Friday, April 26, 2013

For Those Who Are Lonely

Psalm 102:7

I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the housetop

LOL I love this verse, how many of you have felt like a sparrow alone upon a housetop?

I've touched on this topic before in my social disconnection articles.

Social Disconnection Vs. Loving One Another

 Loneliness is a growing problem in our society. The disconnection with the moving, the fast pace of life, the technology, many are finding themselves separated from family and friends. Many are finding themselves in absolute solitude.  Many feel alone. Some may have lost people to death too. Still others may be far away from everyone.  Even if one finds circles of friends, often these circles can be vaporized via other events, economic displacement, being forced to move, or watching others move.  As we age too, making friends can be far harder for the middle aged and above as responsibilities and other burdens press down on people with time. One may be a caretaker, or facing health problems that restrict socializing or may even dealing with other things that isolate. As I write this article, I've had past periods myself in life of intense loneliness and know what it is like to be totally alone and abandoned in this world except by God.

Psalm 27:10 Though my mother and father forsake me then the Lord will take me up. 

[cite for picture]

While too many churches and society remains focused on families, there are many without families, the childless, those who never married or those who outlived their spouse or saw their children depart. This also includes those who have been set apart via religious beliefs, and standing up for God. Remember Jesus Himself warns about family members turning against each other over matters of faith and the division between believers and non-believers. As I have written before, family focused churches trouble me, as it leaves many on the outside in the cold. They seem to dictate a false "Christian" world that only includes picture perfect nuclear families.  In a wicked world, love and connection between relatives is not a given. Today since many values have been thrown out the door, families have in some cases have been thrown far flung with each household moving for a job every few years. Over a 25 year period, where everyone has been required to move so much just to survive, the family is no longer intact. Many do not have money to even visit relatives who live far away and are resigned to the occasional phone call.

Psalm 68:6

6 God setteth the solitary in families: he bringeth out those which are bound with chains: but the rebellious dwell in a dry land.

For a sole Christian within their family, it can be a lonely feeling. This verse to me definitely is one God's promises within His Word for those facing this particular issue. Some of us may be the only Christians in our entire families where the only saved person from parents to cousins is just yourself.
They may be a religion that rejects the truth and where if you are not part of that religion you are left out. I am the only Christian in my family, and well, as you can tell I am not interested in attending Catholic ceremonies. Many of you may have those who have cut you off for what you believe or who you have left, this can be partial or even complete.

Sometimes someone may have gone through a divorce or other things that left no people standing there. Why do we have a society where there are so many that live alone? That is a new trend now. So many people alone in small apartments with no one to talk to. It's scary. I've talked to people who have moved to America from other countries, one cried to me in tears, telling me she couldn't believe how alone everyone was and how hard it was to meet anyone. So many people have talked to me about how lonely their lives get.

Psalm 142:4

4 I looked on my right hand, and beheld, but there was no man that would know me: refuge failed me; no man cared for my soul.

Many people who have been hurt, and who have been told they do not belong in a society that marginalizes so many are often alone. Many are told they do not fit in and treated accordingly. In this list may include the very old who I see cut off all the time and I personally have a heart for in befriending, the disabled-the physically and mentally ill, the poor, the homeless, and others who do not fit the mainstream. The demands for conformity in America are growing while at the same time they push a false message of "unity in diversity". One can see a society being formed where a thin sliver are deemed "acceptable" and granted a place to be, while the numbers of throw-away people grow higher in number. The sad thing is so many are scrambling to be who the media is telling them to be. Poor people know that their status is growing lower in society. Many who face poverty enter a world of trying to hide it as much as you can. While people in our rotten media do full confessionals about their wicked sex lives, notice how invisible the poor and other groups have become. That has gotten worse. Jesus of course calls to us to reach out to those we can. He reached out to the poor, and disenfranchised.

Think the wrong thoughts in American society even if you are careful and discerning about where you share certain things, that is enough to be ostracized. The American people especially have been trained and brainwashed to label anyone who is asking ANY questions as a tin-hat wearing weirdo and nut, that is not to be taken seriously. As I wrote on the martial law thread, I have taken some mighty heat lately for even the most mild of warnings. One doesn't even have to mention the phrase "new world order" but just ask some questions and many fellow citizens will look on you with a jaundiced eye. Even the most timid questioning of what is going on in America, will get you some shocked looks. These are times where I miss the more independent thinking rural types I used to live around. Most only had bits and pieces of the truth, and there were Christians who understood something was WRONG, but here among so many unbelievers the blind obedience and acceptance of the system is tough.  Preaching the gospel has lost me friends but so has questioning the status quo. I find myself lately wishing I could find some people who are on the same page IN PERSON! Any of you feel that way?

Perhaps I have a big mouth. I openly witness the gospel but then I am open about some other things, that people say I should not be open about. Sometimes this depends on what area of the country you are in, those surrounded by more independent rural types, who may still be deceived by some things on the right may face less then those surrounded by pro-gay rights Obama worshippers. One doesn't have to be a 9-11 truther anymore to feel alone in a society where most are successfully having their minds influenced. Christians know this world is sliding more and more into an abyss as long held morals and ideals are eroded away.

For a Christian believer to be around those who are not Christian, persecution is a given, it is worse in other places then America but definitely part of the landscape.  You will be told that you are crazy, a weirdo etc. Hey it's happened to me. Other odd events have happened to me, such as when I was warning people about the Catholic church and told them, one thing that woke me up to get out was the one world religion stuff {Assisi}, and they responded in kind, that what I saw had to be made-up and photo shopped and that the internet was full of lies! To be a thinker among the blind and deluded can be very tough. This doesn't mean you hate anyone for being blinded remembering your own days in deception but it is a strange place to be. Do know God warned us of this. This verse is very interesting to me. Life being awake among all the sleeping can get lonely.

Romans 11:8-10

King James Version (KJV)

8 (According as it is written, God hath given them the spirit of slumber, eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear;) unto this day.

9 And David saith, Let their table be made a snare, and a trap, and a stumblingblock, and a recompence unto them:

10 Let their eyes be darkened, that they may not see, and bow down their back alway.

Understanding spiritually where these people sit is important. There was one person in that crowd  that was listening and why God directed me to say what I said, there was even one point, I was having a back and forth in my mind, "but they will think I am crazy" but went and did it anyway. This is where obedience to God comes in. There are times I've been called to warn even among those in "the real world" and it's not always easy. I had preached the gospel too with this group, saying works and sacraments don't save but Jesus does.

Fellow bible-believing Christians may be rare where you live and there too one can have the loneliness that can come with being around no like-minded people. I witness to who I can, but have had the sadness of so many immersed in world views I do not relate to whatsoever. Being around mainstream church people who are unsaved can be just as lonely as milling around the atheists and pagans. Spiritual delusion whatever the flavor is, still leads people to the same place.

I am at the point now where I just want to be in a room in person with another born again Christian. It's been so long! Sometimes this is painful. I do wonder what lesson God has to impart through this. Maybe I was set aside for various reasons. I do hope that God can send me some fellow born again Christians. I do know some who live long distance and of course the folks I talk to here online.

Maybe some others reading this blog lack family members who are Christians and others who are around them.  I may be traveling a far distance to go to an small rural independent church if God wills it,  knowing my visits will have to be rare due to cost in traveling hoping I find a sincere and discerning group of people, after so many disappointments. It either will give me something to write about on my blog or I'll find a few fellow Christians.  There were a few times over the years I made plans to go somewhere far flung but then God said No.  Many of my past church members who I have contact with are understanding about why I have been on my own.  That said, what God tells me to do will have to come first, alone or not. I've talked about the solitary Christian here many times. Many of us are in that boat now. If you are hungry for fellowship yourself, I understand.

God understands our need for other people.

Genesis 2:18 And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

So humans have social needs. Some personalities may have a greater need for people then others. Also one has to take into account these differences with the understanding that an introvert may not need to socialize as much as an extrovert.

Sin can lead to loneliness, that of yourself or of others! We see how a sinful society is leading to break downs in relationships but this goes deeper.  People who have been abused often are more fearful of social engagements, they may not trust people readily and may build walls to close people out. They were told they were a black sheep too many times and tell themselves they will never fit in. Often times people's confidence is destroyed by the wickedness of others. Some people due to ill treatment may think they are "not good enough" or "different" to other people. Some may be right about their rejection in a society that demands so much conformity but others may be allowing themselves to be deluded. In a world of wicked narcissists and con men, people after encountering evil so many times start avoiding people just to not be hurt again.

American society stresses achievement, and "busyness" to the detriment of the quality and longevity of relationships. Some people run around so much you wonder what they are running from. For those with the money to do so, this can include compulsive shopping to fill the hours. Others may turn to drugs. Many deal with that alone in the crowd feeling too. Satan definitely uses loneliness in his bag of tricks to steer people wrong.

One's own sin can lead to loneliness too at times. Not being aware of other people's needs or following God's leading in reaching out to others can lead to it. Selfishness can be an ever present danger. Listening to society instead of God in regards to who you should associate with.  I had this happen to me as I befriended homeless people in my old town--people I am still in contact with, when people said to me, "Why are you friends with THEM?

Loneliness can lead to temptations for sexual sin, fornication that set up for more future rejection and disconnection from others. It has resulted from our wicked society teaching people to treat others and relationships especially like disposable Kleenex. How many single people out there even self-confessing Christians say they can't hold sex off for marriage because they would be too lonely? They actually assure themselves more future loneliness. Marriage in itself is not a cure of loneliness either. One person is not going to fill every empty hole or if a person is estranged from God, fix that main problem either. Self-pride keeps many alone. Of course the greatest sin is estrangement from God, and rejecting His gospel!

Psalm 4:3 But know that the Lord hath set apart him that is godly for himself: the Lord will hear when I call unto him.

Christians may feel the pain of loneliness in the temporal world but I hope and pray that your relationship with God is a refuge where you can go talk to God about being lonely or other things you face. One aspect of being lonely is that it can force one to turn to God, and work on your relationship with Him. With time, you will not just turn to God while in need but will desire that time alone with Him.  Solitude can allow for a more time in reading His Word and pray and being outside the mainstream of society. I often think that part of the loneliness I faced in life, was what brought me to God in the first place. There are times where in my aloneness, I called out for God.  If you are stuck alone in the house due to illness or finding yourself a single person with a weekend alone and no plans, worrying about staring at the empty walls with no one to talk to for hours and hours, use that time for God. For me even to write this blog, I need time alone and to think and pray about this stuff.

God may use your alone time for ministries, and to strengthen your relationship with Him. Many may be tested to stand alone one day as well in preparation for what is coming.  Solitude is necessary for prayer and to take time with God. Now one may be not be lonely in solitude but perhaps being able to face that as a gift to be had, can help you deal better with feeling alone. The Bible even says in the verse above, that God sets some people aside for Himself. Remember God always cares even if you are alone in the world, or have times where you feel you are alone. While many of us have people we love very much, here too you have to remember people are fallible, they can disappoint, die, leave, even things happen beyond their control where they are taken away from you.  God must always be first in your life. Remember His promises:

Psalm 72:12

For he shall deliver the needy when he crieth: the poor also, him that hath no helper. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Other Names for Martial Law?

With this article, I am not going to go into every detail, there are other websites that have gone into extensive detail about Boston and I don't think I need to rehash it all. With this one, I was upset by what happened to the joggers and innocent spectators. With the sheer carnage, it took me acouple days even to collect my thoughts and sit down and watch some news and go read what they said happened.  It was tragic, it was horrible. I have been praying for Boston and hoping there are no more lives in danger. The future looks bleak in a world full of such violence, whether this was a "false flag" or not. The days where people warned that the terrorists would win if America gave up all its freedoms seem to be over. Is anyone even saying that anymore? I suppose those people all have been silenced and have given up. 

However I don't know if you  noticed one development, something "new" and never done before where an entire metro city of millions was put under "Shelter-in-place", "lock-down", all new names for what essentially was martial law with 9,000 cops. Isn't it interesting how there are Lock-downs for the schools when the shooters come to them and now a "Lock-down" for an entire metro city of millions of people?  Do you think something is wrong with that? It's like two guys held an entire city hostage. There have been other evil madmen and bombers during our history, is this now going to happen every time?

Abandoned streets [see pictures here and also see picture 39 here], everyone told to stay indoors which is actually an extra step over even traditional martial law, an entire metro area of millions of people shut down for days over one suspect. Remember your history books even London was not shut down during the Nazi Blitzkrieg but now Senator Graham and the others can call America a battlefield. Do you see where all this is going? What is the outcome of it becoming a battlefield? Has anyone thought about that?

The future I see in America seems to be one of checkpoints, closed down cities, papers please!, the TSA manning the streets and open searches and seizures.
Ever read a book about Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia? We are on the way.  Free travel will become a thing of the past as our corrupt politicians keep the immigration door wide open to endless varieties of those who hate America while locking things down on citizens here. Don't try and ask the non-thinkers how that doesn't add up, why the doors remain wide open as even this week they wish to push immigration reform that will ensure more millions coming to these shores. Odd how everyone and their brother from a wide variety of third world nations can come here and if an America wants to emigrate they better be rich or else have specialized work skills.

You know it gets scary out there

 I had one friend tell me, that I shouldn't be raising questions about martial law and you are going to "get in trouble" talking about such things and included was telling me that I was stupid and that people merely were "asked" to stay inside their homes. I pray my readers are surrounded by those who are more awake then that. I'm not. It gets lonely. You are rejected and hated for raising the most mild of questions. Some of us are used to this due to the gospel itself but it can be wearing. I had to go pray to God about this.

So I said. I said "Why is it wrong to ask questions? Why did they "lock down" a city of millions of people and we are not supposed to notice? Things weren't just closed down over a small area but the entire city!" She then retorted, "They were scared and just asked to stay home!", I replied, "You are telling me then, that the lock down/shelter in place was just a strong suggestion and that if someone wanted to get on a bicycle and go down a couple blocks even on the other side of town it would have been okay?"

Some people have gotten angry at me, for even daring to raise questions about the NDAA. You know the law they passed that named America as a battlefield? You think that language by that senator above is coincidental? You think it's by accident now that America is being turned into a battle field?

It was a very weird week, with that fertilizer company blowing up in Waco, did you know once upon a time, they were sued by Monsanto? Oh the House passed CIPSA, which was a renamed ACTA and SOPA basically. It still has to go through the Senate but is yet another attack on internet freedom.

By the way did you read the weird stuff about how with the second suspect they did not read Miranda rights?  The "lock-down" by the way didn't help capture the last suspect, a guy who went OUTSIDE saw him in his boat. Ask yourself why did they not read the Miranda rights? Why not just read them? It's quick. Could this be a use of the NDAA in action where such things are not required with "enemy combatants"? 

"What other reasons might there be for not reading a suspect's Miranda rights?
Some legislators, notably U.S. Sens. John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, want the suspect declared an "enemy combatant," a designation that allows a suspect to be questioned without a lawyer and without being informed of his Miranda rights. It applies to foreign nationals caught on an enemy battlefield, but such definitions have become murkier in the "war on terror."
Anyhow these are just some things I am thinking about recently. Tell me what you think.

Psalm 34:14 Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Summing Up Bad Bible Versions

It can be very confusing going to websites that describe the details of bible versions, I have read them, and for a newbie, eyes can glaze over with new words like Textus Receptus [that's the good text by the way] to learn. Sometime I'd like to strip the whole Bible version thing down and explain it in the simplest form. Pictures do it easier then one could do it written. This book already did the job better then I probably could. I don't agree with Chick on everything but this was the book that helped clear away my fog and confusion, especially when facts were checked and more.

Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible?

If you know folks who are being drawn into false Bible compromise, maybe get them this book if you are able.

The basics are there were two Bible streams. These were God's True Word and Alexandrian and Gnostic influenced "Bibles". The translators Hort and Westcott, were two men in the 1800s who translated from the false manuscripts to make the modern Bible versions in most evangelical and other churches you see today. In the Catholic church our Bibles were translated from the same manuscripts that Hort and Westcott used. This is why when I read a NIV, I think NAB right away. They "read" the same.

This picture sums up the basics. You do want to see what your Bible version is ROOTED IN. One thing to remember about Alexandria to keep it all simple, realize Alexandria was in Eygpt, think pagan, think Gnostic, remember that is where Origen and pals came from and those early church fathers I warn about.

They build mistakes upon mistakes with each "new" edition. If you have old bibles even of false ones, you can see differences. Whenever I see a KJV at a used bookstore if I have enough money, I try to buy it. I suggest you do too. I believe the days will be coming to this country where finding a good KJV Bible will be as precious as gold. The more Bibles you can obtain to pass out to people the better!

The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever. (Psalms 12:6-7)

Drink of God's Word

Found this picture elsewhere online. Wish I knew the original artist who drew these though the picture is signed with his initials. I like to share pictures that make Christian ideas very straight forward. As soon as I figure out how to do any photoshopping I would love to try and make my own pictures to describe ideas on here with Bible verses and more. All born again Christians can relate to God's Word in this way. The sign of a truly born again Christian is that you thirst for it.

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

Vassula Ryden: One World Religion Seer


It's sad they will put such types in our media...we know why they never put a Christian preaching the gospel on our news and why these types get so much air time!

I haven't even looked at Vassula Ryden's website in years, but this came up to my memory because I was writing a comment to someone about false Catholic seers who predict mayhem and world problems and I wanted to know if they had heard of this person. My familiarity with her false teachings has waned but I encountered her and her website years ago.  This is a topic I never got around to though I have warned of phony Catholic contemplatives and mystics in different articles. One thing these mystics are not people that just remain in the "past". They have them now and many while the Catholic church censored them a bit even went on to become named saints like Padre Pio who had demons talk to him and beat him up in his monk's cell.

Supposedly the Vatican warned about this self proclaimed MYSTIC, but then I went to her website and noticed she had pictures of her and Cardinal Ratzinger TOGETHER. Does just anyone get a personal visit with high Vatican officials one on one? [picture from her website]

"Rydén is known for her writings entitled "True Life in God", a compilation of nearly 2000 messages she claims to have received from God. At her home in Bangladesh on November 1, 1985, while writing a grocery list, she claims to have suddenly experienced a light electrical feeling in her right hand and an invisible presence. She says that, led by the presence, she "permitted her hand to be guided", and wrote, "I am your guardian Angel and my name is Daniel." Rydén believes she has been called to transmit such messages to the world.[12] Rydén has written messages believed by her followers to have been prophetic.[13]"

 One thing to watch about some of these false mystics, sure the church leaders will issue a few pronouncements saying they are 'doctrinally off" but then they will go meet with them or advance them in other ways . That sort of thing happens all the time. Notice the handshake in the picture below and remember Rowan Williams head of the Church of England, always has bowed before the Pope.

I believe this is someone who is being channeled, possessed or interacting with a demon, and writing messages or having visions. She is supported out and out by Catholic and Orthodox clergy and religious figures. Some may believe she is simply a charlatan, but it seems so much attention would not be paid her if she was a cold reader like lets say Sylvia Browne.
"Fathers Rene Laurentin, Robert Faricy, and Michael O'Carroll as well as Archbishop Frane Franic, who are major promoters of Our Lady of Međugorje, also actively support Rydén through their public statements and publications.[14] Upon examination of the many objections made against Rydén, Laurentin stated that: "she has excited more opposition than any other."[15]"

Well in the harlot why not? They follow that demonic apparition with no hesitation.

Anyone who claims God is speaking through them and adding to God's Word is a false teacher.

One thing about these false mystics, is they always deliver the same satanic messages {warning secular humanist website}

Nevertheless, Ryden says that God revealed to her the Sacred Heart (a Catholic symbol of Christ’s love for the human family) to show her the equality of all faiths (Ryden 2004).
In the mid-1990s, the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued two notices of concern about Ryden. The first came in 1995, pointing out “several negative elements and errors.” It requested that bishops refuse to give her the opportunity to spread her questionable ideas within their dioceses and asked them not to treat her writings or speeches as “supernatural.” The following year, another notification encouraged priests to “exercise serious spiritual discernment” regarding Ryden’s messages, declaring that they must be considered merely “private meditations” and not divine revelations. However, some of her Catholic supporters observe that the church does not completely discount her teachings, and the publications of her organization, the American Association for True Life in God, have obvious Catholic trappings (“Vassula” 2010; Tokasz 2004

 Think about this...this woman was invited to the Vatican itself. For whatever reason while they wrote about a few of her "errors" they take her seriously. Remember Ratzinger wasn't just an ordinary Cardinal before he became Pope, but essentially second in command. Strange that. That is one thing the game so to speak is played. I warned about the evangelicals who may warn about the "errors" of Rome but who then hold hands and unite with different representatives of the Catholic church. [Click to enlarge picture below]

Do their "notifications" really mean anything?

Anyhow many of these Catholic mystics predict that "Mary" will return and "unite" all religions for the return for "jesus". In my opinion it's more of a set up for the antichrist. Remember both Fatima and Medjugorje claim that "Mary" will make a return. The seer of Medjugorje also pushes the one world religion message with this as a recent entry on one Medjugorje website:

"“It is a very beautiful thing, carrying love to everyone. Once Our Lady said that it is people who have made divisions in religions – Muslims, Orthodox, Catholics, etc., and not God. God is one.”

Add this knowledge to the fact that mystics like Vassula are very popular among other non-Christian religions. I have pointed out how the Buddhists, Hindus and many other religions frequent Marian appartion sites. Vassula according to her website {google her name to see the link} has visited with Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims. She was even given an award by Buddhists.

There are some Catholics who do reject these mystics, but sadly deceived by so much else. I do believe the demonic Marian apparitions could play a role in future events. They are being used now along with false seers and other "messages" to unite the one world religion.

Isaiah 8:19 (KJV)

19 And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead?

Please Pray for the People at the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon Bombings

It was sad to hear about another event like this with people having their lives taken, permanently maimed and injured and then those who will live with the horror and pain forever.  Life in this world is short. Life can end even for the most healthy, vigorous and young.

James 4: 14 Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.

This is one of the events that reminds us how fragile and fleeting life is on this earth. Please pray for all the victims and the injured. My heart mourns for all these troubles and tribulations in this world. My heart mourns for those who did not know Jesus Christ.

It could be a false flag event. Some are already pointing out discrepancies. Some have mentioned the drills.  I don't know. I haven't watched enough news to pick up on anything though I wondered about this wondered were the usual bomb-sniffing dogs?  What is the significance of all those flags if there is any? If you see a political agenda being pushed like there was for Sandy Hook with draconian gun control on an immediate basis then ask yourself some questions. They haven't put anyone forth yet as a culprit. I do wonder if there will be a series of events so they will make TSA-our 4th amendment destroying agency even more "indispensable". Whatever happened sadly we know the more these events happen, the noose gets drawn tighter as this world grows more evil.  I would stay away from huge cities and large gatherings of people if you can do so just as a precautionary measure. Temperament wise, I avoid crowds to begin with but the way this world is going, that is some advice I am going to give but the best and most important advice I have to give is to make sure you are right with God.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The American Economy Continues It's Downward Slide

It's good these folks came together, and it looks like they have a chapel where they pray.

Very few of the churches are talking about what is really happening with the American economy. If anything unless its a small independent that looks out for it's congregation or has some charity-minded individual souls, most of them go with the status quo and the false news, that centers on a rising stock market and profits for corporations while more grow unemployed. They just don't want to know. If anything most remain centered on their third world money give-aways where the poor of the world will never see the money, to their middle class and upper class members. You'll hear about the wealthy elite sports coach selling his vacation home, but then find yourself wondering how is the average person supposed to even relate to that?

It's odd to me how Americans can remain so immune to their crumbling infrastructure or refuse to pay attention to even the decaying landscape and boarded up stores around them, perhaps this is cognitive dissonance for the still employed ones to say this isn't really happening! The dominoes have been set up for the economy to worsen. One can see the fraying threads all around them if they are paying attention. One thing I am noticing too, is on the right, they have so many lined up, for their own demise. When you know of a town you used to live in, with higher property taxes that are never lowered signing up for their police force to possibly be done away with as well as a myriad of other services, what next the public library? You know Americans in general are taking the bait.

I have remained in shock that as things continue in their downward slide, that so little is being said. The real numbers for unemployment are immense, this isn't even counting those who are underemployed or only with part time work. In many communities now one can see the closed storefronts, the dying malls, and lives growing more utilitarian and austere. Obama wants to go after the little people, his focus on the old and disabled remains while he continues to send millions over seas. Hey whats that about three quarters of a billion dollars sent to a Russian company? Or endless Hollywood parties that the tax payers pay for? The left side of the NWO divide isn't even pretending to care about the poor anymore. They were just used.

If you know anyone that works at food banks, you know that times are growing very troubled, supplies and need are ever growing.

More Than 101 Million Working Age Americans Do Not Have A Job

Homeless people living in tunnels.

The Tunnel People That Live Under The Streets of America

There's many people out there who can barely afford the used ones. Even Ford despite his faults, knew the importance of paying workers well enough so they could be potential customers. One marvels at the stupidity of modern-mega corporations who don't seem to mind as they turn to slave labor to produce their goods that there will be no one left to afford them.

Americans can't afford new cars anymore.

Just Keep Dancing: Introducing The 97-Month Auto Loan

Did you all know the banks STILL get bail-outs?

Think of all the trillions of wasted tax-payer money that has gone to these guys. By the way the right will have you blame the unemployed supposedly "lazy" poor rather then seeing all our money flying out the door to enrich the central banks who are now pillaging the globe, with Cyprus as the latest example. By the way the latest news was that they cleaned out SIXTY PERCENT of the bank accounts. I believe this could be coming for Americans. There is some benefit in having little because you don't have to worry about having anything to lose. They'll post things against the "moochers" ignoring the biggest MOOCHERS of all.

The Banks Show No Mercy: 10 Foreclosure Horror Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

Top Economic Adviser Forecast War and Unrest. 

What is sad is I have seen the rhetoric against the poor growing worse and worse. I wrote about this some time ago...


Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,

Monday, April 8, 2013

What is going on with North Korea?

Matthew 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:

Make sure to check out this newer video too:

Keep praying. I am concerned about some of these latest developments. How is North Korea being used? A proxy for China? An introduction of sorts to war with Iran? Where is Russia in all this?

The NWO's way to spark off WWIII?

Just meaningless bluster by the new kid on the block in North Korea?

One wonders how crazed dictators who hold such tight-fisted control over their populaces, are left in power. Ever find it interesting how we invaded Iraq on far far less and now this guy threatens to directly nuke bomb America and there they sit still making more threats? What is odd is one week before this all started I read a book about North Korea from the library called "Escaping North Korea" The author is UN-NGO connected but I found some of the stories of interest about the levels of starvation, brainwashing of the populace and how so many try to escape into China to leave their oppressive life behind. He does bring up some being witnessed to which is a positive. Those poor people in that dictatorship rarely hear the gospel. It is known that the nation is extremely poor, and run under cult-worship for it's leaders. The state is their religion. They have the fourth largest military in the world!

Also ask yourself why North Korea is focusing so much on America? It makes you wonder. Why are they wanting to attack when as news4themasses comments, when our own government is going "communist" and with the present "leftist" in the White House, where long held American freedoms are being wiped away. What is weird is they have this extremely poor country where the people are literally starving including the soldiers if I am to believe the book "Escaping North Korea" where everyone is living off bowls of corn gruel and where rice is a luxury. Why are they so invested NOW in threatening the US? Something isn't adding up. Is Kim Jong-un a puppet of sorts being used by the NWO?

Any of you ever see giant pyramid which was an abandoned hotel with construction now back in action in Ryugyong? Why build something like that when your populace is starving? Was it built as a marker? This thing is definitely a marker for the Illuminati if there ever was one. North Korea is marked as well any of the rest.

What was the weird stuff about Dennis Rodman visiting Kim Jong-Un very recently? I used to read on "conspiracy" websites that celebrities and others were used to "pass messages", who knows? The whole thing seems so weird. Here is a guy threatening the US populace with nuclear annihilation and there goes a basketball star on his merry way hugging him and "just hanging out". Why was this allowed? Does that make any sense to you? Wouldn't this have been considered as an act of traitorship just some years ago? This happened the beginning of March.

Keep praying for peace and for America. The world seems to become far more of a tinderbox day by day.

  North Korea ready for nuclear test, says South - video

N4TM The Korean War a Sunday Afternoon Matinee

Are we on the Brink of War with North Korea or Mother Russia?

Japan increasingly nervous about North Korea nukes

Biden Calls for a New World Order

Hey they aren't even keeping it secret anymore...

Old Christian Cartoons

It is interesting to look at old Christian cartoons, these are definitely more "conservative" then anything you will see today. They did focus on the importance of God's Word. The cartoonist uses probably more patriotic symbols then I would have liked but things were far different back then.

U.S. Abell Christian Cartoons 38

This one is a great reminder. I keep an extra Bible in my car so I will have it no matter what.

Interesting regarding educational institutions, these of course have changed far for the worse today.

Some good reminders!

Check out the rest when you get a chance.

All Your Kids Belong To Us Video

All Your Kids Belong To Us [statism] [link obtained from Zero Hedge]

More money is going to fix education? They have poured literally billions in with no results. Notice she says the weird stuff about collectivism and "these are our children". This stuff started with "It takes a village" and has only grown worse. The culture warriors who warn about the decline of family are correct about that aspect of where culture is going.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Those Who Want You To Blame The Jews are Wrong!

When I started this blog and started warning about Christian Zionism and Jewish fables infiltrating the evangelical world, this place was invaded by Neo-Nazis types and anti-semites whose philosophies I abhor.
Sadly Satan leads people to hate others.

I removed a ton of their comments at the time and blocked them out. I took down the followers box displaying who had joined since I did not know how to remove single people. You can see but remember what I have written about the two sides of the false coin thing they use on everything as if people only had a choice between two wicked things.

I have a rule, that if anyone wants to blame a particular race, group of people based on DNA-ethnic heritage, RUN. As Christians we are to take each person individually and as a potential child of God. Race issues are something the NWO definitely abuses on both the right and left.

There are different cultures in this world, I know myself, I am NOT a multi-culturalist. I am not going to praise Sharia law, how women are treated by the Taliban, or those who praise violence as the solution or evil in different world cultures or segments of cultures. There are native tribes that coldly send anyone who ages and weakens out to die in the bush. There are cultures where sexual promiscuity is promoted. However human evil is a challenge to everyone out there as the Bible says there are NONE that are good.

Romans 3:10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:

Same goes for those who want to blame the Jews, and same for those who want to blame the Muslims. The way of war has been to demonize one group of people. Even the Nephilim types will tell you it's the bloodlines that are making people evil instead of the free will choosing of evil which their teachings seek to obscure. The NWO uses race for war and trouble and turmoil all over the place with race baiters and race haters. Sometimes these are topics one does not want to touch with a ten foot pole but some of these serve the elites, as they seek to use different groups of people for pawns against one another.

Never make the mistake either of the NWO actually caring about any group they "hold up" or at least appear to be defending above another. That goes for the Jews too, all those types like John Hagee, waving the Israeli flag with tears in their eyes, are fooling you. As I have written the battle between Islam and Talmudic Judaism is being used for NWO pursuits.  Anyone who has no hesitation about turning the Middle East into a fire ball doesn't care about Israeli Jews or anyone else that lives there.

For a long time, I have had people in email here sending me letters saying "It's the Cabalists!" This seemed to never let up and even was happening recently.  I will use different spellings of the word in this article, Cabalist, Kabbalah, etc. They have informed me that my focus on the Vatican is wrong. Even when I admit there are multiple groups involved in the NWO, and Satan is the head of the pyramid, they seemed to continue on insisting on this. 

Even if you admit, yes, Zionism and Talmudic Judaism are two of the branches of Mystery Babylon, for some reason that is not good enough, you are supposed to focus on Jews and Jews alone at the head of the pyramid. What is the agenda of these folks?

One thing I noticed for years, and maybe mentioned in acouple times in different posts such as on the Texe Marrs article:  Texe Marrs and Those Who Scapegoat the Jews  is how so many facets of "alternative media" exposing the NWO is focused on the Jews. In fact it is so many, that this was a glaring problem.

Many alternative websites do not even bring up the Vatican or if they do it's like Texe Marrs in diminished form. While a few call out different members of Mystery Babylon, some of them even praise the Pope. or hold forth that the Vatican was "infiltrated by Jews or the Masons". It's strange how they all focus on Jewish this and that.

Among these websites are in my opinion are Texe Marrs, Rense, and Makow's.There are many others. In fact here in America, if someone becomes new world order aware, the whole "Jewish" thing is a giant stumbling block set up to deceive. Even 10-15 years ago to mention "a new world order" people pegged you as being an automatic anti-semite. This has changed given the Internet but definitely this has been a focus. Ever wonder why the KKK [a knight brotherhood with the same symbols oddly as the Knights of Malta using the Maltese cross too] focuses on the Jews too?

These are the types who praise the Pope in Barnes Review, or like in The New American. Who claim the Jews run everything like Piper? The Protocols were most likely written by the Jesuits themselves. There are so many NWO websites that point to the Jews it is nauseating. If you get on the "It's the Jew's fault" bus, you are getting on the Jesuit bus even if unknowingly. Hitler pushed that evil stuff. Don't be fooled. Trust me I know how they have the websites that focus on the Jews first and foremost. You got to see through this stuff, it's another deception. It's Satan messing with people's minds.

Is JUDAISM a false religion--[well true OT Judaism is the roots of Christianity] but I am talking about Judaism today that rejects Jesus Christ--, YES, Talmudic Judaism IS and it has the same things in it as all false Luciferian religions. Just like the Koran that denies Jesus Christ in Surah 4 and other verses, the Talmud denies Jesus Christ as well. Any religion who denies the son is antichrist as the Bible tells us.

1 John 2:23 Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.

So why single one false religion out or it's members when they are ALL GUILTY of the SAME THING? All false religions deny Jesus Christ or introduce a 'false jesus'!

Remember while I call the Vatican out, I don't say that Catholics are worse then Talmudic Jews or Atheists or Buddhists or UUs, they are in a false religion and lost like I was once upon a time before I was born again. I was born into the Catholic church, many people are born into false religions who are later born again.

Cabalism is wicked, and another branch of the luciferian new world order. Most people's familiarity with Cabalism comes via the celebrites like Madonna have been part of it wearing their red string bracelets but it goes far deeper then that.

This issue came up on the Billy Corgan article. BAS or "Born Again Soldier of Jesus Christ" was not happy with me. Read the comments, I may be repeating some of what I wrote in the comments there, to one commenter BAS who was upset with me for not putting Jews at the top of the pyramid.

What is odd is I admitted yes there are NWO JEWS [as well as other members of other religions] But reminded him over and over the Bible tells us this...

Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

I said at one point WHY DO YOU CALL THESE PEOPLE JEWS?, CALL THEM LUCIFERIANS! This question remained unanswered.

He didn't like it either when I wrote this in the comments either.

   "Blaming each individual group is not the answer. So why call it Jewish? Call it Satanist. Call it Luciferian. Otherwise, you are laying blame on millions of people who just happened to be born Jews, or were raised in that religion, and they are people same as you and me and in need of a Savior. It is a Luciferian world conspiracy. Remember the verse... THOSE WHO SAY THEY ARE JEWS AND ARE NOT. ARE NOT! Don't call them Jews BAS!"

One thing Luciferians choose a list of 'cover' religions. As many discernment blogs have delved into the "network" so to speak, many pretend to be a series of religions including evangelical and Christian! Haven't we figured that one out on these blogs? So what makes the guy different pretending to be Jewish say from one of the wolves who knows what he is doing in an evangelical pulpit? So why wouldn't there be "pretend Jews" too? The Frankists pretended to convert.

Look at this article from Makow. Why does he call them Illuminati Jews instead of just Luciferians or Satanists?. That is what they are. The same goes for Rothschilds, and other power broking elite "Jewish" families. So "good soldier of jesus christ" was not happy with me or this blog.  and claimed I was a "gatekeeper". This was strange given that I admitted he was right about Loyola's roots and about the faux millennial kingdom that is planned after the temple rebuilding which I have warned about myself on this blog long ago.

One thing I am just an average human being, I take the information as it comes in and as God shows me, so why get angry when I ask you questions?  Just because I won't put the Jews at the head of the pyramid or agree that the Satanic conspiracy is wholly Jewish? Sometimes doing this work online gets so strange. There are some who really seemed invested in having me join the "It's the Jews!" parade.  So much subterfuge, so much confusion, so many people that don't make sense, or get angry unless you agree with every bullet point. He admits he doesn't hate the Jews, that is good, so why the Holocaust denial then? Sure facets of the Holocaust have been used by the NWO, I admitted that to him, but genocide sadly is an evil that has occurred many times on this planet. Others have been focused on and others ignored.

However denying the evidence in front of one's eyes is silly, all one has to do is do a little bit of googling to see pictures of  the mass graves. I have talked to those who have been IN the Holocaust. Both observers, children of victims, and the victims themselves. This included  in-laws who as children saw the bodies "stacked like cordwood" and included even someone who as an American soldier who helped to free the camps. Add to that a huge number of books and personal memoirs, even some published independently, Nazi historical studies, and one realizes there are some folks out there desperate to rewrite history itself. All those people can't be liars.

 Claiming the Jews are the one and only ethnic group running or involved with the antichrist show is absolute nonsense!

What is Cabalism frankly but Jewish flavored witchcraft, and by the way witches study Cabalist writings. I read a few books on it during my time in the UU. I never did any of the rituals, but was quite familiar with it. It was known as "high magic". [warning occult website used for information] Yes modern day Wiccans look to the Cabala as "high magic". Does this surprise any of you? It is 'magic' that blends with other forms. Satan isn't that creative if one strips everything down to it's basics.
"The Kabbalah and Alchemy are the basis for just about all Western High Magic, and for reasons now obvious I hope were at first confined to the cities and towns. Jews acquired great reputations as magicians in the Middle Ages and then endured centuries of lies again. The Jewish Kabbalists were spiritual adventurers trying to attain the Divine Presence by Kabbalistic practices.

But notice something in there, he talks about the Gnostic roots in the Cabala.  Notice the Hinduism mentioned too.
"One important reason was that they held to an ancient belief of Hebrew mystics that God manifested as a feminine power as well as a masculine power. This was a no-no to the patriarchal orthodox. The Kabbalists considered the Shekinah, God’s feminine aspect as of primary importance. They intuited what the Kashmiri Shaivites did when they consider the god Shiva as the Lord, and Shakti his power as the goddess found dormant in all humans as Kundalini. Throughout Hinduism the goddess is the power of the god. The early Gnostic followers of the teachings of Jesus knew that there was a feminine aspect of God. The Holy Spirit was feminine. They worshiped her under the name of Sophia, the Greek for ‘Wisdom,’ which is the name she is given in the Psalms and Proverbs."
Remember what I wrote about the Gnostics on this blog article? Who looked to the false goddess of wisdom to Sophia? All of Satan's lies overlap. To be frank Cabalism, Freemasonary, Theosophy, today's New Age movement, false teachings and mysticism in a VARIETY of world religions, all overlap.  

To a past Theosophist such as myself going to look at a Kabbalah website, it is nothing "new" it is the same deceptions world over. It is Lucifer's lies. In fact when I was debating acouple Cabalists who had taken over a message board, I was over on their websites, it was the same deceptions taught in wide array of areas including Wicca itself. The same mystical meditative and other techniques were there as in many of these other arenas. You will even see many of the same symbols.

 One thing I have noticed with a lot of misinformation out there is so many only focus on one particular group. Constance Cumbey focuses on the New Agers while praising the Pope. Some focus on the Jews. People miss the big picture for each individual tree. Some may think I focus on the Vatican too much but I definitely do not just point to the Catholic religion as Satan's only deception. The odd stuff about the NWO elite all being called "Jewish" instead of Satanic seems to be a diversion of sorts. Sounds like more deception to me. They have multiple layers of it. 

The aim seems to be fool people with Christian Zionism having them skew the gospel itself, ignore the warnings about those who reject Jesus, and embrace Jewish fables and promote NWO war but on the other hand, fool people telling them, the main Satanists in this world are all Jews, and the Jews have caused all our troubles--extreme Muslims have been trained in this too, and the Kabbalah is the main vehicle of Satanic deception and supposedly the Cabalists have "infiltrated" all of the world religions making them false, instead of them being false from the start.

Want to know how many times a Trad Catholic told me, the Cabalists infiltrated the Vatican, and led it askew since Vatican II? Quite a few times. They got the Jewish thing definitely in that world as a deception.

Whose making all the hand signals?

Satan's own...

Anne Rice making a very obvious hand sign.

Claiming to be a variety of religions. She claimed to be Catholic for a time. She wrote her Gnostic books claiming they were Christian.

Why did I bring her up? She is one of the many in the elite. Nothing to do with being Jewish, all to do with being a follower of Satan!

Speaking of the Vatican. Did you know they have sponsored studies of the Kabbalah and the Talmud?
Did you know even the overtly Kabbalalistic Jews have gone to pay them homage? All these people trying to tell me the Vatican got infiltrated or managed by the Cabalists and there or that they are the real power behind the Papal throne, they are paying homage to the Pope. These NWO Jews, are under the Pontifex Maximus.  The false Talmudic/Kabbalah Jews all report to the Vatican.

Look at this man who was elected as the head of the modern Sanhedrin in 2004 which he later left, notice his focus on the Kabbalah, Vatican visits and involvement with the United Nations and interfaith groups. I just chose him as a random example. How many false evangelicals have even followed in these foot steps?

"Rav Steinsaltz is often called upon to represent klal Yisrael in venues across the globe. In 2000, he delivered a keynote address at the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders at the United Nations; he presented at the World Symposium of Catholic Cardinals and Jewish Leaders. In November 2005, Rav Steinsaltz was hosted by the Vatican, where he delivered a lecture on "Infinity in Science and Faith."
Through these visits and others, he has opened a dialogue among the world's foremost religious leaders and scholars, thus commanding respect for the world of b'nei Torah.
 Rav Steinsaltz's classic work of Kabbalah, The Thirteen Petalled Rose, was first published 30 years ago and now appears in eight languages. Through his sixty books and hundreds of published articles, Rav Steinsaltz has influenced Jews from every walk of life, bringing countless numbers closer to a life of Torah and Yiras Shamayim."
This man may be sincere while deceived and there are many other rabbis who have visited the Vatican but what does that tell you?

Here is the last Pope with another rabbi. Interesting hand positions....

Did you know the Popes have made "KNIGHTS" of the Jews too. Not just evangelicals like Boykin and Joyner who are Knights of Malta but those who are Talmudic Jews?
Rabbi Rosen Invested as Papal Knight
Nov. 3, 2005
Jerusalem Post
Rabbi David Rosen, the American Jewish Committee's international director of interreligious affairs on Thursday became the first Israeli citizen, the first Orthodox rabbi and the fifth living Jew to be invested with a papal knighthood.
Rosen received the decoration and citation attesting to his new status as a Knight Commander of the Pontifical Order of St Gregory the Great at a ceremony hosted at the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center by the Apostolic Delegate in Jerusalem and Palestine and the Apostolic Nuncio in Israel Archbishop Pietro Sambi.
The investiture was conducted by Cardinal Walter Kasper, President of the Holy See's Commission for Religious Relations with Jewry. The ceremony coincided with the 40th anniversary celebrations in Israel of Nostra Aetate, the ground-breaking Vatican II document that paved the way for mutual respect and dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Jews.

How could anyone come to the conclusion that the "Jews" are running the show when many of their false leaders make their visits to the Vatican and are "rewarded" there same as the other members of Mystery Babylon? When many of these folks are involved in the same INTERFAITH and other pursuits? The third picture in a row showing the present Pope lighting a menorah, would correlate with the other bishops and Cardinals who have lit the lamps of other false religions. Sadly none of these men within false religions will be told the true gospel of Jesus Christ..

Did any of you know how much the Vatican sponsors the study of the Talmud and Kabbalah? This may a topic that deserves it's own thread. Sadly it is the same thing when they hold studies of the Koran.

"Thirteen bishops study Quran, Islam at California institute
Published: April 13, 2004
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Thirteen U.S. Catholic bishops spent four days this spring studying Islam, the Quran and Catholic-Muslim relations."

Mystery Babylon overlaps folks. It is not just the "Jews". Satan is the head of all of it.

Is it impossible that many of these Luciferians and the ones who are knowing deceivers make use of the study of the Kabbalah? I am sure many do but that would just be one facet among many luciferian sources. But there is misdirection when there are those who say this is a Jewish "conspiracy". Avoid anyone who tells you BLAME the JEWS! 

Galatians 3:8 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Chuck Smith Jr. and News4themasses

Chuck Smith Jr Writes N4TM: Chuck Smith Jr’s Response to Being a “Straight Ally For Gay Christians” among other things

Supposedly Chuck Jr. has appeared on News4themasses responding to what was written about him. [I only put supposedly as this being the Internet one has to be careful but read for yourself]. Make sure you see the comments below as well where some Christian commenters seek to set him straight.  What is sad, is he shows his love of Catholicism and false books and teachers.  
"You are misinformed regarding my contact with Roman Catholicism. I have never advocated for, or endorsed Thomas Merton. However, if he said something quotable that glorified God, I would not shrink back from quoting him. If Paul was comfortable quoting pagan poets and prophets, why should I avoid quoting someone whose beliefs I do not fully share?"
Isn't this the message we hear from religious pluralists all over, that false religions holds truths and that while they are in error about "some" things, they have multiple truths, and of course the pluralist usually insists those come from "God" as well. Thomas Merton was a very ecumenical monk who hung out with Buddhists monks and sought after truths in Buddhism. Warning Catholic link.

Galatians 5:9 A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.

He defends contemplative prayer. So he doesn't take his understanding of it from Catholicism but from elsewhere? Well contemplative prayer overlaps with false meditation in other religious traditions.  That really makes no difference. Scripture has nothing that supports contemplative prayer in it. "
"I have never advocated Roman Catholic dogma. My understanding of “contemplative prayer” is not drawn from Roman Catholicism, but from the Scriptures and especially the Psalms–which have been the source of hymns, prayer, and spiritual songs of God’s people for millennia."
The defense of false teachers is concerning. Your father is a famous evangelical preacher and this is the best he could do in warning someone around false teachers? Well we know Chuck Smith Sr. believes Catholics are Christians for sure now, and it seems his son does as well.
"I have read many Roman Catholic authors including John Cassian, St. Augustine, Anselm, and Thomas Aquinas (most bonafide Christian apologists have also read Anselm, Augustine, and Aquinas). Furthermore, my reading list includes several works by Russian and Greek Orthodox theologians. I have also read The Institutes of John Calvin (who was a great fan of Augustine and quotes him frequently) and a host of other theological works and biblical commentaries by evangelical and fundamentalist authors. Martin Luther was also deeply interested in contemplative spirituality and strongly endorsed the work “The Theological Germanica.” But the only books I read without filters are the sixty-six books of the Bible."

Didn't I warn that Thomas Aquinas helped send people to the stake?  Yes I did.

"Thomas Aquinas wrote: "I answer that, With regard to heretics two points must be observed: one, on their own side; the other, on the side of the Church. On their own side there is the sin, whereby they deserve not only to be separated from the Church by excommunication, but also to be severed from the world by death. For it is a much graver matter to corrupt the faith which quickens the soul, than to forge money, which supports temporal life. Wherefore if forgers of money and other evil-doers are forthwith condemned to death by the secular authority, much more reason is there for heretics, as soon as they are convicted of heresy, to be not only excommunicated but even put to death."
There is absolutely no discernment regarding these false teachers or the false doctrines he may pick up from the other Catholic and Russian Orthodox authors and teachers. How did Chuck Smith Jr. miss the warnings of Revelation or Revelation 17? The following sounds like it was written by a Catholic apologist instead of Chuck Smith Jr., son of famous Calvary Chapel founder Chuck Smith Sr.
"On the other hand, many Protestants have been misled by anti-Catholic authors who have invented historical connections between Roman Catholicism and ancient pagan religions (such as Alexander Hislop’s “Two Babylons”). "
Here he basically makes it clear that he sees Catholics as Christian too and downplays the idolatry and falseness of praying to the dead.

"Not that I am defending everything that Roman Catholics around the world believe or do in the name of their religion. Nevertheless, I would not be surprised if the percentage of Roman Catholics who actually please God by walking with Him every day is at least as high as the percentage of Protestants who do so. Although I personally disapprove of praying to saints, I cannot believe that it is any worse than self-righteousness and hypocrisy."

One thing about all of this, is there are many ex-Catholics who leave and go to Calvary Chapel thinking it is a true church that will teach the Word of God. Where are they during these defenses of  Catholicism? I do know there are probably many in that church today where if they learned about the ecumenical ties, the truth about Boykin and much of the rest that has been exposed on discernment blogs, it definitely would get them asking questions.

He goes on and says he never was an Emergent and denies that he spent a sabbatical in a monastery. At this point given what is written above, I see that as making little difference. Would you trust any pastor that couldn't even discern the falseness of Catholicism? Who didn't even have the discernment of the Holy Spirit helping them to realize the truth about the ecumenical movement? This isn't about finding flaws in people or any of the other things the ecumenically inclined complain about but warning people of the truth. That includes Catholics too who deserve to know the true Gospel and to have access to God's Word.

He is not happy about what was written about Lonnie. One can hear Lonnie on many videos presented on these blogs stating things himself that are extraordinarily questionable. All I had to do is see Lonnie and Kathyrn Khulman in action to know something was severely wrong there.

The rest concerns different details of News4themass's particular article.

It is always sad to see the same things written over and over, in defense of the deceptions. One day you always hope one of these types will wake up and break away from the status quo and start standing up for God. It's too bad, he seems to be following in the steps of his ecumenical father.

In this article I wrote some time ago where I was linking to an article from news4themasses, I added some information.

Chuck Fromm, Chuck Smith Jr. and Their Persecuted "Bible Study"

I found Chuck Smith Jr's [if that is truly him posting on news4themasses] comment odd.

"One of my uncle’s friends went on to slander me on blogs and in print, accusing me of spending a sabbatical in a monastery (I didn’t) "

He may be absolutely correct that he never spent a sabbatical at a Monastery, but back then I linked to his past blog now removed from the internet and posted this quote on that article as you can see where he says that a monk had profound influence on him and does admit time spent in a monastery.

Chuck Smith Jr's previous blog Reflexion has since been removed from the Internet. I went to the Wayback machine, and saw this entry.

I don't want to quibble about his time spent in the monastery though there seems ample evidence of some monastery time. That alone doesn't prove someone wrong, I grew up surrounded by priests, nuns and in various convents and visits to monasteries and Catholic churches and was later born again, but the sad thing is he remains in confusion, still believing that the Catholic church is "Christian", not realizing that the truth of God's Word and how many millions are lost in it's deceptions and that includes the thousands who live in monasteries and convents today.

I do wonder if Chuck Smith Jr. will have a new role to serve in Calvary Chapel one day as the one world church comes even more together.  I do of course believe Calvary Chapel was a false church from the start. Perhaps Chuck Smith Jr's training was especially *Catholic* in orientation for a future purpose, who knows? It is sad to watch. Sadly so many are under sway of false preachers like this. One hears the same exact thing from all of them just about. The same sentences even.

In the above video he states:

"I want the real deal whatever that means and whatever it takes to get there so I've been exploring.." -Chuck Smith Jr.

I hope one day he does find the real deal in Jesus Christ not the 'cosmic christ" of contemplative prayer and Catholicism, where he is able to wake up to the deceptions of contemplative prayer and the false experiences he seeks. The same that happened to me as I left the UU, and the Catholic church and came into the truth. Whoever his father is even if he bears the pressures of being the son of a major religious figure, one can still be born again. Many Christians who come to truth and are born again, had families, fathers and others who never were saved.