Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Notice the Emphasis on the "X" Signs?

Why does he call himself an "X-man?" Notice especially the beginning of this video how they show their "X" suspenders and then put their arms up in an "X sign". The start of the video contains much of this footage.

Did you see the parts where they put up their arms to make "Xs" just like the celebrities do? Notice the one guy who does it over and over?

Just like this guy:

Update: I found another version of this video that was removed above:

Baltimore On Fire

This is sad, they burned down a low income senior center being built by the Southern Baptist church. That one makes no sense. Did someone get insurance money? We are having another diversionary "show-time" [Are they passing TPP this week?]  meant to enhance the break-down of society and divisions between race and class and create social disorder so the NWO can crack down. Baltimore is on fire. That is one city that has been in decay for years. Even in the 1980s, when I saw it for myself outside of the tourist district and waterfront, the place looked bombed out with it's endless row houses, and broken windows.  Like Ferguson, here too there seems to be evidence of manufactured violence and agent provocateurs. You ever notice they seem to love locking people in sports arenas a la Katrina?

The right says the young man had a spinal disorder, the left denies it, most likely some kind of beating did happen. The injury to the larynx is evidence of that.  In a sane world, the cops would have learned a lesson by now and the ghettos wouldn't be lighting their own stores and businesses on fire. I am surprised any cop signs up for "combat duty" in our inner cities, and ponder to myself how many are messed up PTSD cases ready to shoot first and ask questions later. Perhaps this is why they are eager to dish out so many violent and intense beatings as society collapses and fewer and fewer believe in "the system".


One weird thing is the showing of that video beating her grown son to stop him from joining the riot. It was strange to see that praised, as didn't all the trouble start from cops beating on a man? I hate to say it but if your son is running to loot and steal and join in the fracas, your lessons have come too late. Teens running to join riots where they risk death from being shot by police or even killed by other violent people definitely have not been been raised according to Proverbs 22:6. She failed to turn him into a moral person who does not want to take part in violence and mayhem.  I have empathy for the fact she is reacting out of fear and distress but it is too late.  America is one sick culture as it seems "beat-downs" are seen as the automatic solution for everything on every side and violence as the answer to everything.

12 Unanswered Questions about the Baltimore Riots They Don't Want Us to Ask
Zimmerman Acquitted: The NWO's Use of Race
Ferguson Proves Predictive Programming Works
Civil Unrest in America 2014

Ben Seewald refers to the "divine architect"

I watched the European Honeymoon show on 19 Kids and Counting and there was this one very odd moment where Ben tells Jessa at the 23:00 marker, "Here is my favorite structure built by the divine architect". What an awkward sentence to even refer to a woman as "a structure". Ok,  maybe he meant it innocently or maybe not.  Of course, the masonic "god" [Lucifer] is referred to as the "divine architect" or Great Architect of the Universe.

Did the Duggars Sell Their Souls For Fame?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Christian Artist

See more pictures HERE.

"The Leaven of Politics, War and Patriotism"

The Leaven of Politics, War and Patriotism

"Freedom is an internal state not an external one. Even if we continue to lose our freedoms here in USA as Christians we are still free in Christ Jesus.

Romans 8:2
"For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death."

Galatians 5:1
"Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage."

Be Content

This is a good reminder.

Philippians 4:11

Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.

Hillary Clinton Admits The CFR Gives the Orders

Thanks to Don, a commenter here, for giving me the link to this video. 

Jade Helm Videos

Many people are watching this Jade Helm 15 stuff with some concern and are not sure what to make of it yet. We can tell it is more of the preparations being made for a crack down. The word "drill" nowadays is not a good one. Why are we needing soldiers to infiltrate the local populace? Why are all those Walmarts shutting down for plumbing problems? Is that connected even? Jade equals Green or China. Does the name mean anything? The wooden shoe as part of the logo is scary as well as the slogan "Master the Human Domain".

Will Life Here Be Perfect For Christians?

This goes with the last article. This one I've seen around too.  According to this one, none of us will be laying in bed sick, and if war comes, it is our fault, "our pieces" didn't come together. I had this weird thought the other day, "Why is everything about competition?". The narcissists have taken over with their demands for us to have successful and perfect lives according to the controllers of the world. Here they try to bring God in like an ATM machine. God will make your life perfect and wonderful. This would bring the unbeliever to ask, "Where is my sports car, God? "Why aren't I famous yet, God?" 'Where's the shoe boxes of 50s and 100 dollar bills"?

There is something insidious going on out there with all the selfies and self promotion, this idea of a perfect life and selling yourself.  Now they try to bring God into it all. Corporate master planning in the religious realm, full of self glory and self proving.  Oh I am nauseous about it all.

Everything Happens for a Reason?

{note if anything,life here will bring more tribulation to the Christian who is obeying God. Not selling out for money, dividing from the wicked, etc.}

False Philosophies: The Glorification of Pain and Suffering

                                           [I am NOT a supporter of CS Lewis but this meme bugs me too]

I keep seeing articles and memes like this one line and they deeply bother me.

"Pain is not a mistake"

Many people in watered down churches, praise such articles and almost say pain is a good thing.
Didn't pain and death come into this work via sin and Satan? It worries me when people say pain is a good thing. Such folks never have suffered chronic pain in their lives. One seeks God for comfort but the pain itself is not a "good thing". What next praising cancer, chronic illness and death?"

"Pain is not a sign that you’ve taken a wrong turn or that you’re doing life wrong. It’s not a signal that you need a different life or partner or body or home or personality. Pain is not a hot potato to pass on to the next person or generation. Pain is not a mistake to fix. Pain is just a sign that a lesson is coming. Discomfort is purposeful: it is there to teach you what you need to know so you can become who you were meant to be. Pain is just a traveling professor. When pain knocks on the door—wise ones breathe deep and say: “Come in. Sit down with me. And don’t leave until you’ve taught me what I need to know.”

So every pain has a lesson to teach? I wonder what dozens of kidney stones taught me in 2013? This is one worrisome teaching in Catholicism, where as a child in Catholic school, I was told pain and suffering was sacrifices unto God. The New Age too, which this article has vestiges of tells you ,pain is a good thing and a "teacher". Now I believe God can teach via hardships, there is chastisement, but too many non-believers are seeking to make everything "sacred", when it is not. Bad things happen in this world, that are not holy and often the outcome of wicked people.

It reminds me of this theological nonsense, Mother Teresa definitely followed a false jesus, this is horrible stuff:

God is not the author of evil.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Remember They Always Mark Themselves!

First see:

Why Do "Illuminati" Exposers on Youtube Use "Illuminati" Symbols for Themselves?

A reader send me a picture of this comment.

I went to see his comments too and snipped this myself:

So R$E is NOT a Christian. Even New Agers can say they believe "Christ" is the Messiah"

Let's be frank he named himself "ROUND SATURN EYE".

It can't get much clearer then that. Even David Icke referred to the occult and Satan, most of the disinformationists know that will draw in eyeballs thinking evil is being legitimately exposed. I saw weird stuff on R$E's videos including a segment in one that made no sense, just showing weird pictures with insane music. I felt like it was stuff that would try to brainwash people.

Are Dinosaurs a Hoax?

 Anyone ever wonder why dinosaurs are not in the bible? Well some believe the word "leviathan" refers to the dinosaurs. I agree with the videographer about it advancing "dragons".

Dinosaurs structurally never made any sense to me either. I always thought the T-Rex too looked like it would topple over and that the brontosaurus with the huge neck just wouldn't work. Sometimes I feel like dinosaurs are used as an inverse way to promote life on other planets since this one supposedly had life foreign to the present animals and humans of today. One question sticks in my mind, WHY WEREN'T DINOSAURS DISCOVERED UNTIL THE 19TH CENTURY?

 This is a topic I am presently EXPLORING and have not reached conclusions on. I found this discussion over at Clues Forum very interesting. Sadly I lack science background. I witnessed "fossils" first hand being a member of a rock-collecting club for a short period of time but even then those were mostly plant based small ones. It is possible some of the finds are fraudulent and some are not. I always thought these displays at the Creation museum were ridiculous.


Hillary Clinton and the World Federalist Association?

Not surprised about Walter Conkrite, I knew he was involved with the NWO. We know Hillary is for sure too.  Her part starts at 15:20. She states in the later part of her speech, "Tonight we honor you for the way it could be and for fighting for the way it could be". She is praising Walter Conkrite and his award from the World Federalist Association. I heard about the World Federalist Association when in the UU. They had tons of deluded UU pastors stumping for world government too.  Hillary very recently said she is running for president. 

Confess Sins

Wiccan Prayers At the Iowa Legislature

[Warning 700 Club video--a ministry I do not support, for information] Some of the law makers left the room. I don't think turning one's back would be enough, a Christian should not be present at all as Baal is worshiped. I noticed she is a Unitarian-Universalist pagan. Maybe prayers at government events will be ended as all the various religions battle it out.

Ted Cruz Announces 2016 Presidental Run at Liberty University

He's stumping using the "religious freedom" platform. With Obama having been in for 8 years, I highly suspect we will be seeing the new world order letting the pendulum swing to the Republicans this time. So we will get some Tea Party inspired war monger. No one learned their lesson with Bush who used being "born again" to get elected. Notice how he defends "The Little Sisters of the Poor"?

Chuck Baldwin Renounces Christian Zionism

Text in it's entirety:

I’m using this Facebook post to make a couple of personal confessions.
In one way or another, we are all victims of our past. I was schooled in certain persuasions that have taken 3/4 of a lifetime to overcome. But when I made a conscious decision to pursue and follow truth–no matter where it led me–many years ago, my mind and heart have been liberated with the illumination of truth time and time again. I personally believe that only people who, in their hearts, are sincerely open to truth will ever find it.
I will not make these issues a test of fellowship with those who disagree with me (although, I’m sure many of them will). I, myself, believed differently for all of my adult life. And these conclusions have not been made overnight. It has taken years of study and research to bring me to the conclusions I am sharing with you in this post.
Obviously, this forum will not allow me to go into detail about the conclusions I’m going to share. That must be reserved for another day and another forum. But, for the sake of the folks–especially those Christian folks–who follow my work, I believe I need to be honest and straightforward regarding these conclusions.
So, here we go:
  1. I recant the dogmatism of a belief in a pre-millennial rapture.
That doesn’t mean that I DON’T believe in a Rapture. It just means that I am no longer dogmatic about it; and neither do I think that it matters to a tinker’s dam regarding my personal duty to God. The Lord is going to fulfill His divine will regarding prophetic events in His time. Quite frankly, I am convinced that, for the most part, it is not for us to know the things God has reserved unto Himself. (Acts 1:6, 7)
For too long, many of our pre-millennial friends have been using a belief in the Rapture as an excuse to sit back on their blessed assurance and do nothing. Even if the doctrine is true, the way it is being used as an excuse to not engage the liberty fight is downright shameful.
2. I recant the position that the modern state of Israel is the same as the prophetic Israel of the Bible.
The nation of Israel rejected their Messiah and God destroyed their nation, their capital city, and their temple in 70 AD. Spiritually, the children of Israel have been in a state of blindness ever since. With the advent of the New Testament Church, we are NOT Jews or Gentiles, Greeks or Barbarians, etc.: we are all ONE IN CHRIST. God’s people today are the blood-washed saints of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, etc. Again, we are ONE IN CHRIST.
Accordingly, I am convinced that the modern state of Israel is NOT the prophetic fulfillment of the future redeemed nation of Israel. NOT IN ANY SHAPE, MANNER, OR FORM. I further conclude that the misapplication of applying prophetic scriptures to the modern state of Israel is producing nothing but perpetual war, the demise of liberty at home, the rise of a Police State, and the facilitation of a devilish New World Order.
So, there you have it. I RECANT.
 [Chuck Baldwin]"

I am glad he is seeing through the major error of Christian Zionism. Obviously I agree with parts of the statement above. However one should ask, will he give up the David Barton inspired beliefs about America? When will he see what ISIS really is about?  Will he see through Rand Paul finally as just another agent of the new world order? What about the black robe regiment? Will he give up the politics? He criticizes Glenn Beck here. My reservations about Chuck Baldwin remain the same.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Name Christian Zionists Would Love

"Better late than never. Almost two weeks after her initial due date, Jill Duggar Dillard has given birth to a baby that she and her husband, Derick Dillard, named Israel David. The newest addition to the Duggar brood weighs 9 lbs, 10 oz. and arrived at 11:49 pm on April 6. "So thankful to God for this handsome little guy!," Jill captioned a photo of her new baby on Instagram."

For years I have written on this blog that the Duggars are being used for propaganda and are part of the false NWO right wing programming. That theory has only grown. I am glad mother and baby are healthy but notice Baby Dillard's new name of Israel? That wouldn't be as bad but there is a reason that Derrick Dillard is wearing an Israel Defense Forces T-shirt with it's Star of David logo. Why would a Christian wear the military logo of a nation they don't even live in and one made of mostly unbelievers? Sure Israel has the right to defend itself as any other nation but you see there the errors that Christian Zionism has led people into.

 With the build up to WWIII in the mix, and the Iran nuclear controversy this week, there could be a reason this baby is named Israel and why his father is wearing an IDF T-shirt, to sell the new wars to come to American Christians and deceive them into believing that these new wars will be God's will and deception for the counterfeit kingdom.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

"Kabbalist Chuck Pierce Endorsing Mormon Glenn Beck "

I just found this channel and just started watching her videos but wanted to share this one.  She seems to focus on the Kabbalah but remember the Kabbalah is just false Jewish flavored occultism and the teachings of that overlap with all the rest of Babylon including Theosophy, Freemasonry and the New Age. False teachers always come up with endless phony baloney rituals like mantels. I consider Chuck Pierce and Glenn Beck basically the same religion. Remember Chuck Pierce is part of the NAR.

Chuck Pierce Hosts Conference Referencing One New Man

Robert Schuller Died

No one would want to be in his shoes facing God having brought so many wicked teachings to the world and advancing Word of Faith and the New Age with a Christian veneer.

"It's all a cozy club at the top"

I don't know the religion of the videographer [mild language warning] but he basically lays out how the leaders work behind the scenes with one another. That's one thing to keep in mind as they plan World War III, it puts everything into perspective and most of them share the "special little handshakes" with the Pope. I believe the wars have been planned and nations and leaders moved like chess pieces for their greater plans. The videographer is right about Putin being with them all, he's in the same game. "They are all in the club". "They're all working for themselves against you."

The 12 masonic signs of recognition


"Easter is Not The Worship of God In Spirit and Truth"

Video Warning About Easter

Friday, April 3, 2015

Religious Freedom Restoration Act is NOT about Freedom

In my opinion, this is another new world order set up. Now they say this law is for Christians who don't want to make birthday cakes for homosexual weddings, but then imagine this, an atheist doesn't want to serve Christians at his restaurants. A business or corporation decides not to hire a born again Christian or makes it policy not to hire them claiming some non-Christian religious beliefs of their own. Consider that small business are being merged into giant corporations and already we have a throw-away society going where if you don't have the right looks and ideology, you are out the door. The GOP and the Tony Perkins crowd don't care about anyone's freedoms.

The right wing sold this as "religious freedoms" for Christians in defense against the homosexual rights lobby but many don't realize how this could be used. If anything it will erode freedom and add to chaos in society. This will lead to more totalitarianism. If you are the wrong religion, you won't even be able to buy a hamburger, because a private company has the right to discriminate. Hey the new world order right knew what they were doing as they got everyone to focus on the homosexuals instead of witnessing to them. I wrote on this blog years ago they'd be getting started on doing away with the first amendment. The blogger who wrote about we have automatic religious freedom via God is correct, but obviously the powers in this country are doing everything they can to chip away at things like freedom of religion within society.

The false right wing and self-righteous are actually angering more against Christians and turning them against the gospel.  I saw some libertarian guy [libertarianism is run off the rails too on many things even if good on civil liberties] writing that businesses should have the right to refuse ANYONE they want. This reminds me of Nazi Germany where businesses could "freely" put up a sign that said "No Jews".  Imagine a world where full persecution [in America] of Christians is in full sway and they know you are out there street preaching and you can't even buy food. Imagine a world where the mega-corporations just had the door cracked open to full discrimination.