Sunday, December 27, 2015

Anna Duggar: Cults Teach People To Ignore Their Own Feelings and Conscience

She's staying with her husband. The decision is between her and God, and is no one else's but it has troubled me for years how every woman in the public eye does a "Stand by your man"  decision no matter what action has been committed.  Satan hates women and the new world order wants to repress women as much as possible. They use the double fronts of hyper-feminism and patriarchy now. Is this for the formation of the future would be "Antichrist" "Republic of Gilead", Handmaiden's Tale style?  They want weak women who will stand by cheaters, and abusers who will help bolster the "good ole boy's" network. Already we see in the sickening Quiverful world while purity is pushed for women at all costs, purity isn't held to the same standards with the men. No one cares if the men are pure or stay virgins before marriage or don't cheat.

 Her husband needs to grow up, have a conscience and they both need to leave the cult for them to have a chance and so far I do not see that happening. I also wonder about the theory of this being a "play" in entirety. Her face looks all "crooked" to me. What happened to her mouth? She almost looks like a stroke victim. Can Botox do that? It is shocking. Grief and upset seems to have physically affected her. She also looks like she is saying words she does not believe, and her eyes say something else. She could be controlled and told what to say, or is too scared to leave.

The scariest sentence for me though was this one, "If I went off with what I was feeling I would turn a mess into a disaster". [1:01]

Since when do "feelings" always lead to disaster? I suppose the pod people formulas mean never having an emotion. While Christians need to test their feelings according to scripture, emotions are God-given, and emotions and our own intuition warn us of evil. This blog has warned for years that cults want you to shut off your God-given emotions to follow with blind obedience.

Crime victims speak of ignoring feelings that warned them of impending danger. Cults teach people to ignore their own feelings and conscience. They want feelings sequestered under the demands of the cult and for appearances. Here appearances count for everything in the Quiverful cult with women being exploited, used and abused. She's expected to stay with a man that cheated with two prostitutes and even beat one to the point that one is suing. The protection of her own children is put on the back burner as reality is ignored and the pretense of a future "happy marriage" is to be kept up in the world's eyes.

When she says "Help me to know how to respond to this?", she is showing us she is used to being given scripts within the cult. This wasn't a prayer to God but asking for directions from her cult overseers.

Just like the Duggars managed to MINIMIZE child sexual abuse in ONE SWOOP, "they were supposedly sleeping", it wasn't "serious", they will now MINIMIZE a male sleeping with prostitutes and cheating on his wife, and offer false forgiveness out for someone who is seemingly incapable of repenting. They have managed to MINIMIZE CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE and ADULTERY all within one year.

She very well could be a controlled pawn, or a young woman caught in a cult that doesn't allow her to think for herself, with full blown mental manipulation and mind control being foisted upon her, but the whole thing to me is an utter tragedy. Reality doesn't predict a happy ending here.  Some may say that is too "cynical" but I suspect the Duggars are serving their proscribed roles. They will have new Christian celebrities too, if the Duggars are rotated into yesterday's news soon too.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Ellen White: False Prophet

The very beginning roots of the SDA church are rotten. I have read Ellen White's books for myself and they are full of false prophecies, works salvation and twisting of prophecy to blind believes. Miller was a false prophet who headed "The Great Disappointment". What did the Old Testament preach about false prophets, it did not say follow them and their disciples. The SDA church teaches works, it is to me another version of the Roman Catholic church, just different where one depends on the church for salvation, one's own works and on a certain eating plan.

They are the same as the Westboro Church.

A Satanic group was granted permission to do a "ceremony" on the Michigan Capitol steps. This is the group, the Satanic Temple of Detroit led by Jex Blackmore [Max Black] that has been going around doing different publicity events such as "unbaptisms" and unveiling a Satanic statue.

Remember when I posted about Westboro Baptist Church and asked if they were fakes to deceive? Well I have the same questions and thoughts about this group.  The Westboro church leader died recently, I'm not sure if that has led to them falling off the radar yet or not.

Lawmakers by the way approved of the Satanic religious display in 2014

This year, they were approved for saying "Hail Satan" from the Michigan Capitol building steps. I did not embed the video but here's my warning:  In the link that leads to the video, they "Hail Satan" and do ceremonial 'theatre" actions in it.

How much you want a bet if someone wanted to be approved to go preach the gospel of Jesus Christ directly from those steps, they'd be turned down?

This is religious theatre meant to deceive the plebes. Do I believe these people are "actual" Satanists? Some of them probably do dabble in the black arts but I see them as a "religious theatre troupe." The leader has claimed he does not really believe in Satan and has the goal to stop all political religious displays. Of course the heightened outrage will give more attention to the "culture wars".

Well look at this blog, I've warned about the real Luciferians for YEARS. Real Luciferians are angels of light, they aren't wearing black and plastic horns to scare your grandma. This group is being used for the religious and socio-political angle all over the country. Whose financing all the travel and more?

Christmas and Sun Worship

Praying for everyone today. Christmas is celebration of the winter solstice, when the sun "comes back" and the days grow longer in winter.  It is sun worship to the core. The false church sun-based calendars rule the churches. I didn't realize Santa wore a Phyrgian Cap like Mithras but it doesn't surprise me. I don't agree with the "sacred name movement" name for Jesus in this video. My warnings about Christmas are all over this blog. I don't regret warning people against Christmas. My stance against Christmas has grown stronger.

Friday, December 18, 2015

What Being Poor in the "Christian" churches is really like

[picture source]

This one is going be written in kind of a personal tone, it's to tell you what I have gone through. In this one I do expose some vulnerability in that some sin struggles came with what I faced. I still face some of those struggles today. In some odd ways, I realize the ability to even do this blog came out of my sufferings and "outcast" position in American society.

I hope more understand the message I am trying to convey. I am not saying every church is bad to the poor or has these attitudes, but I do think most [in America] at least are treating the poor in the way I was. There are good Christians who treat the poor with real charity out there too but there are bad attitudes out there growing.

You see those looks of pity. The shakes of the head, some roll their eyes. Others seem embarrassed of you such as when your husband drives your 12-13 year old van up to the front of the church with it's rust spots and broken windshield to drop you and your walker off at the door before parking. You are dressed simply but very humbly.  Their looks made you turn away in shame too long. Sometimes you wondered why can't I be one of those other people with their prosperous large families and nice homes, and close knit family and friends? Then you worry about the sin of "envy". You worry God would be angry at you. You repent of this sin but then the feelings sneak back.

At the same time you wonder why has the 9 years of struggle lasted since your husband lost his last job? You moved to this wealthier community leaving a small town you never wanted to leave, so he could move to that job after an economic lay-off from another.  Your household never recovered from two men behind desks deciding to destroy your economic life. There's a certain age where the age discrimination begins. He was thrown out the door the day you went on the insurance with all your medical needs even though he had a good review the very month before. He has caretaking responsibilities for you, his own health has declined over the years. You know his health declines have affected the outcomes too. He works at home and works hard but it's piece meal work. People in his field used to be middle class. Not anymore.

The preacher that particular day preaches, that "God blesses those who obeys Him". Does that mean in this world and not just in the next? You have thoughts like "Why isn't God blessing me?" I have no family outside my husband, no money and my health is long ago gone. You tell yourself be content in the Lord, there is food and shelter and medicine for you. You have gone without all those things in the past and take nothing for granted. Verses from the book of Job, and Psalms that warn the wicked will prosper in this world give you solace, but the troubling feelings still burble under the surface and those around you make them WORSE.

You get the feeling, you are not accepted. You are not loved, you are merely tolerated. One nice lady talks to you but you are in the church for a year and no one else moves beyond the "weather" and "hello". They hold social events they forget to "invite" you too and claim are only for those 55 and over even though you are in spitting distance of the age cut-off. One can be rejected by people who keep smiling at you. You feel "JUDGED" in all the bad ways that word can convey.

The church does nothing for the poor, you notice no poor people there attend. You both are it. You don't fit in. Even in your old rural church when you were a new Christian, they'd help the poor in the church there but you were always an "outsider" when the ladies took their two annual trips and retreats where the hotel and cost of the trip alone was $100. This place however doesn't help the poor not within. There's never any shared meals or bible studies. Even the liberals in the UU used to offer you a donut and a cup of coffee.  This is a church in a long line of other visited ones, all with too many false teachings. This one because it uses the KJV and is not ecumenical, you want to give it a chance, but they never give you a chance.

The only gatherings in the church are for wedding dinners, for one family that almost equals the Duggars in population, whose children automatically marry by age 21 into just as secure financial households and a present is expected.  Rarely a gift is given to those who ask, but it seems not encouraged.  The rest of the people in this IFB are all married and with children. There isn't one person under the age of 21 in the entire church who is single, they are all homeowners. Not one is child-less or unemployed. Not one has been divorced, not one has grown up outside the church which you find odd. Hasn't anyone else converted in as an adult? Why don't "conservative evangelical" churches have any single or child-less people? Did they chase them all out?

The churches I have visited and attended seem all full of the same demographic. Not outsiders, not people who have faced hardships but people who all have "nice families" and "proper" lives whose lives have rarely deviated from a certain formula. No one on the fringes dare apply. Any problems if they do exist are to be hidden. Prayer sessions are odd, I learn quick admitting any weaknesses is a bad idea. "Saving face" matters the most. It's being lonely in a crowd. I am not sure what to think but it seems in poorer rural areas, conversation is more open, here it's far more stilted. I never adapted to this culture here.

The pastor preaches, "Those who will not work, will not eat".  This is always tied to complaints about the poor who supposedly all according to Fox news want to use and abuse the system. Your husband cringes in the pew, he knows he is looked down on for not making much money. It's the last thing he wants to hear. He's going to church to begin with out of love and support for you.

 Then the demands for tithing begin. Where is the 10 percent of income supposed to come from? We barely can afford the food we buy and rent. I never had it. I used to feel guilty in the old church for never paying a tithe, only a little dibble and dab here and there, but of course I learned that tithing is a false teaching. I find myself thinking, "Why do we have to hand this guy money to live at a upper middle class level while we struggle to keep our car running and food on the table?" My medical needs mandate that a certain lifestyle is kept too. I can't return health wise to the rented rooms in boarding houses of my youth and hiking to the bus.

The pastor who has a new huge shiny truck parked outside, believes in the Republican system and has adapted the attitude like many other IFB pastors, that the poor are "lazy" and their immorality has earned them forever poverty. Even the last nice pastor, was Republican to the hilt, but back then it didn't affect me so much though I warned him about what George Bush was really about.  We were both young and expected life to keep improving. I was sick but expected to get better. This pastor's opinion of the poor seemed to be that God is not blessing them because they are wicked. He rants against welfare. He rants about the poor who are burdens on the system. You think, "What world do these people live in?" "It's not my world." Later he praises war like war was a fun time at camp for all involved. Every IFB church I've ever been in has that false patriotism married to a love of war at some level. It now makes me puke.

You get the feeling that even though this latest church does not teach the prosperity gospel, that it has infused into the atmosphere anyhow. Someone like yourself who has had too many "bad breaks", "bad health" must be wicked. A spiritual abuser enters your life too, who seems to share beliefs with you about the apostasy of the churches from online and is new world order aware. She tells you that you are "cursed" though you protest at times and you do not have God's favor and that you are facing immense health troubles and other poverty because of this. You think she is a Christian friend who "cares" even though some of her beliefs you don't agree with, but you are wrong. She has a large family and is more financially secure.

You find out you have an extremely rare medical condition that took years for the doctors to figure out. A nurse begs you to go to Mayo Clinic only two months before diagnosis. The disorder is not curable only treatable. For years this person tells you, your health problems are spiritual and "your fault". You are promised God's blessings and miracles, she grows impatient with you as your health declines. She sees her "spiritual work" as ending in failure. Still others give out the attitude "Why isn't God answering your prayers"? If I believed in the "best life" now stuff I warned about on this blog for years my faith would have been nuked from orbit. They definitely all believe it. The message is "You will never be good enough."

In the "new" community that is far more affluent then your last finding other "church" ladies for friends, while some are nice and sincere, some surround you like wolves. They want to "fix" you. They know you are doing something "wrong" too. Everything is about "correction". They speak to you like a child. The few that see your home judge it's meager belongings. They seem to gossip about others, that one is a "loser", that other "hoards", "so and so can't keep a job to save his life". The busy-bodies elect themselves as judge and jury. They never admit any vulnerabilities.

Most come from the Baby-Boomer generation, your kind Silent Generation older friends from a rural community have died off. For much of the "me" generation, good jobs and suburban homes came easily to them. They judge you by their easy roads in life, knowing you are failed, bad and wrong somehow. Some decide it is their job to "fix" you. No one offers real help. They make a long list of "shoulds", which all take money to get done. They are clueless. "Christianity" to them is "conformity" and living a "proper" life and your "improper" life offends them.

"Well if only you told your husband to get a good job, he would".  "You must not be trying hard enough!" One or two tell me I should divorce, because he is such a terrible provider and that I "could do better". He is a faithful husband and there's no biblical reasons for divorce, it's all about money to them. They wear me out. My own family had rejected me for poverty too and our religious division came as well. The voices join in a cacophony of rejection in my head.

You meet other poor people who told you in your last rural community, they stopped having anything to do with churches except to show up at a food pantry once in a while. Others here avoid churches like the plague except to show up for charity. They know they can't afford the place. This all hits home. The last church holds a dinner, they expect 25 dollars for two people. We don't have it.

What did Jesus say about the poor?

Luke 14:12 Then said he also to him that bade him, When thou makest a dinner or a supper, call not thy friends, nor thy brethren, neither thy kinsmen, nor thy rich neighbours; lest they also bid thee again, and a recompence be made thee.

You find this book for 10 cents at a thrift store and decide to read it:

I am one of the "hard-living" people the book discusses, but the prejudices are rife.  He sees poor people as all uneducated and drinking their way through life.  Both I and my husband have college degrees and don't drink. The prejudices against the poor are extreme. My eyes opened, realizing how I was really seen in these churches I left and how my husband was seen too. With pity and disdain. I was still a human being in my old rural IFB, the first good church but I was not in the ones to come. I was seen as the "OTHER", and not even as a human being.

David Ramsey has been busy filling the head of the affluent "mainstream" Christians with hatred and judgment for the poor.  He holds the same prejudices. His classes filled the churches here and in my other community. I have read his books where expendable income is already a given and jobs can be plucked off trees. You can see here his nasty attitudes for yourself.

20 Things The Rich Do Everyday

Most churches today defend the power system. Even most IFB churches serve the powerful with their false patriotism, war mongering,  and betrayal of the poor. The power system can't afford for the truth to be told about poverty ANYWHERE or how the USA economy is being purposefully destroyed or that life in the entire world has been under the "prince of this earth" with many Satanic servants to do his bidding. They have become inadvertent slaves of the bankers and controllers of this world.

Many of the churches now also tell people poor people in America don't matter and only focus on the third world. Third world people have become almost defacto pets for globalist busy bodies who are actually helping to pave the way for megacorporations and globalists to take over. They brag of their righteous deeds and plaster the church walls with their pictures of their far away projects. Many church hallways now resemble travelogue museums of their pastor and youth groups going overseas to "help the poor". They'll ignore the people in shacks two miles away while taking their religious vacations instead. These places are always in warm locales, and never anywhere cold.

The church world is not a comfortable place for a person of lower means. Sure some get charity from the churches, I have, but we know as a "member" its a whole other story. To be honest out in the world, I am more wary of "Christians" when it comes to my own socioeconomic status then I am of unbelievers. That says something doesn't it? These issues are untouchable taboos, I can only dare to even talk about with most close of friends and anonymously on a blog.

However, I don't want anymore false pity or jaundiced eyes looking down on me with this air of superiority. I'm tired of people who think they are better then me.  I don't want false do-gooders who want to look good to others either or to elevate themselves.  This is the real world of the churches for the poor. I have an apartment and live very simply but have seen treatment of people a few notches down be even worse.

One part of the wicked done to people is they will be lied to. Many people who are not financially prospering now, are being called failures. My own relatives called us both failures for years. This is one way spiritual destruction can lay for many, as they submit to despair and bitterness. I've had my own intense spiritual battles in this way too.

 I even heard one false pastor say that anyone who is poor in America is poor via their own fault.  I commented to another commenter today. I and my husband faced this. I believe there are many true Christians now, who are in this position, who while we have love and faith in God, the world hates us for it and this has included the false church world which pushes the same wicked standards as the society we live in. Remember the wicked push their own version of MORALITY which is a corruption of God's and part of the "morality" is the picture perfect wealthier lives they expect all to conform to.

We all have to work on uprooting the lies they will tell us about ourselves and other people. The system wants to destroy us on every level. This includes punishing those with a conscience and love for God.

If you see poor people, make sure you see them how Jesus does, not Fox news, not the "Proper Christian" set. They are caused enough pain in this world. They don't want pity or correction or people looking down on them. They want to be treated like human beings. The false Babylonian churches have no love for the poor.

Do What Jesus Said About the Poor Not the Religious Political Right

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

12 Days of Star Wars at Calvary Church

Yes Yoda, Princess Leia and the Storm Troopers make an appearance as well as other characters and light sabers! Let's not forget Star Wars advances the "god of forces" [Satan] warned of in the Bible.  There are deeper messages in the movies based in esoteric magic, new age and other false teachings. The Jedis [Jesuits] who also serve as "Watchers" for the fictional "universe" putting the "force" to work, are basically doing witchcraft as "black and white" witchcraft is advanced out in the world, you know the "dark side of the force" the movie warns about.

Is it that hard to figure out that Star Wars advances New Age ideals and others that are adverse to true Christianity? Well it goes along with the false pagan holiday of Christmas. By the way if you do a search for Star Wars and Christmas/and or church, this church isn't the only one among a multitude of denominations doing the popular Star Wars themes and mixing them with Christmas or other church services.

One church is even planning a Star Wars Nativity scene.

It's ironic but meaningful that the villain of the movie is going to play Santa Claus [Satan Claws]:

"“I already have my tickets for the Dec. 18 premiere of ‘The Force Awakens’ – I’m a huge Star Wars fan,” Lucas said. “In fact, as a child I would take the family Nativity and replace the figurines with Star Wars action figures – that’s the inspiration for our live Star Wars Nativity. At its core, Star Wars reflects spiritual faith. It’s the battle between good and evil, the light versus the dark, and that’s something we can all rally around.”
At the Christmas service, children will get the chance to sit on Darth Santa’s lap (aka Darth Vader), share their Christmas wish, and take a photo with Lord Vader and his Stormtrooper “elves.” Each service includes costumed characters, movie clips, and music designed to wow audiences, the release said."

Hmm he says the movie is about good and evil, so he picks the evil character for the children to visit with? That says a lot. Did you notice in the above he refers to Vader as "LORD VADER"? I don't think the character in the movie has that title even. WOW! Well Christmas and Star Wars goes together, the god of forces is "worshipped" via the sun worship, solstice of Christmas and the collective pagans in the pews [well many are simply uninformed and ignorant of these spiritual realities] cheer it all on.

Daniel 11:37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.
38 But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.
39 Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain.

Vatican: Don't Convert the Jews!

Catholic church announces Jews should not be converted. Well if a Talmudic Jew converted to Catholicism, it'd be a lateral move.  The Catholic church is expanding the Vatican document--Nostra Aetate to say that Jews do not need to convert to "Christianity" to be saved. The antichrist puzzle palace is up to it's usual tricks.

Catholics Shouldn't Try and Convert Jews says New Vatican Document

John 8:31 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;
32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Go to College [Before the Bubble Bursts?]

This one is sad. Why are they so focused on advertising college? There's been rumblings of Obama pushing state-paid community college. I've mentioned this before but the college bubble where people realize the degrees and extensive student loans are not paying off will be bursting soon one day. How many college degreed people does one need in a world where there's less and less middle class jobs. This goes along with the news, that the middle class in America is now no longer the majority. I have told young people to rethink the automatic college direction. Sure some fields you have no choice but to go but then one wonders if they will require a bachelors one day just to run a cash register?

College Conspiracy

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jim Bakker: Witches Came After Us TV Preachers


Why would witches go after the televangelists when the televangelists are carrying out even more dirty work? This one was totally laughable. So witches did the fraud and not him? When false pastors cry about the Satanists and witches coming after them, its more cover up time. Some of the hardest core Luciferians are behind pulpits. The people dressed in black wearing pentagrams, are nothing compared to the religious "angels of light" out there.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Satanic Vatican Light Show and "Pop Shaman" Android Jones


The video above shows the lightshow in it's entirety. [warning Vatican channel on Youtube]

I saw this Trad Catholic outraged that the Vatican showed a woman in a Burqua as part of the display. You mean he hasn't woken up yet from the Popes praying in mosques and preaching that Allah of Islam equals God?

Here's a part of the light show that focuses on the endangered animals:

By the way the light show was done by the same company that did Kali on the Empire Stage Building....I wrote about Android Jones on that article. Android Jones, was excited on his Facebook about the Vatican show...

and check this out. He was definitely part of this project.

Let's check out some of Android's earlier work...[oh no...I can't post it here]

Yes it is THAT BAD.

If you want to search him on Youtube, go ahead, but be  VERY careful, my propensity for migraines is too strong. Trippy EXTREME trance music and graphics I couldn't even LOOK at. Full of SATANIC symbols to the max.

Let's not forget that Android is part of something called POP SHAMANISM.

I found this video too, that breaks down some of the Satanic and Luciferian imagery beyond the usual "globalist-ecology" agendas that are apparent at first glance.

Yes those are demonic faces at the 1:31 mark. I tend to believe the "symbols" are some kind of language and or even mixed together runes on each pillar. Later at 2:56, he shows the Babylonian alphabet "letters" shown on the pillars. The sun and moon at 4:11 shows the "sun worship" in the Vatican. We know already the false church calendar they follow is centered around the solstices and is the same one the witches follow. The eclipse at 4:39 is an occult symbol we see all the time. The candles at 6:37 are also in "triad" positions among themselves beyond the pentagram symbol the videographer sees. At 7:21 he is right about the red and blue freemasonic symbolism and reintroduction of the "sun". I don't agree with his discussions of the Pope at the end.

Satan's servants are on the march, you know I'm not shocked to see the Babylonian puzzle palace hooked up with an artist with obvious and blatant occultic art work. It all ties back to the same source. Same for the "climate change" and the feigned concern for God's creation. It's all about their agendas and lust for power and control.

A Question About the "Crisis Actors" Conspiracies

Remember they are running multiple layers of deception out there. Could they be tossing in a few would be "actors" in the mix for real events to create doubt and confusion in the "conspiracy community" so the real people behind the scenes and motives will be covered up? I think it is very likely. Many of the "conspiracy people" posting this stuff like the guy above, could very well be sincere. They are just missing some of the layers. This guy is right about the doctrine of devils. He is right about the message behind "God isn't fixing this" to demoralize people and separate them from God.  Mix it in with "rumors of war". Here's a question, I've been pondering.....

 It's getting odd how every time a shooting happens, we are told by conspiracy people, "It really didn't happen!" If the elites don't care about killing thousands, tens of thousands, or millions in their endless planned wars, why are they going to create "clean" shooting scenarios where no one really died? One example would be the book, "No One Died At Sandy Hook". Is this to make them appear more merciful? Something is odd to me about these constant "crisis actors" conspiracies! Why does "FALSE FLAG" now mean "IT NEVER HAPPENED"?

I agree with the guy who wrote: "The "official" versions of conspiracy theories are also conspiracy theories, BY DEFINITION."

This one is getting very popular, just google "Crisis Actors" and it's all over the place.

Definitely the new waves of "Islamic" terrorist events is to push war with Syria and then Iran. These are questions I don't expect to learn the truth to. but consider this a warning that many conspiracies are conspiracies themselves.  While I am sure many consider me a "conspiracy theorist" of sorts, where's the theory in conspiracy? I know most of what is out there is bunk. They are still stirring the pot of truth and lies. They want a confused and scared populace. They are gaslighting us all.

Beijing Issues First Red Alert for Pollution and Smog

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Can Anyone Tell Me What This Means?

I can't see my own blog or read it. I've tried 4 different browsers, and two different computers in my household. The cookies and caches were cleaned too. I called up a friend who knows about my blog to find out if it is showing up. He had to check on a smart phone. He say's it's showing up for him. I can still get into the dashboard. Let's see if this posts. Tell me if you are having problems seeing this blog, the comments are showing up via the dashboard. Thanks.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Growing Up Quiverful, the Duggar's Destructive Cult

This is a secular based video exposing the Quiverful cult. The commentator seems to be an ex-Scientologist interested in examining cults. I found it interesting since they interview a young girl coming out of the Quiverful cult. Quiverful ideas definitely have infiltrated out into homeschooling, IFB churches and more "conservative" evangelical churches.

The Duggars, Bill Gothard, Vision Forum, and The Quiverful Movement

None of Them Will Tell Us The Truth About Poverty

An ecumenical/NCC connected "Christian" group called "Circles of Protection" has interviewed all the presidential candidates about poverty.

Even "conservative" Ted Cruz, somehow believes the USA can fix the world's poverty. How? When so many Americans are poor themselves? The globalist views have infused everywhere.

My household has recently sunk into worse poverty. It's hard to explain how, but the free-lance/piece-meal work my husband has been doing, and the rising prices are hitting home hard. One thing that is not talked about out there is how a lot of labors have been chopped up into low paying "contract" work. The even poorer millennials are scrambling together often putting together piece-work labors. It's a far harder way to live.

Full time jobs are disappearing far more then is admitted. We have just been able to keep a roof over our head and have not missed a meal yet but the pressures have grown greater. Poverty for most Americans means you face loneliness and rejection. You are not see as a real human being. I have been at the charities and seen the looks of pity. I am going to write an article soon on how "Christians" treat the poor from a more personal perspective soon. This includes the churches which treat you like a "lesser" and like you did something wicked to end up where you did. In America having a proper middle class or above household is almost an expectation for many churches. You truly are an outcast in "Christian" culture. The poor more often then not are NOT members of the churches helping them. The poor are separate. They go to the "community meals" and more but know no church home awaits them because of false teachings, and gung-ho Republicanism. Imagine someone on food stamps, listening to the pastor rail on about "Those who don't work won't eat" and how the poor are sinful and in the next breathe ask for more money. Well I will write on these things in more detail soon.

 Many pay in this society for not selling out in this society to mammon. We have seen huge lines at food pantries and soup kitchens locally in town. These types will tell us "Things are getting better". As I have written before, culturally and socio-economically I do not fit the normal "Christian" world or culture and I left my last church as much over the false teachings as the socio-economic divisions. None of them are fixing the corrupt job system or the outsourcing or facing facts globalism is destroying life for millions if not billions. "Just throwing money at poverty doesn't work", that one made me laugh. Well if no money, do something about the jobs, but we know that won't happen. He's still selling the Ronald Reagan trickle-down theories.

How are they going to fix things with their "right to fire" laws and support of new world order immigration that is most often used for cheaper wages for the elite? It's funny how his videos refer to the disabled when most like this want to cut and slash every program for the disabled to death. They don't do job placement anywhere for the disabled either.

Huckabee's video

Bernie Sanders Video

The Democrat party at least admit the poor exist and the poverty is growing, but they sell themselves as the party of the "little people" while throwing people under the bus just as much as the other side. Bernie Sanders is correct about the working poor having to go to food pantries. They always toss a populist or two in the mix for the early show time to prep things for their NWO choice. Bernie may really "care" about the poor, but don't think for a minute he's going to be allowed in. He has some other scary "liberal" political beliefs to go with the admitting the truth about poverty.

Ah here is Hillary, nice pyramid hands Hillary, she tells us the "economy is improving". You know right then that she is immediately lying. It's only improving for the 1 percent. I actually don't disagree with raising the minimum wage which may shock some here, but then watching people lined up at the food pantries who can't even afford to eat who WORK FULL TIME stinks. It is wicked to make people live in destitution who work in my opinion. Even the Bible speaks of a fair day's wage for a fair day's labor. Hillary gives her nod to the poor while planning worse destruction for this country.

We have poor in this society because of greed and sin. When Jesus said the poor will always be with us, sadly the truth is in this fallen world, too many exploit others and seek out their own gain.

Jan Crouch Speaking in Tongues

This is so fake. This video is from 1982. Even the emotionally laden prayer of Paul Crouch, uses the same fear of Armageddon and healing the USA themes we see now. Jan Crouch's tongue speaking is so false. If you have studied languages and know the patterns of them, tongue speakers appear even more ludicrous. In my early days as a Christian, I visited a few Pentecostal churches and heard almost the same thing from those speaking in tongues. It's all they are all speaking the same non-language, snippets of words and no complete sentences. She repeated a few "words" to make it seem more real. This is all show-boating. I don't believe in Pentecostalism at all. Speaking in tongues is false too.

The Weirdos Who Show Up At This Blog

This showed up on my comments feed today. Some may ask why post this? This freak has been posting on my blog for YEARS sending these strange Illuminati advertisements, I have at least 50 of these back in my spam files. I suppose it's some guy who thinks there is no such thing as the "new world order" or Illuminati, who wants to mock me and this blog but the joke grew old long ago. It's stale. I mean the guy made his point about THREE years ago. Hey at least use believable phone numbers and emails! There's too many strange people out there.

Duggars: Slavish Stepford Wives for the Patriarchy

How much of this is "scripted"? This question was raised on the comments of this article:

"Josh: The Cheater"

This little blurb above doesn't offer much but I found myself thinking will these people do anything for money? My question revolves around Anna Duggar. She may be economically desperate but her own brother offered to help her if the news reports are accurate. The facial mannerisms and comments seem fake. "It was absolutely heartbreaking" she says, and there seems to be very little emotion or anger in her face and mannerisms that would denote the real reaction of a wife dealing with a husband that was reported as cheating with a porn star at least twice.

Perhaps they will fade from the scenes but the damage to Christians, is part of the script. Weak women doing the "stand by your man" bit, to the extreme. We have seen it with a long list of new world order notables like Hillary Clinton. The good old boys club wants acceptance of their cheating and sleeping around. One thing the wicked love seeing is women degraded and enslaved to men who treat them like chattel. Doesn't this woman have any self respect or has she sold her soul too? Maybe she is lying to us. She doesn't seem to even want to protect her own children which to me is her greatest sin.

Feminism has its major problems too, but realize the "controllers" want degraded women, who have no self respect or their own initiative who will remain as placid Stepford wives to the most wicked. This is the "patriarchy" they desire.

Two Sides of the Same Evil Coin: Radical Feminism and Patriarchy

Christian Zionism Remains on the Move Calling for War

More political brainwashing sessions. Evil has happened on both sides. Christian Zionism of course is backing up without restraint, the war plans of the luciferian powers that be. As much as they flippantly speak of nuclear weapons, they don't realize their constant war mongering has helped these powers set up the re-ordering of the global chess board. Even the last church I left blindly "supported" Israel. It was more of a subtle issue only brought up very rarely. How many can even go to church anymore without the 'god of war' being more praised then Jesus Christ? These deceived people see war as glorious when war is death, destruction, endless horrors, children dying and pain and suffering for generations even afterwards. The knowing deceivers which I believe Hagee fits the bill, know exactly what they are selling.

"I Can't Wait for Armageddon!":The Deceptions of Christian Zionism

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Lust for War Grows

[not an endorsement of Fox news]

Can anyone even keep track of whose fighting who anymore?

You can tell the war-mongers are lighting as many matches as they can to spark off World War III. Some say World War III has already started but just not gone "hot" yet.

Kerry Says Re-Ordering of Middle East is for NWO

A Question About "Deliverance Ministries"

Why do they always consider the abuse victims as having been demonized instead of the abusers themselves? Many abusers are reprobates, what the psychiatrists would call sociopaths, psychopaths or malignant narcissists. If anyone is demonized in the room, it's the abusers.

It's something I have been pondering about a lot of deliverance ministries out there. You seem them on the internet. Some are not technically deliverance ministries but warn of curses and demons on anyone who has gone through turmoil in their lives. Can you see that small taint of the false idea that bad things happen to bad people?

I do not support deliverance ministries. Without naming names, I'll explain more later. Many of the mainstream and known name ones, are definitely false. Sometimes I feel like the powers that be are defended via the entire trend of telling abuse victims and others who have faced hardships, that they were the demonized and "bad" ones and not the people who abused them in the first place. One thing I have noticed, is many people who are severely ill, or who came out of various forms of abuse are definitely re-victimized by people who call themselves "Christians" who lay on this idea that they were "cursed" or so "wretched" that Satan laid his hand on them long ago and their only way out is an endless line of prescribed prayers, rituals, and the rest even if they were born again years ago. It puts another person in a "priesthood" position over another human being.

I don't believe in generational curses either.

John 9 And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth. 2And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind? 3Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him. 4I

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Atheist/Unbelief NWO Network #2: Famous Atheist/Freethought Celebrities

I always found Ron Reagan--President Ronald Reagan's son, involvement with the "Freedom From Religion Foundation" to be of interest. It's funny because IFB and right wing evangelical churches see his father Ronald Reagan as some kind of demi-god. Do they know his son went to the opposite side?  Even the folks in my last IFB church constantly praised Ronald Reagan. Surely a father is not responsible for the way a son goes, but these organizations are just as tied in with the powerful and elite.

                                                  [picture cite]
Freedom from Religion Foundation has given an award to multiple celebrities:

Emperor Has No Clothes Award
The Emperor Has No Clothes Award has been awarded by the Foundation since 1999 in recognition of “plain speaking" on the shortcomings of religion by public figures.

Past recipients [see the Freedom From Religion Foundation website]

Many of the famous atheists and unbelievers all mark themselves too. Why would secularists and atheists believe in the concept of "Illumination?" Is this telling us they DO believe in some supernatural world despites their claims?  Anyhow we see them make the same gestures as the other connected types in the new world order. They also have no problem with meeting fellow members of the elite.

Richard Dawkins [picture from Pinterest] Why is he doing a Horus eye in his photograph? He wouldn't believe in Horus either if he's a true atheist.

Is this Bart Erdhman? I tried to find a second copy all over online to confirm.  It looks a LOT like him. It was from a Man of the Year contest in some magazine. Well he is loved by the world isn't he?

One sees the same hand signs among the famous celebrity atheist set as they do among the entertainment celebrities.

Why pay homage to the devil if you don't believe he exists?

Where's that freethinking, questioning mind when it comes to cultural precepts? I guess it disappeared for a few seconds.

George Carlin was more well known for comedy but was known to be a famous atheist too, but if you ever saw one of his videos with far too much cussing, someone could give the guy the "most hand signs flashed" award. He was one of those allowed to expose a few truths, but definitely mixed with lies like disbelief in God.

Christopher Hitchens. Not sure about that hand position but he sure seemed to meet with a lot of movers and shakers. I read at least two of his books. "Know thy enemy" and all that. He seemed very elitist.

[picture source]

Then there was Madalyn Murray O'Hare [warning some mild language warnings and talk against God in this video]

You ever wonder how such a foul mouthed and unattractive woman became so famous? She must have been chosen to fight prayer in school and to help spread atheism on purpose. She didn't rise up based on her own merits, she definitely was chosen and for an agenda.

I followed her articles in the late 1980s as I read the magazine American Atheist. She came across as shrill to me but back then I agreed with her viewpoints.

Today some aspects of her life stand out to me. She tried to defect to Russia with her son. She was the one who filed the case against prayer in school which was won.  Fame came to her easily and she seemed to be a chosen atheist spokesperson within the system. She married basically someone who was a government agent which is definitely a sign of some connections. I don't buy Slate's disagreement with the book UnGodly, it seems to be wall papering over the reality. It is accepted that Richard O'Hair was a government informant of some kind. Even her death was suspicious, as the finances of American Atheist were kept secret and a betraying employee set her up to be murdered as well as her son and granddaughter who worked for the organization.

Madalyn O'Hair definitely had a few screws lose and would have been among the seared, the psychologists perhaps would have used terms like narcissistic personality disorder or sociopath. She hired criminals which helped lead her demise and hid money, one book I read about her murder talked about the endless money laundering she participated in and bilking rich atheists of their estates when they died. She definitely had many questionable involvements and her own involvements with the powerful and was given 300 million dollars by Larry Flynt a then well-known pornographer. Definitely this woman was being promoted and allowed a very public forum while having loads of cash unloaded on her by the powers that be.

So the atheist celebrities work in the same ways the "religious" ones do.

Donald Trump's 66th Floor Penthouse Exposes His Idol 'Sun God' Apollo, Son of Zeus

Trump has Apollo all over his apartment. I saw some of the apartment pictures myself in a People magazine. The man has no taste either. Even the very expensive looks cheap, tawdry and from Las Vegas.

Pope Francis: Communion For Lutherans?

Any church that has retained "sacraments" especially the Eucharist teaching is a daughter of Rome and forever linked together. So the Pope inviting the Lutherans to partake of the Eucharist with Catholics is not that giant of a step except to show how far Protestant churches have fallen. There's a few old school hold-outs who may be in a quandary like WELS, they teach that the Pope is the Antichrist but are still stuck in major Catholic errors.

The Daughters.

They Are Getting Their War in Syria

“The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. [The public] will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened”. - Josef Stalin

or clamor for more war.

Let's dial back to some old articles:

War Drums: More on Syria

War With Syria?

Even the Generals Don't Want the Insane War with Syria but AIPAC Does!

They didn't manage to sell war with Syria in 2013 and 2014 which is why some new atrocities could bring forth the desired war.

If you watched much news on the terrorist attacks in Paris, did you notice the name of the band Eagles of Death? How obvious can you get? Did you see the picture of multiple rock fans making devil's horns as they went to their concert? Even the poster advertising the event had the hand sign of devil's horns right on it. Not very subtle is it?

I noticed this one had the false flag markers on it too....crisis actors, etc.

I tend to think this stuff is just more disinformation mixed with some truths, sure they have some crisis actors in the mix, but I believe people really die in these attacks. If they conduct wars where thousands or millions will die, why would they just 'fake' the deaths of dozens of people? I really wonder about the conspiracy websites who almost want to portray the controllers of this planet in a merciful light.

Obama calls on Russia to focus on war against IS in Syria
France goes to war with Isis in Syria

The Atheist/Unbelief NWO Network #1: Support for World Government

All the systems are being converged by the controllers. This means they are taking the churches to the same place as many other organizations. This includes what I will refer to as "The unbelief network". There is a reason that atheists support globalism just the same as Dominionists.

Atheism itself is under the same "control system". Now some are going to call me crazy with this one. But it is true. Every religion and philosophy known to man on this earth, has been utilized in this way. One way to state this is that atheists are stuck in "the matrix" too. Just like brain-dead Republicanism rules the world of the evangelical, brain dead Democratic beliefs hold majority sway. Every atheist I've ever met with a few exceptions has been pro-choice [abortion] and has held the stereotypical "progressive" beliefs. Why are there so few exceptions to this rule?

The majority of the freethought, humanist, atheist, world teaches the same brain dead leftist politics.  One of those tenets is the advancement of globalism and the one world government on behalf of the elite.

Both right and left wings are supporters of the consolidation of power, and one world government. Why? Because the controllers on top are merging every demographic to the same end.

I always found the nearly same title of these magazines interesting..

                                  [picture cite]

                                                 [picture cite]

Beyond the title WORLD, one being Christian and one the magazine for the Unitarian Universalist Association, both are very world focused and politically focused.  I have read both magazines for years. I have read World the Christian magazine enough to know while it is more "right-winged" flavor it is Dominionist in outlook, It is not good for a church magazine to name itself after the WORLD:

John 15;19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

I saw the same status seeking among the free-thought crowd as I have among false Christians. However I got burned too by the wealthy atheists, New Agers and intelligentsia in the Unitarian Universalist church as well almost in the same way. The Unitarian Universalist church is one the wealthiest denomination in America.  They even admit it among themselves. I did not fit in its typical demographics. I saw the same conformity of thought, there too.

  Lest one think the atheist network, is free of the new world order and controllers think again! They are as controlled and directed as the right wing.

The seekers I can handle, because I was one. Anyone who has a love and desire for truth is someone that we hope and pray finds God. The Bible mentions those who love truth.  I remember being in my 20s and thinking, "I don't believe in God now but if there is a God I want to know for sure". I tested everything. I read books on comparative religions. Some may have called me more technically an agnostic, but there was this idea of God not being there whatsoever and that the universe was just a mechanical machine. Of course atheists have no explanation for where the universe came from to begin with.

This is the reason evolution came into as the gospel of "atheism". The two go hand in hand. Natural selection and organic evolution are the beliefs that are never questioned. When I was Unitarian Universalist this bothered me. There were "holes" in the system so to speak. One could see patterns in the world, why did trees have branches like the vascular system in the human body? Why did animals have two eyes mostly? Where did these things come from? These patterns were obvious to me, and I knew they could not have been by random. I can take an honest atheist who would frankly say, "We don't know for sure", but who wouldn't cling so absolutely to the sinking sand of evolution. Science while helpful in some things, seemed to have it's biases. The days of being told rationality and science would cure all human problems to me became laughable. The scientists to me seemed very invested in inventing new ways to die for war and scary bio-engineering projects rather then bringing any new Utopia.

Because they believe that science can fix the world's problems, this is connected to the desire for world government and unity. Progress in "science" is fixing the problems of the world "globally". Why do you think so many world leaders and the Pope call for the world to unite over climate change?

[picture cite]

The atheist/freethought/humanist world is just as much as a part of the new world order as anything else. The Unitarian Universalist church is definitely is hooked in. Just like the supposed Christian churches all joined to the United Nations. One would surmise that freethought would mean questioning some of the power structures, but this stance seems to be taken for granted.

One huge facet of the Unitarian Universalist church was advancing world government.  They have nicer names for it, calling for a peaceful and just world in their 7 principles but it is the same idea. It was actually a stated fact, that the UU church supported world government. I saw this among others in the "free thought" community including the Humanists. What was ironic to me is while some in these groups protested totalitarian governments and diminishing freedoms, is they never questioned the further consolidation of power. I had one UU minister who was even a member of an early one world government organization. I believe it was called the World Federalists. They all openly supported the United Nations, and the world coming together for "climate action" as early as the 1980s.

                                        [picture cite]

The Humanist Networks [The Humanist, Ethical Society of Humanists] all supported world government without fail. Humanists support the United Nations. Freedom From Religion Foundation has donated money to a United Nations affiliated charity. Humanists appeal to the United Nations. Do you notice something here, such as they like the Pope want world government to deal with the problems of climate change and other environmental problems? From the book, "The Humanist Society".

Isn't it strange how all these atheist and unbelief networks all support world government? What would not believing in God have to do with supporting the consolidation of global power?  Is this from watching too much Star Trek, where the Federation of Planets is seen as a positive organization? Odd isn't it how so many of them agree on this issue isn't it? Well spiritually it isn't odd, human pride, hubris, greed and sin, has many coming together to the same place.

When I was an atheist, I already considered world government a bad idea. Maybe it was because I had read 1984 and many books on totalitarian governments. There's a few Naomi Klein influenced anti-globalists out there in liberal/atheist and unbelief circles but the majority of the "official organizations" are joining the convergence for the one world government along with the churches.

Atheist Heads UN Religion Committee.

Secularist Organizations

Thursday, November 12, 2015

False Religious Right Busy Shoving Christmas Down Everyone's Throat

Every year the "Merry Christmas" set goes ballistic. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. I certainly do not. Must we have it shoved in our faces every minute? For the non-believers, all these types of fights do is create more animosity and rejection of the gospel. This meme says it all considering the "pagan goddess" on the cups.

As for the Christmas trees:

Warning People About Christmas is Not Easy

Another Name with an Agenda?

When the last Duggar grandchild was named Israel, there was an obvious agenda there, to help advance Christian Zionism. Maybe it's time for Calvinism to get a turn? Charles Spurgeon is an interesting teacher to many, many young Christians will read his writings, and not realize the depth of Calvinism beyond them. Maybe it will be a blessing for that child not to be in public school prone to bullies with a name like that.

Spurgeon was definitely a Calvinist.

"The late lamented Mr. Denham has put, at the foot of his portrait, a most admirable text, "Salvation is of the Lord." That is just an epitome of Calvinism; it is the sum and substance of it. If anyone should ask me what I mean by a Calvinist, I should reply, "He is one who says, Salvation is of the Lord." I cannot find in Scripture any other doctrine than this. It is the essence of the Bible. "He only is my rock and my salvation." Tell me anything contrary to this truth, and it will be a heresy; tell me a heresy, and I shall find its essence here, that it has departed from this great, this fundamental, this rock-truth, "God is my rock and my salvation." What is the heresy of Rome, but the addition of something to the perfect merits of Jesus Christ—the bringing in of the works of the flesh, to assist in our justification? And what is the heresy of Arminianism but the addition of something to the work of the Redeemer? Every heresy, if brought to the touchstone, will discover itself here. I have my own private opinion that there is no such thing as preaching Christ and Him crucified, unless we preach what nowadays is called Calvinism. It is a nickname to call it Calvinism; Calvinism is the gospel, and nothing else. I do not believe we can preach the gospel, if we do not preach justification by faith, without works; nor unless we preach the sovereignty of God in His dispensation of grace; nor unless we exalt the electing, unchangeable, eternal, immutable, conquering love of Jehovah; nor do I think we can preach the gospel, unless we base it upon the special and particular redemption of His elect and chosen people which Christ wrought out upon the cross; nor can I comprehend a gospel which lets saints fall away after they are called, and suffers the children of God to be burned in the fires of damnation after having once believed in Jesus. Such a gospel I abhor.

Why I am not a Calvinist

Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Days as an Atheist

I used to be an atheist.

Anyone reading my testimony on this blog knows this. In the Unitarian Universalist church, I had my Theosophy/New Age years but also my freethought/humanism/agnostic/atheist ones as well.

When I was just ten years old, I announced to my very angry parents and anyone in earshot that I did not believe in God. I had read Thomas Paine who was more technically a Deist who wrote against Christianity. I would be sent to the principal's office in elementary school time and time again out of religion class for questioning Roman Catholic theology. One time in Catholic school religion class I shouted,  "Purgatory makes no sense and sounds like a lesser hell!". My nun teacher dragged me off to the priest's rectory for our red-faced angry priest to give me a talking to. She was so angry. She asked for me to be removed from her class.

Religion in my household was more to do with rituals and rites.  While we were taken to Mass at every moment and told to say the rosary, and not to eat meat on Friday it was all empty rituals. Even asking questions about God in my household could mean being punished. The only Bible in the house was this giant white leather Catholic bible with a Medieval painting of "Mary" and baby on the front of it. We were forbidden to touch it, though at times I sneaked it off the shelf to read hoping not to get caught. This was around the time, I read "Late Great Planet Earth" from the public library and had it taken away by the nuns. So as the Catholic church and my family worked to squelch any real faith in God, I very early on was making more and more of a decision for atheism and by a very young age too.

Why did I become an atheist?

Religions and churches didn't measure up. I watched all the phony televangelists of the 1980s as a teen and became nauseous. The inconsistencies and legends of Roman Catholicism didn't add up to me even as a child. Why does God want me to kneel before a piece of bread? The nuns would lead my class to kneel at church for an hour or half of more of sustained silence staring intently at the white disc.  Some of us would wonder if it would bleed spontaneously like one of the miracles the nuns were constantly reading about to us. Eucharistic Adoration was incredibly boring and I kept thinking if God was intelligent enough to make the world, God wouldn't force me to pay homage to a piece of dough.

I can see why people become atheists. This direct statement may surprise some. Hope I do not offend but want to get to the nitty gritty of why I became an atheist.  I became an atheist knowing I was being sold a bill of religious goods. Church was play-acting and dead rituals and men with funny hats. The church world is such a decadent, hypocritical place. It has worsened, it has fallen away. Even allowing for the normal wickedness of human beings, the churches seem more wicked. There is one good thing about atheists. Atheists often are "thinking" people. They don't become a religion because Mom and Dad told them to be it.  They reject the idea of inherited religion with no examination as intellectually dishonest. I still agree with this. They aren't following cultural precepts to worship that saint or offer sacrifices to that god at a temple because they were told to. Some are asking, "Is any of this real?" Some want to know what is true.

and I certainly did.

One thing that actually affected my "atheism" and I've mentioned this before, is realizing that Santa Claus was a lie. I was punished for telling my younger sister, that "There was no such thing as Santa Claus" and remember thinking at that time, "If they lied to us about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy", why should I believe anything else they say about God? So I mean it when I say that the false Christmas rituals of telling a child about Santa Claus can lead that child right into the atheist doorway because it did me.

Because of  abusive parents--that's a long and sordid story in itself, with the Catholic church mixed together, I saw the "God" they presented me with as cold and cruel very young. My father died an atheist himself, admitting to me, in a private conversation, that he feigned Catholicism to please my mother but really did not believe in it.  Love was not part of the equation. "God" was all about rules and getting it right, and if you failed, that was the end of you. There was no access to the actual gospel of grace until I was in college. I grew up with a feminist nun as my mother's best friend, feeding my head with even more religious nonsense, which helped create the pathway to full blown atheism.

When a girl got murdered on my college campus by a mentally ill man just across the street from the dorm and my aunt died in a fiery car crash in a would be suicide, my atheism grew more entrenched. I thought, "There cannot be a "God" because of how this world really is. I fell into the trap, I warn all the time about on this blog, how many people march to atheism believing that bad things happened to them because they feel "God" allowed it to happen or even made it happen? While the conscience lures people to God who have not heard the gospel, many turn their backs when the tragedies and turmoil of life take over. It doesn't help that many of the false churches preach false prosperity gospels and other "secondary" prosperity gospels that get people to believe either one of two things..."1. Bad things have happened to me because I am bad. [yes sin can bring consequences but this is something different I am talking about]" or 2. "God" has allowed or made these bad things happen to me and does not care about me or others or even "hates" me", that is when the march down atheist highway begins.

I still saw that in the church I left, even though it was IFB and officially against prosperity gospels, one can see among the oppressive Christian set, that the expectations themselves they have for people fulfill many tenets of it, where you are supposed to fit a certain "Christian mold". Years ago I knew I did not fit into the "Christian" world, and I still don't in many ways. There's a lot of faith being destroyed via these false preachers and philosophies.

 In college, I read American Atheist, Free Inquiry, The Humanist, Quest--Theosophy magazine and the Freedom from Religion Foundation's newsletter. I agreed with the outrage against TV evangelists and the like. These were the days of Jim Bakker's fall from grace, and Jimmy Swaggart getting caught. Famous preachers were jokes, and money-grubbers. In the 1980s, this is when the evangelical revolution was beginning, and the marriage between evangelical Christianity and Republicanism was growing more entrenched. Sadly not much has changed today. My atheist/freethought and Humanist magazines also rightly criticized the Pope and Catholic church. My readings including exposures of the Vatican bank by the 1980s.

It's weird but some atheists always seem to think every Christian came out of a Christian home and inherited their religion and never questioned anything their entire life. I questioned the bible, and even owned a library where the books sought to rip the bible to shreds. I read books by Robert Ingersoll, Betrand Russell, Dan Barker, Paul Kurtz, Madalyn Murray O'Hare and everything to be found in the "freethought" library. I was such a gung-ho atheist that once when I visited a relative in Buffalo, New York, I had them drive me over to the Free Inquiry headquarters but they were closed that day.  So I am not someone who just had musings about atheism, I studied it quite intensely.

Proverbs 14:6

A scoffer seeks wisdom and finds none, But knowledge is easy to one who has understanding.

Many come to atheism out of their own intellect.  When atheists write to me that their position is one of the intellect and did not come out of any emotional turmoil they are to be believed. This applied to me too. Atheism is a trap many very smart people can fall into. The Unitarian Universalist church was full of the cream of the crop when it came to the educated and learned. These were wealthy people with Ivy League and advanced graduate educations. All I have is a cheap state college education but I loved to read and learn on my own.

Atheism highly "respects" 'science' and the scientific method. Even though much of our science today is definitely without wisdom as they alter our foods to create more GMOs or weapons that can kill more "efficiently", within the "freethought" community, science is held up as a very good thing. Darwin even though his hypothesis about evolution, has many holes would be a named saint of the "freethought' movement. However during my atheist days, being an honest seeker, I would ask myself, "Well how did all THIS get started then?" None of my UU ministers ever answered that question. The very idea that the structural and complex system of life just arose out of muck one day never made sense to me. It was a thing that needled away at me.

Romans 1:20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

So Atheism or perhaps more technically agnosticism seemed the more intellectually astute position to me at this time. I bought what was said about rationalism, even though a small voice inside me said, "Its obvious they have holes in their position". Yes, I did sin and persecute a few Christians, during some of these youthful days, mocking them for not examining their positions. Sadly my meeting with Christians who knew any scripture or preached with the leading of the Holy Spirit was extremely rare.

1 Cor  2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

 Scripture warns us about many times all the book learning in the world is not going to bring forth all truth.  I questioned and studied all the world religions. Some of what I post today on this blog is from those days of studying comparative religions. I noticed patterns and trends between religions, man's approach "gods" to appease them, sun worship, the astro-theology patterns exposed by some, the overlap of "gods" especially the "goddess" under different names, I researched and studied it all.

If someone is a honest seeker and happens to be an atheist, their questions do not bother me. Even that one ex-Christian IFB pastor now atheist's website does not surprise me. I noticed going way back to his earliest postings, he is upset and offended and rightly so by the actions of evangelical "Christians".  He has mocked me several times since I left, especially over my fairies article and a reprint of the NWO aspects of Windows 10 from another blog. In this very old post, I noticed he is outraged by the war mongering among the evangelical right. It seems this was written before his full leaving into atheism. It sounds like articles I have posted on this blog. After all I walked out of the last church for it's war mongering and even told one friend, "That place was worshiping Mars the god of war more then the God of the Bible!"

I have met atheists who are new world order aware even, who I have had interesting discussions with and offered them scripture and the gospel. There are people out there, who are struggling with the false religion "matrix" blocking them from God. They need as much truth as they can get. The system that John marvels at in Revelation, is this false church system. It is a barrier to God. Atheists don't fighten me. I used to be one. I know how they think. Yes many get mad at me. I can take it, after all I dished it out once upon a time.  Some say "You are crazy!". Others have given me the "nice" tolerant answers, "Whatever gives you comfort..." 

In the UU church, they do have their "freethought" wing as well as the more "new age, theosophical" wing. The two can combine at times. We know false religion can do plenty of mix and match sessions. Some atheists or thinking agnostics go to church. Which may sound weird to many people but atheists like fellowship, coffee hours and classes too. The UU church also had political opportunities for your liberal budding atheist. A college best friend who shared my same non-religious leanings at the time, introduced me to the Unitarian Universalist church.

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There are some atheists who would be shocked that someone like me even exists. If you have read my testimony I was a Unitarian Universalist from the age of 17 to 30. I remember one time sitting in the Unitarian Universalist church and a church acquaintance coming up to me and saying, "No one ever leaves the UU to become a Christian, by the time they are here, they know the truth!" 

Dogmatism isn't just for fundamentalist Christians even if within the UU dogma itself is considered optional. The UU church openly preached against Christianity and it's beliefs. The scandals of the Christian world were fodder for many a sermon disproving "Christianity". Notice the above ad for the UU church sells their church, to those fed up with the false "god" found in so many churches. One church class I had in the UU was called LEAVING RELIGION, and there was many of the Mustard Tree's refugees in there. There was me, an ex-Catholic, other ex-Catholics, and Methodists and acouple ex-Orthodox Jews, and even one ex-nun who I befriended somewhat and gave me rides back to my apartment. She told us horror tales of being made to clean the floor with toothbrushes in her cloistered convent and other invented punishments given to her by an abusive Mother Superior. She appeared to have a thousand yard stare, and was a very fragile person. This does not surprise me now not at all.  The UU at least in the late 80s served as a meeting place for various spiritually abused and others seeking refuge and solace.

I almost died as an atheist, I was 21 years old and had a severe asthma attack which was one of many that put my heart into atrial fibrillation.  I expected nothing but blackness and non-consciousness to meet me at the end. This would not be my first meeting with near-death either. My health is poor and it has been for my entire adult life. When I speak of escaping hell by the skin of my teeth it's true.

If my faith was based on the "church system", I'll be frank, doing this blog, since funnily I expose actually some of the SAME things the atheists shout about rightfully, it would have been long gone. Even the utter collapse of the IFB in my mind as a worthy alternative, while it has changed some of my thinking, has not destroyed my faith. One atheist friend of my husband announced to me, since I told him why I left my most recent church, "The best Christians are those who don't go to church". That statement said a lot. 

My relationship with God stands outside of the "church system". Some of the cynics and present atheists would shout that I have found a God of my own creation but then they see only the "god" being sold now by the false preachers and system. I am not a narcissist who has new prophecies to give or wants to sell a "god of my own making". People need to go read the bible for themselves and take the church lens off of it. They ignore the Bible or listen to how false preachers skew it. The cruel "god" of control, who always votes on the side of the world's oppressors and for the extremely wealthy and for "war". The one running the "right wing". Yes the "right wing" is evil but the atheists and others run to the trap on the other side.

The church system is the load of rot with it's rituals, rites, and love of the system that oppresses mankind. Some independent minded people see it for what it is, a control matrix, to funnel and mold political beliefs and direct the herd via the world controllers. Many of those people are Christians like me.

There is a reason just about every evangelical church teaches the same brain dead Republican politics. Have you ever thought about this? Why isn't there any maverick preachers or ones who have considered things like the writer and readers of this blog?  I found one guy once {Last Trumpet Ministries} who seemed to warn of the new world order but sprinkled endless dabs of numerology in all his preaching. I visited so many churches trying to find a church home, and it is their sameness now that stands out. All had that apostate blue and white flag waving on stage and the same beliefs. We have only seen them grow more insane over the years. Even the liturgicals and evangelicals have joined together in this community.

Of course the church system is mistaken as being all about God, and representative of Jesus Christ when in fact God's Word warns against THE MUSTARD TREE and it's lust for world power and control. It does not shock me that even some who were within the false church system leave it and leave who they thought God was behind. Some of us make the mistake and this applies to me, when I was newly saved, I saw most churches are false but believed more were real out there. Today a clearer picture has come into view. Even coming out of the Catholic church, the Holy Spirit let me know there was a vast array of cults and false daughters and teachings to avoid. Sadly even many of the independents and others are part of the system. Every IFB I've seen has had the "Christian" kingdom flag up on their podium. What does that say but they are part of it. It didn't escape my attention that all the Lutherans had this flag on the podium as well as the IFB I attended.

Some run from the churches and think God cannot be real, this system is so corrupt and disgusting and it's people are no better then average non-believers. I wrote about Mean Christians twice myself on this blog some years ago. Why wouldn't they think that? When I was a young non-believer, I encountered some Christians who were in a reformed cult in my area, who were literally abusive. I was listening to some U2 song on the radio, a band I fully reject now, and was told I was a heathen listening to the "devil's music". None witnessed to me but shouted at me that I would go to hell. I was on the way to hell back then but none of them presented any gospel message or love. I have been burned myself recently very badly in this case by church Christians and other betrayers. One thought I have about the Christian world right now is many want to APPEAR GOOD but not actually BE GOOD.

Matt 23:28 Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.

Such types have had no inward change, no regeneration and no relationship with God. There's a lot of phonies leading people to disbelief in God. I hate the "Christian" culture. The atheists hate it too. The difference is they define God by the Christian culture and I do not. However I was in their exact place. I used to think before I read scripture and God's Word cut through all the garbage like a knife, that I was too poor and wicked to become a Christian, then I read that verse about Lazurus at the gate with his sores going to heaven. [Luke 16:20] I too had my fill of the perfect patrol and mean church women who expected perfect housekeeping judging me. I was so far away from God, it is only His Word that led me to Him. 

Abusers abusing in the name of God. We have the Duggars inoculating many against Christianity with their pompous do-gooder false mentalities and show off attitudes. Sadly I have encountered people like this in the regular world. I was told if I was less wicked, I would become wealthier and would no longer be poor in many a church. I was told that by Christians who I thought were more mature in the faith when I was a new Christian that if I rid myself via my endless wickedness, that God would deliver me from all my problems. One thing I always wonder about deliverance ministries, is they always focus on the victims of abusers as being demonized instead of the abusers themselves. Are they simply another vehicle for the controllers this way?

There's too many fakes out there, and many many people are trying to fit into a mold of "Christian" they have been given by the world. It's like everyone in their mind has a caricature they are trying to live up to.The atheists are rightly tired of the phonies, the fakes, the do-gooders, who use charity like a machete and their messages that oppress.  I am sick of it all too.

False teachings about prayer and acting like God is supposed to be their fairy god mother is producing many atheists. I suppose the atheists see more results from science then they do this phony version of prayer. But when prayer is sold in the apostate church as a "gimme" venture instead of a conversation, this is what happens.

 Many Christians preach especially to the chronically ill too, that if they have enough faith they will be cured. How many times have I heard this? Let me be frank, it hurt me and hurt me bad. There is always the implicit message underneath the words that if you have not been cured, that you are a "bad" "undeserving" person. I saw one atheist website mocking how amputees never have their limbs grow back from prayer. That's an example of false theology leading straight to disbelief.

What of the people who aren't healed? In my case, I have lived far longer then expected. I do believe God gave me more years of life, but this view of seeing God as an ATM machine has spread through "Christianity". The atheists see the false attitudes and views of God. One thing I believe that makes for many an atheist as I mention above, is the false message that God is the author of evil, so when the many horrible things in life happen many people blame God and turn their backs on Him. Human nature being what it is, their natural inclination is then to say, "God does not exist".

 The "best life now" garbage is providing poisonous fruit. Think about it, if all these "Christians" see God as an ATM machine, then the ones who are suffering, and have family and friends die like everyone on this planet blame God and turn their faces against Him. The failure to "get real" among Christians is destroying the faith for many.  The failure to discuss life as it is, instead of this ideal that does not match this wicked fallen world we live in, is misleading people. "God" is seen as a betrayer for not acting like "superman" and stopping disasters or allowing "bad" things to happen. I see this theme over and over again in unbelieving friends and others. "God does not care", "Ioo many bad things happen in this world for there to be a God". The churches have only HELPED these attitudes with their false teachings.

Atheists are being produced in this society by the scores. Even within my own lifetime, I am seeing more young people embrace atheism. When I was an agnostic, UU, atheist, humanist, later theosophist, I was a one off, a rarity, who faced social censure for my then non-beliefs. It was not a common place to be. I was the first atheist in the family. Now most don't go to church 30 years later.  We were on the fringes. I saw my then beliefs become far more mainstream. It's more common for a young person not to be a Christian today even a mainstream dead church one.

I consider it a miracle I even became a Christian.  Reading God's Word, did it, even though I studied the Bible to "disprove it". This verse definitely showed what happened to my life.

Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

I pray for anyone who is an honest seeker and an atheist. They are out there. We should not be afraid to talk to them. The false apostate church system is a barrier in front of millions if not billions.


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