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Video: Origins of the Pre-Trib Rapture

"Are You An Imperial Christian"?

Before I post this, I have to add the caveat, I do not trust everything or agree with everything from Lew Rockwell. He is a libertarian with high level connections, that advances the "free market" myth which inversely has helped the cause of globalism along. The article was written by Laurence A. Vance, but was posted on the Lew Rockwell website.

This list of questions, I think are good ones, to confront Dominionist "Christians" with. Even recently I had someone who supports Republican politics tell me "Us Christians are rising up!", and I did try to ask her, "Do you know what Dominionism is?" and educate her, though I am not sure how far I have gotten. There are too many people I care about who have fallen for these lies.

You see propaganda like this all over:

Of course a lot who support this type of thing, float in a sea of ignorance, buying the mainstream tale about 9-11, and who would never even imagine, the idea that our soldiers are being abused for the goals of the new world order, fighting the Pope's and other's endless "crusades". As if the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc...had anything to do with "freedom"? But this sort of thing sells, and misty eyes and false politics seduces many. For those who would care about our soldiers, I get tired of watching them sent on multiple deployments and so exploited for actions that have so little to do with the actual interests and defense of the American people.

"Are You An Imperial Christian?"

These are good questions to get people to think though...

The tenets of imperial Christianity include things like blind nationalism, belief in American exceptionalism, willful ignorance of U.S. foreign policy, childish devotion to the military, cheerleading for the Republican Party, acceptance of the U.S. empire, and support for a perpetual war on terror – all, of course, with a Christian twist for effect. In other words, the views of Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry.

I have some simple yet pointed questions for Christians who subscribe to, or can be characterized by, the above things:
Is the president of the United States God?
Is America the nation of Israel?
Is the United States the client state of God?
Is the U.S. military the Lord’s army?
Does the United States enjoy a special relationship with God that other nations don’t have?
Is the Christian’s sword anything but the word of God?
Does the Bible command any Christian to kill any adherent of a false religion?
Does the Bible command any Christian to go on a crusade against Muslims?
Does "obeying the powers that be" mean that Christians should always do anything and everything the government says?
Does the Bible say that anyone other than God should receive unconditional obedience?
Is it okay for Christians to participate in U.S. government wars just because
God commanded the Jews in the Old Testament to go to war?
Does the Lord approve of everything the U.S. government does?
Does the Lord approve of everything the government of Israel does?
Is being patriotic more important than being biblical?
Is the Republican Party the party of God?
Is it more scriptural for a Christian to be in the military than in the ministry?
Does God need America’s help to protect Israel?
Does God need the U.S. military to maintain order throughout the world?
Is the U.S. military a godly institution?
Is the CIA a godly institution?
Did God command the United States to build over 1,000 foreign military bases?
Did God command the United States to station troops in over 150 countries?
Does God always approve of U.S. foreign policy?
Is it biblical that churches send more soldiers to the Middle East than missionaries?
Did God appoint the United States to be the world’s policeman?
Does the New Testament command churches to hold special military appreciation days?
Does the New Testament command churches to glorify the military on the Sunday before national holidays?
Have U.S. wars always been just, right, and good?
Are all Muslims terrorists?
Was every Iraqi and Afghan killed by the U.S. military a terrorist?
Does the New Testament encourage Christians to wage war against anyone or anything but the world, the flesh, and the devil?

If you are a Christian and answered in the affirmative to one or more of these questions, then I understand why you are an imperial Christian. Repent.

Federal Reserve Plans to Keep Track of Negative Speech

The Federal Reserve Plans to Identify Key Bloggers and Monitor Billions of Conversations About the Fed on Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.

"The Federal Reserve wants to know what you are saying about it. In fact, the Federal Reserve has announced plans to identify "key bloggers" and to monitor "billions of conversations" about the Fed on Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs. This is yet another sign that the alternative media is having a dramatic impact. As first reported on Zero Hedge, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has issued a "Request for Proposal" to suppliers who may be interested in participating in the development of a "Sentiment Analysis And Social Media Monitoring Solution". In other words, the Federal Reserve wants to develop a highly sophisticated system that will gather everything that you and I say about the Federal Reserve on the Internet and that will analyze what our feelings about the Fed are. Obviously, any "positive" feelings about the Fed would not be a problem. What they really want to do is to gather information on everyone that views the Federal Reserve negatively. It is unclear how they plan to use this information once they have it, but considering how many alternative media sources have been shut down lately, this is obviously a very troubling sign."

Think they've seen these blog entries yet?

"Where Did All the Money Go? [to the Bankers]"

"Oppressing the Poor For the Globalist Agenda"

They probably have. Obviously we can see that Big Brother is in overdrive now, if the criminal cartel of international bankers and global elites, want to keep track of everyone that is writing "negatively" about them. This is also a way they can scare and intimidate people into not discussing these things.

I like this comment, describes it all:

The FED thinks their little money games are so complicated the average American can’t understand it. But it’s not and the Internet is quickly educating the general public.

For those new to the Fed it’s really pretty simple. Imagine we are all playing monopoly and the FED is the crooked banker. The FED keeps printing money and handing it out under the table to it’s friends. Meanwhile, we keep trying to play by the rules, going around the board and landing on their property with the big hotels. We may pass GO a few times and collect 200 dollars. However, the rent keeps going up a lot faster than what we can make it. It’s a big rigged game and we don’t have a chance. The average person just falls farther and farther behind the longer they play.

This is one big reason our economy is so screwed up.

Mainstream news called the bloggers warning about this "paranoids":

Although the Fed claims its move into the social realm is so that it may better monitor its public perception, some of the paranoids of the blogosphere are screaming Big Brother.

"Said otherwise, the Fed has just entered the counterespionage era and will be monitoring everything written about it anywhere in the world," Zero Hedge writes.

The Economic Collapse blog goes even further.

Who needs to be paranoid just watching what they have done to this economy?

1Ti 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

John Nelson Darby: Closet Theosophist?

From Liberty to the Captives:

John Nelson Darby: Closet Theosophist?

"John Nelson Darby, the "Father of Dispensationalism," used occult phraseology throughout his doctrinal writings and letters. The majority of them are straight out of Theosophical literature. John Darby learned these esoteric terms somewhere—they are not from the Bible—and he deliberately integrated them into his theological treatises and letters. His merging of Theosophical vocabulary with supposedly biblical teaching is a form of syncretism.

Do you really believe the Holy Spirit led John Nelson Darby and other Brethren leaders to use Luciferian terms to refer to God and teach supposedly "recovered" biblical truths? (1)"

Definitely Darby is not a teacher you can trust, as I have wondered about him and the introduction of false Pre-Trib teachings. Often false teachers will use occult language mixed in with Christian language to deceive and mark themselves. Darby's reference to "god" as "divine energy' and references to "secret wisdom" is disturbing as well as many others of these. Watch out for anyone who refers to 'god" as architect, that is a mark not only of Theosophy but of Freemasonry. I caught one of the Pope's doing it a few years ago:

VATICAN CITY, DEC. 6, 2000 ( Every person is called to "collaborate" with the coming of the Kingdom of God, John Paul II said, in an urgent appeal for cooperation between believers and nonbelievers.

In today's general audience address, the Pope said: All the righteous on earth, even those who do not know Christ and his Church and who, under the influence of grace, seek God with a sincere heart, are ..". called to build the Kingdom of God, cooperating with the Lord who is the first and decisive architect ."

Back To Darby, they are on to something over at given the HUGE change among Protestants and no longer looking to the Pope as the Antichrist.

Prior to Darby, all Protestant Christians believed that the Pope was Antichrist. They believed that the great falling away happened soon after the end of the apostolic age and that the Papal dynasty answered in every way to the great apostasy or falling away predicted by the Apostle Paul.

Remember Darby is the father of all the evangelical dispensationalism, influencing those like Lindsey, LaHaye, Christian Zionism and more.

Chuck Fromm, Chuck Smith Jr. and Their Persecuted "Bible Study"

This was a great find by news4themasses....

"Chuck Fromm Is...."

If you were reading the news last week, they were discussing this "bible study" that was being threatened with shut down and fines by the local government all over the place! Well it turns out this wasn't a circle of beleaguered bible believers but a very deeply connected Calvary Chapelist, Chuck Fromm who is a nephew of Chuck Smith! Fromm used to own Maranantha music, and holds a Phd from Fuller University.

The meeting was no BIBLE STUDY but CONTEMPLATIVE, which is admitted in the articles:

"They don't think noise or traffic issues are to blame for the citation. There is no music, and the meetings, they say, are largely "contemplative."

Now realize CHUCK SMITH JR. is the ONE leading these Bible studies! Chuck Fromm is a follower of Chuck Smith Jr, Chuck Smith's Emergent son. This is admitted on Fromm's own website:

"Brad Dacus, President of the Pacific Justice Institute (, is representing Chuck & Stephanie Fromm, who were fined $300 by the city of San Juan Capistrano for holding a “regular religious meeting” in their home and would need a CUP before doing it again. They were cited in May for holding a Sunday morning Bible Study that drew about 40 people, many of them former members of Calvary Chapel Capo Beach, and Chuck Smith, Jr. has been leading the Bible Study. The arbitrary enforcement of this bad ordinance is egregious and needs to be changed. They were told they would be fined $500 for each additional gathering. They go to Orange County Superior Court in October."

Brad Dacus who is representing them and from the Pacific Justice Institute, as you will see on the original news4themasses link, has been to many Costa Mesa Calvary Chapel conferences. Lest some think that Chuck Smith totally rejects what his son teaches and what he is doing, he does not. While they "parted ways" on the surface, read this part of the LA Times article carefully....

"He stresses how much he loves his son, regrets that he didn't spend more time with him as he grew up: "Surely he's not a clone, and I respect and admire him for that. There's nothing shoddy about his ministry at all."

He shrugs off the controversy as the result of critics who "get on and blog their ignorance," adding: "If you don't march to their drumbeat, they begin to pick at you, and once you put on that hypercritical mode, you can find plenty of things to criticize."

Reminded of the memo he issued cracking down on his son's views, the father replies, calmly and amiably, that he and his son are just aiming for different audiences, and he doesn't want to alienate the one he has. He says their relationship is stronger than ever, even deepened by the controversy.

"I don't feel that he's an apostate at all.

If he would begin to question that Jesus is the son of God, then I would be concerned."

and this...

"Chuck Smith Jr. is pastor at Capo Beach Calvary, which recently removed itself from the Calvary Chapel fellowship of churches—creating more online speculation about possible controversy. Smith Sr. denied any rift. He said that Capo Beach’s ministry is directed toward the postmodern generation, and that style of ministry does not fit within the more conservative Calvary Chapel model."

Sounds like his son is being prepared for the future probably by Chuck Smith himself, and while Chuck Smith Sr separated himself from his son, to placate the mainstream Calvary Chapel members who weren't yet ready for such overt displays of Catholic religiosity, he obviously is OK, with him being a teacher of younger folks.

If anyone wants to know how far gone into Emergent and Catholicism that Chuck Smith Jr is, see here at his website. On the Reflexion video, are some of videos illustrating his teachings, the background looks like he could be at the Fromm home. On his blog, you can see endless discussions of contemplative techniques:

"Quiet sitting will allow us to identify these voices. We will learn to separate one from the other. We will learn to tell the difference from our thoughts, our memories and the voice of God. When these thoughts of ours arise we simple recognize them as thoughts and then return to our breath. Out thoughts will rise and fall; they will come and go."

Here on his Reflexion website, Chuck Smith Jr. comments back to a self-confessed Catholic monk:

"But I have not left the Evangelical church. Then, again, it is difficult to say exactly what I am. I think it is possible to grow in Christ to a place where labels no longer mean anything. I frequently miss the liturgy of the hours that I attended when staying for a month in a hermitage a few years ago. I think if the Protestants who disparage Roman Catholicism would take a closer look at what Catholics actually say and pray before God, they might be surprised to find how it is filled with scripture and fully glorifies God–especially in respect to the Trinity and Incarnation. Also, the one person who has had the most profound influence on my growth in Jesus Christ was a devout monk who lived at the hermitage. He had intense theological training, which marinated in thirty-five years of contemplative spirituality. From our very first conversation, he greeted me with acceptance and the love of Jesus. I never failed to hear or see Jesus in him.

So what am I? I’ve heard it said that I am a Catholic (even though I haven’t taken any Catachism classes or ever attended a mass at any Catholic church–can you “get Catholicism” just by riding on a public bus?), emergent, and new age. But as far as I’m concerned, none of those labels define me. If my love for other Christians and the enjoyment of conversing about Christ with them crosses denominational and sectarian boundaries, does that exclude me from Evangelicalism?"

Read that one over acouple times, this is what the man leading the "bible studies" at the Fromm home believes...

Chuck Smith Jr. has done the sign of the cross, and has gone to Catholic retreats before. He used to be pastor of Capo Beach Calvary Chapel and here was a picture of a "prayer-station" at that church during his tenure.

Here is another quote showing his false teachings:

"In a January 15th sermon, Calvary Chapel Pastor Chuck Smith Jr. ended his message by giving the sign of the cross, a Catholic gesture. In light of the following statement by Smith Jr., this is not too surprising: In his book, The End of the World As We Know It, ... he stated:" More and more Protestant Christians—and we are way behind the Roman Catholics on this score—are discovering a new, yet old way of reading the Bible: lectio divina." p. 103
It appears that Chuck Smith Jr. has jumped on the contemplative/emergent bandwagon."

So going back to Fromm and his story about a persecuted Bible study, obviously this is no "normal" Bible study....As I wrote on the news4themasses blog in the comments, this all seems to be a "set up" to me probably with even deeper deceptions attached to it then we know at this time. Remember how the "order out of chaos" thing works where they take something to the extreme, so laws are passed and something is "normalized"? Well wouldn't some desire the "normalization" of gov't involvement and "control" of Bible studies? Was that the goal? Well it seems to be be heading that way. Otherwise why lie to people about the nature of this group, which is Emergent-Catholic contemplative? Did you notice the Emergent "Catholic" art and candles in the top video?

And why is Chuck Smith's son and Chuck Fromm involved too? Makes one really wonder and what is sad is all the Christians reading this in the news thinking this was a group of true bible believers who are being oppressed!

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What is Being A Christian Really About? Not the Evangelical Sub-Culture

The other day, I got this book from the library, and read it on a lark. It actually is a good way to observe how mainstream evangelicals think, it was written by a man who admits he is in a mega-church. He does seem to love the evangelical world, but some of the parts of the book are ironic and disturbing , one example is where he has a humor quiz, on how "metrosexual" is your youth pastor? It seems he is reasonably wondering why the youth pastors are so busy trying to be "cool" and "hip" instead of teaching the Bible and leaning towards effeminacy? What could this kind of youth pastor have to teach the kids but more error?

The book is odd, in that he does seem to stumble multiple times upon the troubling nature of the sub-culture he is within. You'll see even in his list here, he has the "Believing America is a Christian nation" which has been dealt with on this blog before and others. One I erased to keep this blog at least below PG-13. Here are some examples, you can see this all on his blog.

He has a website, which the book is basically a repeat of, and I guess new things are added all the time.In the book, he points out some of the discrepancies, he sees in "modern Christian culture", and the troubles with being an evangelical Christian. Over all, it really outlines how evangelical "Christianity" has become another mass-marketed consumerist based subculture! Too many have embrace this sub-culture as automatically "Christian" when it is not, it really is just another mass marketed demographic. Why has the evangelical sub-culture become a pale imitation of the conventional mainstream entertainment world? Ever wonder about that? It's like inevitably everything is absorbed by the Borg and corporate sales marketers and then it's all over. It's sold back back to you at twice the price: let's not forget it's not the poor hanging out in these churches, it's the people who can pay $4 dollars a latte and feel comforted by their churches matching their corporate offices and seminars often even in appearance.

Sometimes reading evangelical websites, you wonder where is all the normal individuality of human beings, as the goatees, khaki pants, "what would Jesus do" bracelets or whatever the latest fad is, sullen looking Christian rock bands that all dress alike, "Church should be fun"-ads, wing-covered T-shirts with spidery writing, and rest proliferate? And do not think the fundamentalist world is free of this stuff: even they have their "Martha Stewart on Christian steroids" idealistic marketed "Above Rubies" world of the 1850s married to modern suburbia-gentlemen farmer thing going on.

Along with the marketing, we got the usual sales phrases. Hey marketeers know sloganeering sells and we know in the evangelical sub-culture the phrases are legion, missional, DNA, post-whatever, Emergent, and RELEVANT!

Actually Acuff even covers that word "Relevant" and it's abuses.

If you ever want to really insult a Christian, say the following:

“I don’t think you’re relevant.”

That is our kryptonite. The idea of irrelevance keeps us up at night. Seriously, if someone doesn’t find us to be relevant than we’re probably going to need to fire the worship leader or at the bare minimum get him a pair of white Pumas. Irrelevance is simply unacceptable.

The weird thing though is that in some ways, Jesus was the perfect example of what it means to be “irrelevant.”

I'd like to sit Acuff down, and say you know, these words were invented to SELL to people, sell them a deficient product now called evangelical "Christianity". Be wary of any who 'invent" a new language to reach you, in the UU, I got familiar with the over abuses of words like "post modern", "wholeness", "transcendence", by the late 80s. Maybe this is why I was not so easily suckered having already experienced the abuses of the English language to fool. It's good Acuff at least sees some of the silliness even if he misses the forest for some of those "ironic" trees.

Some things he does hit nuggets of truth on: "why is it ok for Christians to watch violent movies compared to ones with sexual content?" "The hypocrisy of judging fundamentalists for being so judgemental" among evangelicals. Some of his humor does hit on some truths but I found myself feeling sorry for it's author, that he was stuck in the vapid world of modern evangelicalism, where fads ruled and where "Christianity" had become a mass-marketed product in this case for middle class and above suburbanites with a huge prevailing focus on "youth". Perhaps inside, he is getting some inkling it's all so much nonsense.

What is really being a Christian about? Is it looking and acting a certain way? Well we know about what the Bible states that the fruits of a Christian should be, but is it about being "in" or "hip" or "acting happy" number 9 on the list above? No way, those people who strive after those things even if some just do not know and are well meaning, are striving to match a system of man, based on fads, and man's "rules" and what is acceptable.

Jam 3:17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, [and] easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

All we have to do is look at these evangelical churches to see that they make a big thing of what most of us thought we left behind in high school, the desire to be "popular", "shiny" and "exciting". Dumbed down lowest common denominator "culture" has already decimated many aspects of American life, why put up with it in the churches too?

Well it's happened. This doesn't mean being 'culture' snobs, I am not putting forth the idea to replace low culture with high brow culture. Even if a church replaced the bright neon lights and lava lamps with Tiffany lamps and the pews with carved chairs, it's still a misdirection, the liturgicals are already guilty of but this is why we see the Vision Forum and Quiverful love for Victoriana and 1850. The fads and way of doing things in these churches has far more to do with the world and being what the world desires of a "Christian" rather then what God desires. I never understood the human propensity to conform to the point that one became merely a copy of those around them. It's a trap to even want to be in the "in" group. Hate to break it to people but there's many Christians out there who do not fit in the cubbyholes being hewed for them. I like to think of these verses:

1Pe 2:9 But ye [are] a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:

ts 2:14 Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.

I realized with the book "Stuff Christians Like", I didn't like a lot of what the "Christians" out there do supposedly do, homeschooling and being modest, sure, but the rest forget it! A lot seemed vacuous, and about impressing people as to one's own holiness rather then being REAL. Don't feel bad if you do not fit in that world, you are better off, being your own individual as long as you are staying within God's will, and being one of His PECULIAR people. So if someone calls you *weird* for not going to church or standing up against the tide, keep those verses in mind, and stick to what GOD LIKES....

How Many "Christians" Will Be Fooled By This Guy?

"Rick Perry launches apolcalyptic political ad and infers he's America's savior"

The subways are empty. The camera flashes on empty houses, empty playgrounds and empty stores. The outlook is gray and creepy and a siren wails in the background Walls of New York are covered with half torn posters of Obama as Obama's voice speaks about "no more manufactured crises, and the country is headed in the right direction." Then the picture changes: Perry has made a cute thing of putting a zero in Obama's name and calls him President Zero–for zero jobs, zero recovery. It's like an ad for the disaster movie 2012, without the waves demolishing New York City. Then Perry speaks and the music becomes almost heroic as it shows him talking to smiling people and striding around like Harrison Ford after the terrorists on Air Force One. He speaks from a screen like Father in the post-apocalyptic flick Equilibrium. The last thing we hear as the ad ends is "God bless ya, and God bless the United States of America!"

Hey some things to notice:

1. See Rick Perry's logo? It looks like a stripped down version of Obama's, with the same colors, the "sun" over the horizon which in the video is emphasized, blue sky, red "landscape"

2. Handsigns can be seen too in the video...but of course...this is the pyramid hand sign of the Illuminati...Think about this, is there any REASON this should even be shown? Yeah there is, marking the video and this candidate.

Remember she made it too...and here's even more examples...

Global Economic Collapse?

"Is Financial Instability The New Normal?"

"Nervous Breakdown? 21 Signs That Something Big Is About To Happen In The Financial World"

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Mean "Christians" II

A Continuation on this blog entry..."Mean Christians"

Mat 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

Things have been getting tough out there. I found myself asking a lady who was in tears before me due to her economic stresses, could one of your children help you out? This is someone that I probably will seek to minister to, but it's tough. People's trust of each other is getting lower. I am not perfect and have made my own mistakes, but you wonder what is happening when life to so many seems to just be about status, and putting you down for every imperfection they can come up with from your grammar to just being who you are.

To share any vulnerability in this world is often a risky proposition. Watching the suffering of so many is scary. One thing I have noticed especially in American culture, and it seems to be growing, is that showing any weakness is to be vilified, stiff upper lips and never complaining forced upon the populace. If you do complain, or expose or write or talk about what is happening, so many want you to shut up, so they can turn over and go back to sleep. People deny what's in right in front of their faces and that is getting worse. Even recently I had someone try and tell me unemployment is not a problem in America! What planet is that guy living on? Injustice has a blind eye turned to it by people who simply do not want to know. Global elites who have managed to buy off hearts, minds and souls. Everyone invested in being the best worker bee, or most *popular* setting God's will aside. In a world where there is almost a forced edict to smile and never complain, what if you feel like mourning? Actually that IS biblical.

Ecc 7:4 The heart of the wise [is] in the house of mourning; but the heart of fools [is] in the house of mirth.

That verse may give you a different look at the "Have the best life" or "be Happy or else" crowds out there. The house of the fools is in the house of mirth, while the "fools" are laughing it up, things get worse. One should still have joy in the Lord, but God will understand especially in this world the hearts that mourn. If you find yourself crying over the state of the world, lost people or cruelty, then do not think you are in the wrong. We live in a society where such a thing is seen as "weakness" as the prevailing culture programs people to be more sociopathic, and cold. Do not be ashamed that you still have some emotions left. God gave them to humans for a reason.

2Cr 12:10 Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.

I hate to say it, but I see the coldness in the "Christian" world and many are outdistancing even the unbelievers, my theories about this, is that many who have sworn allegiance to the hirelings and false churches are already given over to reprobation. Their consciences have been darkened, so while you may run into an non-Christian who still shows some conscience, care and compassion, for the false reprobated "Christian", that has all been shut down. There are good people who simply do not know better and one's who are born again who are still in the churches who have yet to be shown things or are disobeying God. However, when some unbelievers ask "why are "Christians" so mean?" maybe they got a point.

Now Christians are people too, we are not perfect, but sometimes writing a blog like this is tough, I find myself thinking thoughts like "Christians" have become the most gullible, indoctrinated and brainwashed people on the planet. Of course I am talking about the "Christians" in name only. They do not seem to care about truth or what is going on out there.Even a lot of the fundamentalist world, they seem to be running after the politicians and embracing of the Tea Party: "let him die" ethos! How to make sense of it all? Sometimes it is very tough. This verse definitely speaks to the times we are in now.

Isa 59:14 And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.

How does one look upon the "Christian" landscape, and not think something is very wrong? When so many of the leaders are fake. We are in the great falling away NOW, there is no other way to explain it. Someone like Rick Warren or even that Phoenix Preacher guy aren't going to tell you we are in the great falling away, most of them out there, think the "CHURCH" is great! It's in great shape and you have the 7 mountain types thinking the "CHURCH" is going to solve the world's problems. Forget it, not going to happen. Better get ready Christian [I'm talking to the real ones out there that read this blog], the workers for the Antichrist ARE on the MARCH!

2Th 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for [that day shall not come], except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

How does a Christian stand, knowing that most of "Christendom" is a stinking cesspool full of fakes, phonies and liars? Did I just offend with that line? Sorry but this is what I see. That is where one's relationship with God better come first. I found myself praying to God, I know the love of Jesus Christ will not fail me. One thing, many mature Christians face, is you have to make sure you look to God, not to man. Man will fail but in the great falling away, this is upped a few notches isn't it?

Rom 8:35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? [shall] tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?

Online here, there are those I've dealt with recently who have played games, marking their websites, that expose the Jesuits in a certain evangelical church that is talked about a lot on this blog, with endless occult symbols. Given that on this blog, I have spoken about all these codes, the one eye stuff, the eclipses, and other more obscure ones, it seems odd that they would think I would miss these things? What can I say? Seeing one guy who sort of just managed to make sure to get one eye darkened out in a photograph, when adding that to the other symbols such as a cross spearing the middle of a bible with buckets of blood, one moves beyond the possibility of "accidental choices" and "benefit of the doubt" vs out and out "marking themselves". Just realize that we are in massive spiritual warfare now, and there are those who will pretend to be "friends" or "allies" who are anything but. Even if they get some things right, and they expose even some of the same of what you do, don't automatically trust, especially in days like this.

Luk 21:16 And ye shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends; and.........

Remember there are now A LOT saying they are Christians but who are anything but. Jesus warned us about them, and if this is the time of the falling away, they are going to be great in number. Ignore those ministries who tell you to watch out for the atheists and rest who are supposedly going to "take over". While they preach falsehoods too, the world isn't being taken over by hordes of secularists, but by fake Christians doing evil.

Luk 6:46 And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?

That makes it clear, there are plenty who say "jesus" is their Lord, when He is not!

Boykin Promotes Dominionism

Found this on Fanatic for Jesus blog...[one note, while I like many posts from the Fanatic for Jesus blog, she has a second blog that seems to advance the patriarchy movement, of course I do not agree with that and pray one day she can discern those deceptions coming in]

"Boykin: The Church, the Dominating Force"

There are two groups of Evangelicals who are politically active that believe Christians alone are biblically mandated to occupy all secular institutions until Christ returns - the Reconstructionists and the Dominionists. Although they took a text from the Bible to create an unbiblical political movement, it is a thread of dark Christianity that doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Some believe that a “true” Christian cannot occupy a governmental office, or have any involvement with, or interest in, politics. Of course, no responsible Christian can be without concern for civil government, but there was, at one time, a clear separation and non-participation from the government and its function.

It will be too late before many of these politically active Evangelicals realize they made a terrible mistake.

I am one of those who believe, that politics are too corrupt for Christians to be involved in. This doesn't mean not standing up against evil, but we are seeing how the church and state marriage is bringing great evil.

The Southern Baptist Convention Wants To Change It's Name

"Southern Baptist Convention Wants to Change It's Name"

The nation’s largest Protestant denomination may be getting a new name.

The Southern Baptist Convention isn’t just for the South anymore, its president contends, and rebranding could open up other parts of the country to new churches. It’s a strategy other denominations are trying, and at least one is claiming success.

SBC President Bryant Wright announced Monday at an executive committee meeting in Nashville that he’s set up a study group to research changing the 166-year-old denomination’s name.

“There are not a lot of folks in New York City interested in going to a Southern Baptist church,” he said. “Or in Cheyenne, Wyoming, or Boise, Idaho.”

Ken Silva who I wish would figure out the truth about Walter Martin...thinks they should rename themselves "SLOWLY BECOMING CATHOLIC".

In closing this, for now, let’s return to the proposed name change for the SBC. Now we will consider once again that there’s a rapidly growing fad within the for practicing the spurious CSM, which actually flowered throughout the antibiblical monastic traditions of the apostate Roman Catholic Church.

You may recall the following foolishess: Alabama Baptist Convention (SBC) Encourages You To Learn Lectio Divina From Apostate Tony Jones and In Touch Magazine Of Charles Stanley Promoting Contemplative New Monasticism and Dr. Ed Young Promoting Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism For His Southern Baptists.

So I suggest the SBC finally just go ahead and accept their new name: Slowly Becoming Catholic

I didn't realize Ed Young was SBC....

He sponsered this conference that Ken Silva put a video up from...but then Rick Warren is SBC too...

Why did they call it the Rise of the Iguana...[a rather odd name]

There is one for 2012...

C3 2012 - Promo from Fellowship Church on Vimeo.

You'll see there are many preachers invited like Steven Furtick and Pedro Garcia of Calvary Chapel Kendall.

The SBC in my opinion is a totally apostate denomination.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Comments Have Been Put Under Moderation

Comments have been put under moderation. I want to thank everyone who is posting here and want you to continue, with your feedback. For the sake of managing this blog, this will work some better, some of you who have had blogs or websites will understand why I have changed this. I have had to remove some comments that were very inappropriate as of late but there are lot here too with good feedback and discussions. So just realize your comments will just be delayed a bit in being put up. Thank you....


A Visit to Steven Furtick's Church: Elevation

Elevation ‘Video’ Church – A Visit to the Early Service at Matthews, NC

Remember Steven Furtick? He was one of the pastors at "The Elephant Room" endorsed by Rick Warren and Greg Laurie.

Well the link at the top goes to a first hand story of someone visiting his church, and seeing for themselves the Hollywood inspired ethos, loud rock music, and more meant to entice the youth into deception. There is a lot that is quite revealing, the church looks like a video arcade married to a boring mall movie theatre.

sounds like a successful entrepreneurial business venture the more I hear - and read less and less like any church. Most of this is NOTHING new like many of the others already documented. Furtick has taken a bit of this and a bit of that from the other emergent and seeker-sensitive churches and rolled it into his, including the sex talk to draw in larger numbers still. So is this the Holy Spirit convicting hearts of sin? Seriously!? Maybe you think I am being too harsh but I have been around long enough to see the rise of quite a few ministries like this and watch them fall. Too much stock put in the man versus Jesus Christ, too much stock put into making Church relevant to this rebellious generation. I state Pastor Steve Furtick is not doing Christians any favors feeding the rebellion and taking our kids that he claims as so important down the path towards something other than the Christ of the Bible – I believe that is not opinion when held to what else he is teaching and standing for.

Again, I do not recommend this church for these reasons, as appealing as it may seem: missing a real Gospel message, it’s a fleshly appeal with music, edginess, and lacking any reliable Biblical teachings to raise up our children in the way they should go. You may get some good moral people who believe in helping others without a living faith in Jesus Christ. I can point to a number of people just like them not seeing a real need for any doctrine and likely on their way to a Christless eternity! Elevation makes it a big point to focus on the "do's" (I asked them some questions after the service) but while focusing on all of the “do’s” of the Bible they wash over the “don’ts” that must be preached to have a complete Gospel message.

Some weeks ago I saw this video of Steven Furtick, snarling at those who disagree with him, with a Billy Idol lip curl, arrogant stance, and rythymic language to brainwash people. Don't see any of the love, peace and kindness he speaks of in that video. His stuff about: "It's a new day!" and "This generation is waiting to restore the hope of the nation" is all the same lies. I knew everything I needed to know about the man. Another wolf in sheep's clothing....

What is sad, is he is one among many....

"Rick Perry's 'The Response' Boasted How Many Wagner Apostles? Let's Count"

Rick Perry's 'The Response' Boasted How Many Wagner Apostles? Let's Count

[image, above: "ICA apostle Tom Schlueter anoints Rick Perry, September 28, 2009"

Last week the official web site for Texas governor Rick Perry's August 6th, 2011 The Response prayer event, credited by a number of observers as having been the de-facto launch of Perry's presidential campaign, was wiped from the Internet. The disappearance of the website's video archive of the event, and the lists of endorsers and leaders of the event, is startling and raises the obvious question; what about The Response might candidate Perry, who stands a chance of becoming the next president of the United States, want to hide?

One obvious answer: C. Peter Wagner's apostles. As I've now extensively documented, Wagner and top apostles in his movement advocate burning books and scripture (including books of Mormon), and destroying religious relics associated with Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam.

The following is my latest tally of Wagner apostles associated with The Response.

So far I've determined that at least 17 of C. Peter Wagner's current or former apostles, from his International Coalition of Apostles or Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (note: I may have missed a few apostles; The Response was a long event to watch) either endorsed or helped lead The Response, or were onstage at the event.

Don't miss the part about the one Samuel Rodriguez who co-founded the Oak Initiative with Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries.

Talk2Action is a secular website, so read this with discernment but they report on much factual information regarding Dominionism in high politics. Read this article I wrote to understand how Perry is hooked in with these lying "apostles":

"Your Next President? Rick Perry's Dominionist and Ecumenical RESPONSE"

Sunday, September 18, 2011

"America Is Rapidly Turning Into A High-Security Prison"

Enhanced Pat-Downs At NFL Games? America Is Rapidly Turning Into A High-Security Prison

"In the post-9/11 world in which we live, paranoia is standard operating procedure. Those that are responsible for security are far more interested in "covering their backsides" than they are in respecting the liberty, freedom and dignity of average Americans. America is rapidly turning into a high-security prison. When naked body scanners and "enhanced pat-downs" went into U.S. airports, those that warned that we would soon see these types of "Big Brother" security measures pop up at train stations, bus stations, shopping malls and sporting events were dismissed as "conspiracy theorists". But it turns out that the "conspiracy theorists" did not even fully understand how quickly all of this nonsense was going to spread. How much "security" is going to be enough? Where in the world is the line going to be drawn? If groping all fans is "necessary" for security at all NFL games, how long will it be before it is implemented at all other sporting events across the United States?

The truth is that no matter how hard they try, those in charge of our "security" cannot keep us perfectly safe. Life is dangerous and bad things are going to happen no matter how much "security" you throw around.

We have a choice. We can live as free men without fear, or we can cower in terror and call for increasingly repressive layers of "security". If we continue on the path that we are on, this nation is going to become a totalitarian "Big Brother" police state so repressive that it will make our founding fathers roll over in their graves."

"NFL Wants Pat-Downs From Ankle Up At All Stadiums"


"Congress Contemplates Draconian Punishment for Internet Lies"

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hal Lindsey, Late Great Planet Earth, the Millennial Kingdom, and the Rapture

I think he got it wrong, the 1980s are over and done with....remember what the Bible says about false prophets?

Reading Late Great Planet Earth from the public library as a precocious 9 year old got me in big trouble with my nun-teachers, one took a copy away from me in class, and another found me reading it a second time on the play ground, warning the other kids about the Antichrist and the last days. The book was rapidly taken out of my hands again, with me crying about library fines, thinking I would never get it back. One nun told my parents to keep better track of my "anti-Catholic" reading material. Odd that years later I would come to recognize Hal Lindsey as a false teacher, who emphasizes the pre-trib rapture, who has date setted making claims for 1988 and who is deceiving folks in a different way. The other day I found this comic, that Hal Lindsey put out, one can tell it's from the 70s, in dress styles language and more.

What is ironic, is my being lead read Revelation and other parts of the Bible at age 9, would lead me eventually to studying Bible prophecy even as an unbeliever. God can use even false teachers for good. Hal Lindsey as one can see on this comic on page 6 [and this occurred in many books he published wrote about "the rise of Russia as a world power, "the Arab confederation against Israel", "Red China's Ability to Field An Army of 200 Million", "The Revival of the Roman Empire In the Form of A Ten-Nation Confederacy [The Common Market]", "The Revival of The Dark Occultic Practices of Ancient Babylon", "The Unprecedented Turn to Drugs", "The Increase in Wars", "International Revolutions", "Earthquakes", "Plagues", "Famines", "Pollution", "The Departure of Many Christian Churches From The Historic Truths of Christianity", "The Move to One World Religion", "The Trend to One-World Government", "The Decline of the US As a Major World Power", "The Increase in Lawlessness" and"The Decline of the Family Unit", are all things have come to pass even more so since the 1970s when this comic and much of Hal Lindsey's books were published.

There are many correct prophecies from Revelation that Lindsey points out well to a degree, and you see them detailed in this comic. Even on this blog, many of my posts are about the growing one world religion and other prophecies coming to pass. In that way, his books even if full of errors got Christians thinking about Bible prophecy 30 plus years ago. Mainline churches take the path of the scoffer when it comes to Bible prophecy that is detailed in 2 Peter 3:3. If this doesn't describe the present day Catholic and mainline church attitude towards Bible prophecy I do not know what does.

2Pe 3:3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,

2Pe 3:4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as [they were] from the beginning of the creation.

What is odd in the Catholic church is while there are some Trads and a few non-mainstream sorts who speak of the last days being soon, while they dream of a great Pope to save the day and Marian apparitions to lead the way, most of mainstream Catholic allegorizes the book of Revelation into nothingness. It becomes akin to a literary fairy tale to these Catholic scoffers, rather then the Word of God with figurative language representing real things:

The drama of the lamb contains several beautiful thoughts of lasting value. The lamb, symbolizing gentleness and purity, conquers the beast, the personification of lust and cruelty. The harlot signifies idolatry. The fornication which the rulers and the nations of the earth commit with her signifies the worship they pay to the images of Caesar and the tokens of his power. The second part is inferior in literary beauty. It contains much that is taken from the Old Testament, and it is full of extravagant imagery. The Seer shows a fanciful taste for all that is weird and grotesque. He delights in portraying locusts with hair like that of women and horses with tails like serpents. There are occasional passages revealing a sense of literary beauty. God removes the curtain of the firmament as a scribe rolls up his scrolls. The stars fall from the heavens like figs from the fig-tree shaken by the storm (6:12-14). On the whole, however the Seer shows more love for Oriental splendour than the appreciation of true beauty.


One question I used to ask Catholics when I was a new believer was IF YOU BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END OF THE BOOK, really happens {Jesus Christ's SECOND COMING} why do you dismiss the rest?

Without the Holy Spirit, they of course could not see the meaning of Revelation, it was a confusing book, and nothing more to them. Some of their non-saved leaders would rally around to try and explain it, but just got into more confusion with Scott Hahn, one of their popular teachers in the early 2000s, claiming that the "parousia" was the Eucharist. Why would Catholics and mainline churches worry about deception when they dismiss what is warned of in Revelation as not "true happenings"? Many of their teachers claim Revelation is nothing but a special class of literature that was in "vogue" among the first century Jews, that was adopted by Christians later but doesn't "mean" much.

But then considering the deceptions they are under, there is plenty for the evangelical world. So many take it for granted that they have entered the halls of truth regarding Revelation simply because a guy calls himself an evangelical and doesn't deny Revelation in the same way the Catholic and spiritually dead mainline churches do. Hal Lindsey has been called the modern father of Bible prophecy, and while he is lesser known today, his books were read by millions in the mid-to late 1970s. His influence was great. If you think about where modern views of Revelation came about when you think of all the teachers today, this guy heads the list. He came up around the same time as the Jesus People in fact his books, were a huge influence on the new "hippie" "Christians":

Adding to the excitement of the era was the sense that the revival was a foreshadowing of the impending apocalypse. Hal Lindsey's runaway best seller The Late Great Planet Earth hit upon a deep seated nerve in the public with his combination of biblical prophecy and news events. Lindsey based much of his writing on the premise that the re-establishment of Israel as a nation was a prominent signal that the "countdown to Armageddon" had begun. Coupled with this end times theology was a premillennial doctrine concerning the "rapture of the saints" which taught that prior to the rise of the Antichrist and final war believers would be "raptured" (or 'caught up') to escape a time of tribulation perceived as being foretold in the Book of Revelation. Jesus musician Larry Norman's haunting song "I Wish We'd All Been Ready" touched on this theme:
Two men walking up a hill
One disappears
and one's left standing still
I wish we'd all been ready

We can see the Rapture teachings have become tied to false deceptions including Christian Zionism, the lust for war always to "defend" the secular nation of Israel which is just as NWO owned and controlled as the rest of them, and how in many ways, these teachings for evangelicals have helped to serve Rome's purpose.

The Rapture is definitely serving a great purpose in deceiving many and setting them up in that Christians in America especially aren't spiritually preparing for persecution or what is coming but in thinking they will be rescued , an easy "escape" as it were. While Jesus warns of the times in Matt 24 where flight will be necessary and where tribulation will come, Lindsey and those like him deny those words telling people well the rapture will take care of it all!

Mat 24:20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:

Mat 24:21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

The Rapture now has served as a way to lull Christians to sleep and to remain silent in an endless face of evils. TSA and the gov't ready to take DNA and strip search you, no problem the Rapture is coming soon...., RFID chips for everyone? no problem the Rapture is coming soon to get us out of here. Endless wars in the Middle East, no problem--the president [republican or democrat] is *going to bat for Israel*, and is fighting for the "Christian" side against "Islam" [supposedly]. See how all this adds up to get Christians to cheer for all the new world order plans and the Pope's crusades? See how it deludes endless numbers of Christians to think their so called "Christian" leaders are leading everyone to *fight* on the *good* side of good vs. evil? Forgotten are these words of Jesus--

Mat 5:9 Blessed [are] the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Ever notice none of them ever pray for peace, and I'm not talking phony peace but seem to eagerly await the day of conflagration for the Middle East to turn into a glass parking lot? Before the question has been raised on this blog, how come they tell all those Jewish people to return *home* to Israel, while warning of a great nuclear Holocaust to befall the place? Something sure doesn't add up there.There is also the factor of how God is presented, Left Behind presents "Jesus" especially in their last book in a wholly blasphemous matter, reading it myself they describe it like a bloody video game. This comic has a tone of that, saying of "God": "now he is going to lower the boom"!

One teaching I have come to really question and folks can disagree with me here, as I am still thinking this one out, is the whole millennial kingdom thing. They are teaching in many evangelical churches and one can see it in this comic, that they believe "jesus" will come back and then the world will become WICKED AGAIN. Think about the "Jesus" is back on earth, "ruling" but supposedly the world rebels against him and goes nuts? Something seems off about that timing, where are the promises of no more tears? To me this millennial kingdom stuff seems a perfect set up to get Christians to embrace a Pope or other figure EASILY as being "Jesus" when it is really the "man of perdition". Some of the teachings regarding the millennial kingdom really have gotten out there, with some teaching a rebuilding of the temple which helps serves a would-be Antichrist uses and the reintroduction of animal [or other?] sacrifices.

The deception gets worse, remember what I wrote last week, about the Pope's desire for the Palestinian state and to acquire the DOME OF THE ROCK, and the Bible verses about Satan [the Antichrist] desire to rule, well Hal Lindsey and his Pre-Trib buddies, all believe "Jesus" will one day rule from the Dome of the Rock even if they say it will be given over to the Antichrist for a time, in the millennial kingdom for a 1,000 years on earth. Now ask yourself how deep the deception goes.

Hal Lindsey writes on page 280 of his book "The Final Battle":

The average Christian misunderstands this millennial period. He thinks that Christ comes back as the king and the world is a new creation--everything is perfect. This is not the case. Only after the thousand-year period, when new heavens and a new earth are created, as depicted in Revelation 21:1 will there be total perfection. The LORD will completely restore the earth to an unprecedented level of peace, but it will still be under the curse and mankind will still be mortal....

Things get weird in this book, where Lindsey denies that humankind has to prepare "God's" kingdom [I guess to separate himself from the Dominionists] but nonetheless that message show's up anyhow. As he speaks of "Jesus" coming back to rule earth....he writes..."Jesus will be here as a righteous and benevolent dictator. The world will be operating under a true theocracy--the only true benevolent dictatorship of all history". Lindsey continues to talk about the millennial kingdom on page 284 and how newly born children will reject "Jesus" even if the people who entered his supposed millennium remain righteous...It is the oddest thing, read it for yourself. I know I repeat the verse constantly, where Jesus says, "My kingdom is not of this world", but definitely those like Lindsey are having people look to this world.

This shows up in the comic too...people rejecting "jesus' with "him" right there....

Think about that one Jesus is supposedly back for 1000 years and the world becomes MORE of a wicked forsaken MESS? Detect something blasphemous about that belief? Because I sure do!

One thing I always noticed about Hal Lindsey, is I read these books as a Catholic kid, and Hal never questioned the Catholic church EVER. I read them as applying to ALL "Christians", and being a little Catholic kid, they told us we were "Christians". Notice on the comic the references to Babylon and witchcraft? So only a few Wiccans and drug addicts are going to end up going to hell? It really covers up a lot doesn't it?

NOTICE SOMETHING, WELL NOTHING IS SAID ABOUT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND POPE. Maybe those who speak of the Jesuits starting the Rapture teachings via Ribera are on to something. This is an issue, I need to study more. Someone needs to tell them Rome's early church fathers like Augustine were false too....but they got this part right...

The Moody Bible Institute and the Dallas Theological Seminary have strongly supported the teachings of John Nelson Darby, and this continued to fuel Futurism's growth. Then in the 1970s, Pastor Hal Lindsey, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, released his blockbuster book The Late Great Planet Earth. This 177-page volume brought Futurism to the masses. The New York Times labeled it "The number one best-seller of the decade." Over 30 million copies have been sold, and it has been translated into over 30 languages. Through The Late Great Planet Earth, the child of Jesuit Futurism became a man.

Notice how "Babylon" is watered down, Lindsey never points to the Catholic church in any of his books, or even the true meaning of Mystery Babylon but keeps it as vague as possible with the most overt examples mentioned..."spiritual adultery" is never defined. This applies to his books as well, not just this comic.

Examining and thinking about the fact that just about every false teacher teaches a pre-trib Rapture, that tells you, there is something to it, related to over-all deception. I posted about that here, already: "Leaving The Pre-Trib Position Behind" Have you noticed that Pre-Trib and False teacher seems to go hand in hand? While there are those with other eschatological views who are phony, notice how predominant the Pre-Trib Rapture view is among all the false teachers out there.

When one examines the Hal Lindsey of today, He seems to be working for the same agenda....focusing on "Islam" as the main enemy and while Islam is a false religion with some violent jihadists, it is the typical neo-con promotion with addition of typical Christian Zionist messages. Israel is about to be betrayed by all these folks who cry for more war, and help the Pope out. None of them are peacemakers but support the war mongers.

He ups the ante all the time on the Israel vs. Islam theme constantly. They seem to eagerly await and desire WWIII. It is a given that Lindsey [as well as Chuck Smith who supported the war on Iraq and the rest of them] supported the present day "war on terror", the same "war on terror" that has been used to dismantle American freedoms and embroil our country in endless overseas wars, destruction and death for multiple places. Even here on his front page, he speaks of the "modern war on terror" and implies it as a "just cause".

I saw the man myself on TBN just like Hagee telling Americans that we should go to war with Iran some years ago on his then oddly named show *International Intelligence Briefing* before he left TBN over a dispute about Islam. That's actually the day I stopped watching when it became obvious that Lindsey supported every neo-con endeavor. Look at his website for yourself, no warnings about the Pope, NOTHING. Here Lindsey confuses with some Catholic prophecies but states "John Paul II was a great and good man." It has been reported online that Hal Lindsey sent his daughters to a Jesuit college. One certainly does not see the man or his friends ever warn of the Pope. Don't forget in LaHaye's Left Behind series, the Pope gets raptured. Lindsey speaks of a political man who is religious, but never points to the Pope at all even as a would-be false prophet when speaking about the Antichrist. All of the false teachers point to the nebulous ultra-powerful world leader while never mentioning the Pope except in laudatory terms....

Hal Lindsey has had other dubious associations and contacts. Some are exposed here:

Coalition For Religious Freedom (CRF)
Another past Moon organization was the 'Coalition for Religious Freedom' where again, Tim LaHaye held a paid position as Chairman. It was formed by LaHaye after Moon was arrested for tax evasion. Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, James Robison, James Kennedy and Rex Humbard, have all served as executive committee members. Other notables to serve in Moons CRF include Hal Lindsey (Author of "The Late Great Planet Earth"), Paul Crouch (Head of the Trinity Broadcasting Network), Dr. D. James Kennedy and Don Wildman to name a few.

CRF President Don Sills admits that CRF has received no less than $500,000 from Moon sources. In 1984, despite forces in government opposing the move, Moon was jailed for tax evasion (sentenced to 18 Months in prison and fined $25,000). In a CRF sponsored rally Tim Lahaye asked that people go to jail with Moon in protest.

The book "Spiritual Warfare: The politics of the religious right" also exposes the same problem.

On this video with Chuck Smith, he praises Missler and LaHaye: They know how to try and seduce people with their false teachings. If you are a Christian reading this, do take the time, to read the Bible and compare what it says to what these Pre-Trib teachers say, analyze their constant beating the war drums, their support of the new world order "war on terror" and how they have been used to even herd most of the evangelical church into supporting false politicians, agendas and more. Realize these false prophecy teachings have influenced much of the evangelical church to turn against God's Word and what Jesus taught. Do not take their word for granted about the "end times"!

Even now I am making sure I read God's Word first and testing what I have learned about bible prophecy, do the same, do not take what any bible prophecy teacher says for granted. The majority of evangelical Christians are caught up into their web.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

World Net Daily and Hebrew Roots

Notice the friends list, Sean Hannity, etc....

I read World Net Daily for a long time, but realized it was just another gatekeeper for the "right" advancing the pro-Israel "Christian Zionism" deceptions and false Republican politicians so in a way this does not surprise me, it's just adding more deception on to the lies already told.

Listen to the interview on the looks like Farah is running back to the LAW as another judaizer.

The other day I met someone who told me they believed sabbath keeping was of the utmost importance as well as following biblical dietary laws including not eating pork. I told them, "we are not under the law when it comes to sabbath keeping and the rest", but not sure I got anywhere yet.

Farah tells us there is no justificiation of ignoring of the sabbath and dietary laws and praises sabbath keeping as well as Hebrew Root's directly. He also praises this ministry, Passion For Truth ministries at least twice, which teaches false things.

Wow this sounds just like Jacob Prasch's teachings who used to speak of the Hebraic perspective...

Our mission is to equip the body of Christ with the pure truth of His Word so that they might be free from whatever may be holding them back from being all that God has created them to be (Eph 4:12). We accomplish this by studying the scriptures from the Hebraic perspective in which it was written and putting all of our religious bias', anti-Semitism and man-made doctrine and traditions aside for the sake of understanding and living only HIS truth.

Oftentimes, studying the scriptures from the original Hebraic background of the authors verses the traditional Catholic and Protestant viewpoints will bring about a different interpretation than is commonly taught. We believe that the author's original interpretation is the foundation for all doctrine. It is at this point where we are faced with a choice to grow into a deeper, more connected relationship with Him through obedience or continue in our own ways. The balance of being obedient to the Truth and being led by the Spirit is the central focal point of this ministry.

I exposed Hebrew Roots here as well as other Jewish fables...

Part One: Deception Using Judaism: Titus 1:4- Jewish Fables

See here too regarding this subject "World Net Daily Joins and Promotes HRM"

Galatians 3:22 But the scripture hath concluded all under sin, that the promise by faith of Jesus Christ might be given to them that believe.

23But before faith came, we were kept under the law, shut up unto the faith which should afterwards be revealed.

24Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith.

25But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster.

26For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.