when people are faking it. Too many Christians present themselves as "goody-goody two shoes". "Look at me, look how perfect I am!" It tires me out. I'm not perfect. My life is on the verge of collapse every minute. God has made sure I have a roof and food, but there's no showing off here like the rest of these people are so busy doing. The Duggars are show offs, but there's many like them in churches across this land.

I have encounters with the "Christian" world and many of those have been negative especially in the last ten years. From my vantage point of my own personal circumstances and location, yours may be different, the "Christian evangelical world" seems to be one of these middle class and upper middle class people who live very smug and privileged lives. When I visited the churches around here, I saw no poor people. I was an outliner even from my socioeconomic status alone. Arriving in the church parking lots with my car with its loud muffler, rust spots and cracked windshield was strange since no one else had that old of a car. I need to move.  I want some down to earth people again, like who I had from my old rural community. This place has worn me down so badly. The richer an area the more wicked, take it from me. Please pray for God to rescue me from here, so I can have people around me who treat me like a human being. I would move back to my old town but there's no jobs or medical care.

1 Tim 5:13 And withal they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not.

 The churches preached to people with comfortable lives who never have faced any turmoil. They did truly believe in the "best life" now programming and lived it. Their lives were comfortable. Outside grandma facing serious illness and or elderly people dying, people with real troubles were banished.
They were told things like "God is in control" as if God had brought evil things to them or that they needed to have more faith and get a "miracle". One thing I noticed is if people didn't "fix" their problems right away Oprah style, then people lost patience with them. They didn't want to know. They deemed them a failure. The best life now, stuff has been infused into the churches. Even the fundamentalists have a flavor of it, with the focus on competition and life "improvement".  It is a cancer that has taken over. You are told you do not belong unless your life is up to snuff. It happened to me.

I have been judged harshly by the Christian crowd, both as non-believer and a believer. During my non-believer days, a Dutch Reformed cult, that had taken over a place I had an internship at, told me over and over I was hell bound and never preached any gospel. One of the people who worked their taunted someone for being Jewish. Still no gospel, just meanness and coldness. One would be dorm mate when I was listening to U2 on the radio, told me I was listening to the devil's music and almost smacked my radio off it's shelf. I was called "Heathen" by relatives angry that I had left the Catholic church. My view of Christians wasn't very positive. I saw Christians as mean people who wanted to oppress others. Sadly I see much of the same behaviors today.

When I was in my first IFB, I got rebuked for hanging out with too many nonbelievers. I was witnessing to them but was told hanging out with pagans at the coffee house would get me in trouble. I talked this out with the pastor there, but it is something I remember. While these people were kind to me in that particular place and setting, I was not conforming very well and breaking the "unwritten rules".

Some people complain about judgmental Christians, and while I say Christians have a place to judge, in terms of sin, there is debauchery and evil in this world, some people DO suffer under the false judgments of "Christians" who are seeking cruelty first and trying to elevate themselves over on people. I've dealt with the 1 Tim 5:13 type of women. They prey on the vulnerable, as they gossip about your troubles. Prayer lists in churches often are used for the "pity patrol" list as they shake their heads, "Poor Marie getting a divorce...Why won't Sally lose weight?....Jenny has cancer..... I was even made an object of pity in one church when my husband had lost two jobs in a row, one from an economic lay-off and the second from a deceitful boss. The hooded eyes and clucking tongues wearied me. In the last church where I shared some recent troubles during a prayer session, the reaction seemed to be horror. I turned red. Saving face came first in this place and there was no real sharing among the congregation beyond the weather.

Some will pray the right and correct way but often sharing troubles in some of these churches just makes you fodder for the gossip mill. I have realized with horror, status runs the show as it does everywhere else. They flat out ignore the teachings of Jesus to put the poor man at the highest seat at the dinner, and the King and Queen of the Mountain games are still very much in vogue.

Many false Christians are leading people away from God. These people frighten me. They have caused me personal angst in my daily life. I have been severely hurt by the long line of women with haughty eyes looking down on me, with their "perfect families" and advice that tells me I am a "bad person" for not achieving a certain status in society. I am tired of liars too. In many ways a Christian is more in danger from a false Christian then an honest non-believer. They oppress us.

Mean Christians

Teenager Dies in Fatal Church Beating

This was a sicko cult. The report says the son wanted to leave the church. So these murderers kill him and almost kill his brother. As I wrote in Oppression of Youth, there is a totalitarian attitude towards young people that is growing out there in the false "Christian" world. Some of the cults take it to the extreme. What kind of sociopaths stand by for hours watching a boy get beaten to death? The Michael Pearl influences have lasted. "Beat your children into submission" is the message among these depraved psychos.

I have met people who have told me they were beaten down during "exorcisms" and "deliverances". Grabbed and thrown on the ground with people shouting at them, some were restrained. These people are dangerous and you wonder if there is some possession happening as they all joined in, in beating a teenager to death. The boy's brother was beaten very severely too. He testified they were beaten with a cord.

Teen Describes New York Church Assault

Word of Life Church's Path From Bible Group to Lethal Sect

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Trad Catholics Expose Papal Masonic Handshakes

This was put together by Novus Ordo Watch. I don't endorse them. Trad Catholics like them need to realize the Catholic church has been evil from the start and the true gospel. The horus eye in their own graphics to the left is not good. I have mentioned many of the curious handshakes myself for a long time but posting this for information. The "networks" extend far and wide.

Bride Presents Pastor Father With a "Certificate of Purity"

This is Patriarchy Follies Deluxe. Don't give the Duggars and Quiverfuls any new ideas!

Virgin Bride Presents Certificate of Purity to Her Pastor Father

I suppose in a sex obsessed society everything becomes about sex.  It's good to wait for marriage, but this stuff is something else.

Purity Balls: "Your Father is your boyfriend."

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Using Climate Change for the One World Religion

Eco-spirituality is mixing with the one world religion. World Parliament of Religions has jumped on the bandwagon too. We know Climate Change has been advanced by the Pope and is forming a foundation of uniting the world's religions. The climate has always "changed". The powers that be want control of the world's resources and want to "sell" this using false spirituality and unity.

Running From the Churches

Many of us are in this position now, fleeing from the churches. I visited so many and what gets me was the utter SAMENESS of them all. I'm tired of the blue and white flag, tired of the brain dead, pro-police state, poor hating Republican politics. I've lately talked to some of my friends about the love of war that forced me out of my last church. I said the love of war socked me in the gut, as I felt the disappointment take me over. I didn't belong there anyhow since the Christmas issue had come up. Is there an evangelical church on the planet outside of the false cult of Jehovah Witnesses that teaches the truth about Christmas?

Sometimes I have asked myself, "Why are they all so much the same?" They are controlled from the top down. Even the IFB system has its celebrities, think Jack Hyles and others, influencing from the top. It's a sad thought for many of us as we stand outside the church system and realize fellowship has become a tough deal. It can be a lonely place. Anyone who is hurting and lonely, I understand. I lost most of my family by becoming a Christian, and well, there is no church family to be had now. For years I had one.

One thing I noticed in the last several years is the pastors have cracked down. I wanted to find an INDEPENDENT aka non-pastor led Bible study, where I could talk with others about God's Word and we could learn and discover it. I didn't find ONE, outside an known ecumenical one called Bible Study Fellowship, which in my area has full Catholic involvement and support. One acquaintance showed me the mind-numbing paperwork and boring questions.  So the pastors are making sure no dissent breaks out or no open discussion.

At the last church there was a Wednesday night Bible study around 10 people showed up to. Instead of sitting at a table for real conversation, 10 sat spread around the pews and the preacher lectured from the front. I later asked the pastor, "Are we allowed to ask questions or have any discussion?". I don't think he liked that too much. Let's just say the control factors have been strengthened.

I believe "Come out of her" applies more and more to the entire church system.


More Discussion of Those Without A Church

For Christians Without Churches: Two Videos

Huckabee Wants Convicts Sold Into Slavery

Huckabee Suggests Poor People Should Be Sold Into Slavery For Stealing

[Not an endorsement of Think Progress but being shown for information]

"The former Arkansas governor weighed in on our nation’s current criminal justice system during an appearance yesterday on Mickelson in the Morning, a leading Iowa radio program.
Host Jan Mickelson began by bemoaning that the “criminal justice system has been taken over by progressives.” In order to fight back, he argued, conservatives should look to the biblical Book of Exodus. “It says, if a person steals, they have to pay it back two-fold, four-fold,” Mickelson explained. “If they don’t have anything, we’re supposed to take them down and sell them.”

Mickelson went on to argue why jails, which he claimed are a “pagan invention,” are inferior to slavery: “We indenture them and they have to spend their time not sitting on their stump in a jail cell, they’re supposed to be working off the debt.”

“Wouldn’t that be a better choice?” the host asked."

Ever notice those hard on crime types always harken back to the Old Testament? The days of grace don't apply to prisoners. Doesn't he realize many are already being made into "slaves" and many prisoners are working ALREADY in prisons for pennies on the dollars for megacorporations. Its sickening how these right wing types always push merciless oppression for everything. Stealing is wrong, and a sin but then some of these types in their lust for slaves and a hardened police state are just as sinful if not worse. I am sure rich Huckabee endorses putting those in debt in prison too.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Global Citizen Festival

Looks like a NWO fest supporting United Nations "sustainability" goals with popular rockers lining up. They had this one in Central Park in September. Lots of occult imagery with the Ouroboros "snake eating it's tail" logo and the guy flashing the pyramid sign. Humanity is being taken over by delusion.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Principal Sued for Hypnotizing Students

What a strange story. There is probably more to this story that is not being said. The principal looks possessed to me and has dead eyes. Hypnotism is of the occult and is to be avoided. It's interesting how a public school would ban a bible but allow occultic practices of this to occur on campus. It does sound like he preyed on vulnerable students.


Paula White, Kenneth Copeland and Others Lay Hands On, Pray for Donald Trump

Paula White, Kenneth Copeland and Others Lay Hands On, Pray for Donald Trump

False preachers united with a false politician, with all one thing in common the love of money. There is a reason Trump has united himself with false prosperity preachers. Sociopaths [seared] praying for another sociopath? I have noticed Trump's growing popularity among the right and even the so called "religious" right.

Bored by Blood Moons

Deut 4:19

And lest thou lift up thine eyes unto heaven, and when thou seest the sun, and the moon, and the stars, even all the host of heaven, shouldest be driven to worship them, and serve them, which the LORD thy God hath divided unto all nations under the whole heaven.

Jer 10:2 Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.

I wrote this last week and didn't finish this article. Has the world ended? Nope, we are still here. Sure they may be planning some war for us using the blood moon propaganda to promote it all. I was so bored by it all to be frank. One day I even went and googled if "blood moons" have happened before, and they have.

Hagee is a false teacher and directly preaches against and disobeys Jeremiah 10:2. He uses this nonsense to push his false Christian Zionism and love of war. There other verses in the Bible that tell us not to look to the heavens for signs. Don't follow stars, the moon and eclipses. The world did not end when I was under a eclipse in 1994 and everything went silent and was the color of sepia. Stephen King used eclipses and the signs of heaven in his horror novels. Wiccans and other pagan religions look to the moon. On this blog I have posted against false church calendars that follow the sun and "solstice calendars"

CBN says that God uses signs and wonders to message us from heaven [12:29] which is directly against the scriptures above too.

John 4:48 Then said Jesus unto him, Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe.

Be wary of any teachers promoting the blood moons.

David Barton Claims Churchgoers Want More Anti-Abortion/Anti-Gay Sermons

This is more silly culture warrior nonsense. Haven't most in the churches heard these same two subjects preached on enough? Abortion, I agree should be warned against and homosexuality too, but the right wing never plans to actually "stop" abortion. These are the "safe" cultural wars topics they hammer on to the neglect of a wide variety of subjects including the gospel. Notice Barton has the Seven Mountains of Culture on his display. I have warned about the Seven Mountains of Culture on this blog. What on earth is "cultural restoration"? Is he kidding us? Hasn't he read the Bible and it's warnings about this world descending into more wickedness? Why do 82% want to hear about the 1 or 2% of homosexuals in the world? Haven't they got enough of the churches' attention? What about hearing the gospel from the pulpits? What about hearing about real life instead of the pet political projects of the day?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Man Arrested for Stealing Snacks Starves to Death in Jail

[not an endorsement of RT but for information]

Police Allegedly Starve Mentally Ill Man to Death for Stealing $5 in Snacks

 Unable to pay his $3,000 bail, he spent the four months in jail.
Society is getting more hard and cruel. This is what happens too when a country has closed down all the mental health facilities [yes I know many of those are corrupt too] and turns into a police state. The people watching him starve to death had to be sociopaths and the devil's children. They disgust me.
 Our jails and prisons are getting scary. There is neglect happening to people that is loathsome. I know of two people personally who went into jail and were denied medication they needed to stay alive. One was denied heart medication for 5 days.  He protested and begged them to get his medicine and they ignored him. This man in the article refused medication and was too mentally ill to take care of himself but there have been cases where people have cried and protested and been denied medical care in jails. One man I heard about was denied seizure medicines for a month.
 In our local jail, I have read that they make people sleep on the floor which would be dangerous to any elderly or disabled person unable to get up off the floor, and that they feed them old bologna and that the place is very under-heated in the winter. Jail literally can be an extreme danger zone for elderly, disabled or other people with chronic medical problems. Even my old rural jail in my old county would release people at midnight, when there was no bus or other transportation offered in the middle of winter. If it was not for some Christians in that community giving them rides to shelter, some may have died.
The evil right side of the NWO wing, preaches no mercy to prisoners. The Republicans pushed the police state and heavy on the law and order garbage for decades. The South in the USA seems especially cruel to anyone in prison. Many prisoners are treated like they are not human, and here you will see the heavy hand of racism that enters the picture as well in some places.
 I think of shows like "Beyond Scared Straight" where they believe more trauma programming will turn wayward youth on the straight and narrow, and think to myself, America has become one brutal place! We have become notorious as a place for our cruel prisons and the high number of people locked up and thrown in jail even for more minor non-violent crimes.
Jesus Christ speaks of visiting the prisoner.
"36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me."
None of these people are following Jesus Christ when it comes to prisoners. One sign of growing evil in America is how prisoners are treated.

Michael Synder with Rick Joyner

I warned last week of him showing up on the Jim Bakker show. Well write him off as another member of the false alternative right. We definitely have encountered those types over and over. I do not like inconsistencies in people where they write about one thing and then go hang out with people who support something else. Warning of the Pope and the false one world religion on your website and then going to hang out with a Knights of Malta false preacher who promotes unity with Catholicism every chance he gets, is a bit of an inconsistency!

Captive: A Movie to Advertise Purpose Driven Life?

Some commenters told me about this movie. It sounds like one big advertisement for Rick Warren's book Purpose Driven Life.

'Captive' tells how Rick Warren's 'The Purpose Driven Life' changed lives of drug addict and her captor

"The new faith-based film called "Captive," which stars David Oyelowo and Kate Mara, tells the true-to-life story of meth addict Ashley Robinson (formerly Ashley Smith) who was held captive by Brian Nichols, and how both their lives were changed because of Pastor Rick Warren's bestselling book "The Purpose Driven Life."

The gospel of works and "world service" in Purpose Driven Life, isn't going to convert anyone to Jesus Christ. Brian Nichols the real life criminal in this story, converted to Islam in prison. She also gave him meth too. It sounds like they scraped the bottom of the barrel for this story.