Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Symbols Can Tell You #1: The Eye of Horus

I wanted to do a thread on this for some time. This is going to be a series, detailing the use of specific symbols. There are some websites online who already cover the use of occult symbols in media and elsewhere. I am going to focus on the use of them when it comes to the churches and religion. For some this may enter into "conspiracy" land, but I believe that many do use symbols to mark themselves and who they serve. Once you learn this "language of symbols" this can help you "see" those who mark themselves as to who they really serve.

One does have to be careful as to the innocent use of symbols pertaining to those who do not know, or where they make sense, such as an eye doctor using an eye logo for his business, but there are many blatant examples of churches, organizations and even individuals using false symbols, to mark themselves so those in the know, see who is a fellow worker for Satan. This blog entry will deal with those who mark themselves with the Eye of Horus. This particular one of the "all seeing eye" is all over the place. I will be going through different symbols in future blog entries. As I come across examples, I will update the threads and add the pictures.

You've all seen the eye of Horus on the American dollar.

What does the Eye of Horus, the "All Seeing Eye" or otherwise known as the Utchat Eye represent? Of course on some websites, they just lay claim to it's Egyptian roots and it's misleading aspects of being a symbol of a "Protection". Let's read:

The 'eye in the triangle' is not the eye of the Christian God. This is the 'Eye of Horus' in Egyptian mythology and in reality represents the eye of Lucifer or Satan.
I agree with that.

Ok now Ask yourself why symbols of this eye have appeared in churches? The Catholic church has this one recurring.

a Catholic church in Poland {look on the background}

a Catholic church in Zamosciu, Poland [look at the top, it includes the sun rays too]

Even on this Cardinal's miter [hat]

artwork from a church in Nazareth the Pope has visited: [there are many examples of the eye and pyramid being used in Vatican art too as well]

What do you think of this Vatican art? Looks like a giant gold eyeball.

The "all seeing eye" of Lucifer shows up in other places too...

Freemasonry: [see top of the pyramid there is an eye there--clicking on picture makes it bigger]

Mormonism--from the Salt Lake Temple.

Mainline denominations too: From a stained glass window in a Methodist church:

Well it's popping up in the evangelical world too...

Some are asking why the Eye of Horus is in David Jeremiah's sanctuary?

See here:

The question is this: Why does Jeremiah have an occult 'all seeing eye' mosaic as the dominating feature in the Shadow Mountain church sanctuary? If you have seen the broadcast you may or may not have noticed this. The people in the church are apparently completely unaware of the significance of the fact that he is 'preaching' virtually from underneath the occult 'all-seeing eye', and that they are literally being made to worship before an 'image' - a symbol of an idol - an abomination standing where it ought not [cf. Mark 13:14].
Something is very wrong with this picture
. [click on picture to make it larger]

The rays of "light" coming out of it speak for themselves too. There was some controversy with this one, online I found someone showing this CLOSE-UP. But then I thought even if close-up it is broken down into those parts, they had to know with people being ten-feet away [the position of most in the sanctuary, with the red circle pupil in the middle] and eye shaped lines around the edges, how it would appear. You will see the close-up on the link but notice here, as I download the picture it turns smaller and looks just like an eye.

Wonder if they got rid of it or not? This was exposed by that other website in 2009, I tried to check if it was ever removed but don't know.

If you see any other logos, or "artwork" like this, put a link on the comments. The one eye symbol is all over the place, and I have seen others. If someone tries to tell you this is a symbol of God, they are WRONG.


Anonymous said...

Since solar worship was founded and developed by Cain in pre-flood Sumer, it is still alive and kicking. It is Cain that established it's priesthood caste, and that priesthood is guided by Satan and his demons. They have by this Satanic power the ability to "shape shift". As cultures came and went, they changed as cameleons to meet the changing times. Christ bound the Dragon that gave them power by remitting sin. But many who called themselves by the name of "Christ" fell away. Because they loved the creature more than the Creator, the I AM released them to their delusions and released the Dragon once again who then inhabited the Man of Sin, the priest caste's high priest. Since the Great Falling away, this priest caste has continued to disguise itself in "christian" form. Until the return of Jesus Christ, the True Light, it will continue. But when He does return, He shall destroy the old heaven and the old earth, because at His coming His Glory shall destroy those lesser "lights". This beast of a priest hood shall be thrown alive into the Lake of Fire along with its high priest and the Dragon who inhabits him. Anon. #1

Anonymous said...

Now ask yourself this. Why was the Dragon put into the pit? The Dragon was placed there because sin had been remitted, and he could no longer accuse. But since the priesthood of damnation disguised as "the church" claims that sin is still being remitted by a "perpetual victim" in a continual sacrifice for sin and thus deny Christ and His Gospel, the I AM has released them to this delusion and to the Dragon. It is for this reason, that He released the Dragon who indwells the high priest of the priesthood of damnation, who is both the False Prophet and the Antichrist. It is imperative for Satan the Dragon that no one believes that Antichrist is here. Those who teach this lie, are helping in his cause. Anon. #1

Labby said...

Major CCM artists, Skillet, has a website full of eye symbolism and enlightenment. Their lyrics are questionable also. Christian?

Bible Believer said...

Labby I went to go look at that link, how is a mummy with one eye ball [occult symbology there too] Christian? Even on the punk flavored teddy bear T-shirt, they have crossed out one of the eyes. So yeah you called the eye symbolism right. Skillet has been invited to play at Calvary Chapels.

Here is their website, they are making occult handsigns and dressed all in black.

This is supposed to be CHRISTIAN musicians?

They look dressed for Halloween.

The lyrics are astonishingly bad and wicked.

I posted on "hero" before on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Skillet playing at Calvary Chapel Churches too, huh. Figures.

I had not seen the Methodist Church 'eye' before. But that figures too.

Bible Believer said...

It's hard to realize how wide spread this stuff is. Actually I talked about Skillet on a thread related to song verses [believe they were playing at a Greg Laurie Harvest fest], but back then hadn't yet gone to their website. It was far more nauseating then I could dream.

The Bible tells us the churches are going to fall away, I believe we are in it now.

Labby said...

I didn't know if this was blatant enough to post, but here goes. At our our international youth convention next year (Mennonite USA) the "Christian" band Stellar Kart is playing so I decided to check on them. Guess what - an eye front and center in a very innocent-looking place on their website (as well as the nazi "s").

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for sharing that.

Yeah he has the eye, another one has the "O"...[more on that later]

What is the deal with the little owl with wings at the way bottom.

It doesn't escape my attention that they gleefully announce towards bottom "A special Halloween treat for everyone!"

Yeah the SK logo has the lightening bolt a la Harry Potter, SS, etc.

Anonymous said...

And ala Zeus. Anon. #1

Anonymous said...

just a quick note that is read somewhere on a muslim site that satan has only one EYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! now im freaked out by this eye symbolism thing
hopefully i can find the link and load it here.

Anonymous said...

To Labby that skillet site is frighteningggggg

Anonymous said...

i found a few but not the actual one i hoped for these sites have very interesting facts that i believe we all deserve to know :)

Anonymous said...

Greg Lauries new book "worldview" has the "all seeing eye" on it and when I mentioned it on his fb page his followers attacked me like a bunch of ravenous wolves! Any pastor or teacher of the gospel who has done any kinda research especially when studying Egypt knows about the "eye of Horus" don't they suspect anyone will notice and comment on it? Has it gotten to the point where these "teachers and pastors" and I use those terms loosely,don't care anymore because "christians" are so ignorant and bible illiterate that they know they will follow them anywhere? Sad state "American Christianity" is in!

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be mean, but i really don't think you know what you're talking about with Skillet and Stellar Kart (other commenters) I am a big fan of both bands, and am also going to a Skillet concert Sunday. If you really look at their lyrics and website, you would see that Jesus is at the center of everything they do. The one-eyed mummy? it was symbolic in the sense that thier last album "Comatose" was about how we are blind to the things that go on in the world and we as Christians need to take a stand and say (direct Skillet lyrics quote) "I'm awake! I'm alive! Now I know What I believe inside. . .I'm at war with the world 'cuz I ain't NEVER GONNA SELL MY SOUL. I've already made up my mind, no matter what I CAN'T BE BOUGHT OR SOLD. When my faith is getting weak and I feel like giving in, You breath into me again". The bear? It's just a cute lttle design (probably drawn by drummer Jen Ledger, who is one of the strongest, most dedicated Christians in the music business) that is part rocker/part girly-cute. I have looked at practically every Skillet picture out there,and the only "occultic" hand signal I've ever seen is John's "rockon" sign, which few people know the meaning behind. They did a beautiful live worship album a few years ago, they have a "book club" that is currently reading and studying the BIBLE. John gives an amazing speech before "Awake & Alive" about Jesus and how important he is to them. And Stellar Kart? Look at their songs "Jesus Loves You" and "Me & Jesus". Those are amazing songs that show Jesus's love for us! I'm not trying to be rude, but i think you need to look closer before you accuse somebody.

Anonymous said...

Here's where you'll find Skillet's "Awake and Alive":

John Cooper's (lead singer) pre-"Awake and Alive" speech:

Stellar Kart's "Me & Jesus":

there is alot more video proof out there.

Anonymous said...

calvary chapel's new icon is the all seeing eye with their dove in the middle instead of a pupil:

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for pointing that out.

Anonymous said...

Ask jesus christ to be your lord and saviour. Repent and enjoy the holy spirit within you. Like seeing a new colour you cant explain to anyone else. But you will know the truth.
Satan has no other choice but to imitate bible prophesy since he wants to be like god. The collective powers of evil are trying to create their own selfism based gods. Watch leonard ulrich video on nwo and biblical prophesy.
Follow the bible. Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment in jesus. I will not comment again.
Blessings in jesus christs name.

Bible Believer said...

I'll check out your video.

Curious why would you say "purchase BEWILDERMENT in "jesus".?

The devil is the author of confusion not Jesus Christ.

Bible Believer said...

JR Fibonacci, I didn't post your link and only partially listened. It seems to just be more denials. You forget I used to be a Theosophist, I've heard it all. Theosophists are taught to *love* Satan's symbols.

The Bible talks about evil being done in darkness [secret]

There is nothing wrong with Christians exposing evil.

Satan leads people to seek POWER.

"ye shall be as gods"

So there you go.

JR Fibonacci said...

@ Bible Believer

As for you having been a Theosophist, I did not forget it because I never knew of it. Further, I do not know much about that.

There are many passages in the Bible that I have more recently come to appreciate- including some that I had just never seen before.
Here are a few short ones:

"condemn not."

"resist not evil."

"to the pure, all things are pure, but to the corrupt, nothing is pure."

“I am conscious of this, and am certain in the Lord Jesus, that nothing is unclean in itself; but for the man in whose opinion it is unclean, for him it is unclean."

I assembled several of those quotes

JR Fibonacci said...

Also, you referenced "ye she shall be [as] gods."

What about it?

"Ye shall be perfect, just as your heavenly father is perfect."

How about that?

Katie said...

You think because Skillet dresses in black and has "the eye" that they are evil? I wear black, does that make me evil? Black is just a color and looks very flattering on some people. You should do your homework before you judge. "Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment." John 7:24 You judge them based on clothing and pictures. You haven't gotten to know them as people. They have 8+ albums, including a worship album.(with songs like Sing to the Lord). They have songs like Alien Youth with lyrics like "Worldwide Jesus domination
Love conquers all
Rise like a chosen generation
There's no stopping it all." Korey Cooper leads a book club and right now we are doing a year Bible Study. Before that we did A.W Tozer's "Pursuit of God". I could go on and on about things like John talking about God at every concert. "People will tell you that living for Jesus is a waste of time. But the Bible says, I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ." Whatever you want to know about, I can give.

Katie said...

And now that I finished writing that long comment I see someone else has stood up for Skillet. Haha. Anyways, sorry, Skillet is my favorite band. I know everything about them and Korey is a spiritual influence on me. All of you should look up "Skillet Book Club" and read the comments that all the band members post. Even Korey and John's daughter posts a couple times and she is 9(I think?)

Anonymous said... has since removed the 'eye of horus' logo off their main page. However, it is still a favicon (the small icon next to their weblink).

Here is another calvary flying the all seeing eye flag:

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, the other girl who stood up for Skillet!!! I, like you, had to stand up for one of my favorite bands. Korey and Jen are two of my biggest role models, too, and I think that more Christians should aspire to be more like them, because they are very good examples of what "Christ-like" is supposed to look like. They tour with alot of non-christian bands, and instead of throwing thier beliefs down thier throat, they just love them, like Jesus commanded. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wanted to defend them!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Smith said...

David Jeremiah blasphemy blog has good info regarding his occult leanings and pictures of Wiccans making the same " God " and
"goddess" poses he makes .

Bible Believer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bible Believer said...

I went to look it up. None of the images are working.

One thing looking at your website, don't fall for the everything is the Jews fault. Why the over-focus on Talmud Judaism? That is just another religion that rejects Jesus Christ. Often The Anti-semites play cover for Rome.

Remember what Jesus said about those who say they are Jews and are not. There are many luciferians who claim to be one religion but who are not. There may be Jews as well as other religions in Freemasonry, but the Freemasons are under papal authority when it gets right down to it.

Jeremiah is definitely full of false teachings.

I do not endorse any website anymore, because there are so many false ones out there. I tell people only trust in God 100%.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying anything in here is wrong, but I feel it important to mention that there were 2 eye symbols in Egypt, the eye of Horus, and the Eye of Ra. While mistakenly considered interchangeable in modern times,they originally meant very different things. Ra's eye is the left eye, meaning enlightenment, and was a symbol of the sun. Horus was a worrior god to the Egyptians, and his Eye was meant to symblize protection, watching over the land. The Egyptains themselves began to mix the two eyes, and the began to take on both symbolisms, as well as sun and moon. In actuality, it was Christianity who corrupted the Eye to mean something damming. For the person who wrote this blog to say they really researched this is hard to believe, as they mainly speak of the post-Christian uses and meanings. The eye is of A god, actually 2, and just because it's not THE God, doesn't mean it's evil. Most of the info on here referring to it after the post-Christian perversion is sadly true as that is what it has become. That is not what it was tho, and to have reverence for history is not a sin. I mean no harm in this post, just trying to enlighten.

Anonymous said...

Please don't play around and try to justify idolatry and wicked sympolism as benign.

It is dangerous to the soul.

Also, rock music band members can claim they have faith...but IF their actions prove they revel in wicked symbolism (identified by certain clothing, tattoos, hand gestures, logos, confusing lyrics that aren't biblical etc) then their faith claim is nothing but deception.

Satan is the father of lies.

Don't fall for it and passionately defend them: They seek to shipwreck you.

Exodus 20:3
"You shall have no other gods before Me."

Anonymous said...

Symbol alert: Hidden within the obvious "all-seeing-eye" design of the Shadow Mountain Community church stain glass an upside-down cross.

The entire cross is a distinct golden color. The vertical post-beam of the cross extends ABOVE the orange circle, but it does NOT extend below. This is definitely an upside down cross (Satanic).

Anonymous said...

Guys I need some advice I woke up this morning really shocked as I was dreaming abt the symbol of this one eye all over I'm scared because it was a really weird dream if any1 has any advice 2 offer me pls do its urgent n ohya I'm a Christian n I have been 4 this major youth rally this weekend. Any idea on what this dream could be telling me n in this dream there was a woman leading the group and she was evil but the group did not know. So please asap reply 2 me if u need more info about this dream(the reason I'm afraid is most of my dreams come true 2 an extent)

Bible Believer said...

Maybe God is warning you to stay far away from that particular youth rally. It sounds like you are upset dream or no dream. I would pray and God to show you the truth. Plenty of evil "women" running these shows on stage, and men too.

Anonymous said...

My daughter liked Skillet and we listened to Awake and Alive on a WOW CD. She wanted to hear it over and over again. And then the lyrics stuck out : I'll do what I want cus this is my life.
And that really bugged me. I don't do what I want. That's what got me in a lot of trouble when young. Now I try to do what God wants. What God's will is. I saw a video of some young satanists and that's exactly what they said: It's my life and I'll do what I want! Self worship. That's when I started looking at Skillet and thier lyrics. Now I feel creeped out by them, as well as some other Christian bands. Like The Whosoevers. Their site has a poster with a number of occult symbols - more than a secular heavy metal band has!. And I was into heavy metal in the 80s. Now I cannot listen to it. God has changed my heart. Trusting in Christ Jesus has made me a totally different person. When I read that Skillet's lead singer's main influences were Motley Crue, Metallica and Bon Jovi. Yikes! Have you seen Motley Crue and Metallica videos? I have. Talk about some satanic stuff.
Sonny Sandoval was in P.O.D. before the Whosoevers. Their albums were banned due to occult images. I doubt any Chrisitan bookstore would ban the Whosoevers due to occult images. Christian bookstores have all kinds of new age/emergent church stuff. My husband is not a Christian. He was listening to POD the other day. I said - hey that's the band that was banned from Christian bookstores! He got upset and said, "They are not Christian!" I said, "Thank you". My non-Christian friends see the truth, but tell a Christian their Christian band has questionable lyrics and symbolism and style and they get all upset. Talking to my daughter's Christian daycare provider about it the other day - she said that they probably don't know they are using occult symbolism. I felt so sad that people are naive. Jesus told his disciples he was sending them out as sheep among wolves. Not much has changed these days, except the wolves are not hiding so much - it's out in the open blatent. People are so desensitized? Well I could go on and on. Thanks for your site.

Bible Believer said...

Hi I am glad you heard those Skillet lyrics for yourself.

Instead of singing Do what God tells you, they are singing the basic building block of paganism and the occult which is "DO WHAT THOU WILT IS THE WHOLE OF THE LAW" [ie do what you want] Guess that does not surprise me given their other occult symbols.

So you were right to discern that. That is the message in this evil world and all over the occult.

Many of the Christian bands creep me out, when I was unsaved, I listened to wicked music when young and they are just as wicked with the same messages, dress and attitudes, the "Christian" veneer is very thin.

I looked up the Whosevers, very very creepy, big time occult imagery, even in the background writing here and other ads.

I notice here, they got the Nazi eagle, satanic lightening bolts, the backwards writing, and Masonic focus on the W in their T-shirts

scroll down to see T-shirts.

Scroll even more down at that website and I notice the Calvary Chapel pastor names below the very severe looking young men that all each have one eye blacked out in the photo.

Just horrible.

I was into heavy metal, goth, industrial--this was the early 90s and very wicked music. Today all of it makes me sick and the evil messages they give people not just in the graphics but in the lyrics.

Looked up some Whosoevers lyrics
Just as creepy as I suspected

Graying lyrics
Send "Graying" Ringtone to your Cell
Trees on the hills, the sun in the sky
The wind at the back is turning my head
Coins in the pool, the check's in the mail
I'd laugh if I could, but I'm already dead
The Word's on my lips but my joke is too old
I hear a deafening roar from under my bed
I lost that feeling in my room
In that mess, in that mess
You should clean that knife off when
You're through
And wipe that blood off of your dress
Lights in the dark, lights in my mind
The funny thing is I'm enjoying the pain
The fault of the world, the fault of my own
The fault of the one who started this game
Not funny to live, not funny to die
Not funny to have this horrible stain
I lost that feeling in my room
In that mess, in that mess
You should clean that knife off when
You're through
And wipe that blood off of your dress
Never thought I'd love
Never thought I'd die
Never thought because of you I'd ever cry
Never thought I'd live
Never thought I'd try
Never thought I'd see myself
In a graying blue and white sky

Yeah with that lead singer of Skillet, praising wicked bands, I listened to both Metallica and Motley Crue in the 1980s, that tells you right there something is very wrong.
They all are very satanic bands.
I think in the POD days there was some discernment, now it's gone. THey have even more satanic stuff laying around Christian bookstores even on the bookcovers.

With non-believers they seem less duped then many of the so called "Christians", how come some non-believers can see through the false TV preachers, while the "Christians" praise them?

Yes I've heard the excuses, everyone wants to blame the infiltrated satanic graphic designers that seem to have taken over the Christian world. Well with the bands, they wrote and sing those horrible lyrics too, and get certain types of pictures taken and wear certain types of clothes so there is no excuse.

I feel sad about it too. What is sad is the stuff is so blantantly satanic, and people just do not "see" it, they have been indoctrinated by the wolves. Some of this has been a long process in the coming.

Anonymous said...

Do As Thou Wilt - I think that started with Aleister Crowley? I think he was very proud to be thought of as the most wicked man on earth years ago.

Wow. What a poster! I hadn't seen that. And the O in P.O.D has the triquetra in the middle, just like always. One of my relatives who is a Wiccan has the same symbol tattooed on her arm. I was wondering about the W in the circle - that seemed to mean something but couldn't put my finger on it.

And the lyrics. Wow, I feel sick to my stomach. If they didn't claim to be Christian, it wouldn't be a big deal.

Seeing that poster and looking at the sites of supposed Christian bands, again, makes me feel so sad - and sick, too. My heart just gets so heavy to see this, and Christians just falling for it. My friend says, "But they glorify Jesus". I think most false teachers do that. The new age movement and emergent church talk about Jesus and God and alot, but it's not the Jesus of the Bible. It's another Jesus. A teacher, a guide. Not our saviour who died for us.

The Calvary Chapel I left had the Whosoevers play there. Also Priesthood, a rap group. I always thought the name Priesthood was kind of strange for a Christian group. They also had a band the Silent Nine play there. Their lyrics are dark, too, of course.
Interestingly, they are working with Traa Daniels - P.O.D. producer.

I was going back and forth with my aunt. She said we need this music to reach the kids. She says the fruit will tell the story. I told her I see the fruit of this music with some of my 'Christian' friends. They love the Whosoevers. The also don't read their Bibles. They say they don't like to read. They say they aren't smart enough to understand the Bible. I asked one of them who is struggling with doubt if she's praying - is she praying for discernment, wisdom, good judgment? She said no. My heart aches because I see that's probably why they like Harry Potter, the things of this world, and believe the things they are told in thier emergent churches - like contemplative prayer and baptism of the holy spirit are things Christians need to do. They need to experience God, feel God. It's all about feeling.

This, along with the saturation of our society with witchcraft, wizards, vampires in games, TV, movies, books, Disney - everywhere it seems - accepted by society and Christians - seems very significant to me. We are being desensitized, prepped/conditioned.

Mike Hukabee had Brian Head Welch and Michael Smith on together. Michael Smith - the one with runes and backwards writing on his albums. I thought, how fitting.

I totally agree. There was a little more discernment back then. Not so much now. This has been a long process, yes. Looking back over the years you can kinda see it how it's developed and now, wow, it's just in your face.

I can just picture Brian Head Welch and Sonny Sandoval laughing all the way to the bank at the gullible Christians.

Anonymous said...

Also on the Silent Nine their logo is an eagle holding a gun on one side and gas mask in the other. Their album - Falling Pyramids.
Bio is very interesting. I have not read on thing about Jesus, but they do have the eye symboism going on.!/page_object/page_object_photos/artist_1483289?sel_photo_id=5279730&onphotoview=increment_lp_photo_views

Bible Believer said...

I went to go look up Silent Nine, yeah that is anything but Christian symbols. Wonder what the letters stand for? Just weird.

I went to the link

and noticed a guy making satanic hand signs right off

then there is the guy with some kind of satanic medallion on his clothes and the weird "trigger" and satanic messages behind him.

"the kill"

"day walker" [another name for demons or possesed person in the occult just so you know]

"silence" [hmm how often do we see that word plastered all over MK art and ads, sometimes with the finger up to the lips?]

"shadow people" you got to be kidding me yeah they got that one too. Shadow people is another name for demons, that show up as "shadows" in occult and paranormal world.

In another picture, with the guy with satanic hand signs, they got 'Silent Victim" in a square.

Hey as far as I am concerned they may as well wrote MK ULTRA on a sticker and plastered it on their foreheads and wore T-shirts, "We really work on behalf of Satan".

Then the guy has a lizard tongue sticking out, they love to model that pose. I am not saying lizard like David Icke uses them but those who love the evil look and copy it.

One picture they are all making a "square" in way they are standing. Feet positions. This could be accidental but then maybe not.

Then there is the album with the triangle pyramids and eyes.

Bible Believer said...

Aleister Crowley did popularize the whole Do As Thou Wilt thing but I believe it existed in the occult and witchcraft already. He reveled in his wickedness. Sure the triqueta, is a popular Wiccan symbol, so yes why is a "Christian" band using it? 'W" is an important letter to the Freemasons and sign of occult, also "G" is as well.
Yes the lyrics make me sick, all I have to do now with these bands, is pick one of their songs at random and we can see evil. I picked at random there, and it did not disappoint. It is horrific there are young people listening to that stuff thinking it is Christian.
I know I feel sad too and thinking of the influences on the very young, it's beyond horrible.
Yeah I hear the "but they glorify Jesus" line too, and that is the excuse given for all the dark trappings. They have to "appeal" to outsiders, they have to do that to sell albums, but it's all excuses.

When I was a UU Theosophist, [I am ex-Catholic as well as ex-UU] I heard about Jesus all the time in both false churches. Most false religions praise a false "jesus" of some sort, even if "jesus" is not a central figure in the religion, they will have him there as an avatar, or a 'moral teacher" or a "prophet" Even the theosophists spoke of "jesus" as an "ascended master" and one of many "avatars" and looked for "the christ" [actually the antichrist]
Yeah I notice the ties to Calvary Chapel on the Whosoevers ad, so those false preachers go along with bands that mark themselves for Satan.

There is a band called Priesthood, yeah even the band names often are a mark.
I think all of this music will be harmful, nothing good coming from it all except to have more believe they are Christians who really are of the world. It helps keep the false 'conversions" BGEA Graham/Emergent/ecumenical factory going. So yes they listen to these bands, and well, remember too as we mentioned above with the "Christian culture" stuff, they subscribe to that, and it's anything but. Of course these bands are influencing for emergent, contemplative beliefs and practices. The ecumenical beliefs go hand in hand with the "culture" and the bands and false preachers. It makes my heart ache too and no one reads God's Word, they listen to this stuff instead. Yes it is tied in with the experiential stuff. And definitely you are right about how the music has helped desensitize them to the occult.

Yes I believe many of them are laughing all the way to the bank, and the knowing ones probably even mock the ones they are fooling.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments. Yes, I wouldn't doubt they would be mocking as well.

I just found the Whosoevers blog:

Please take a look and scroll through at the artwork and pictures. wow. Arise 37 artwork is just wow.

Anonymous said...

On the Whosoevers blog, Sonny Sandoval is wearing a shirt by a clothing company called Obey. It's on page 3.

Here's the website for Obey clothing:

Some shirts with little upside down crosses and skeletons. When I was at the mall the other day I saw in a window a white shirt with a big multicolored upsidedown cross on the front with the word Obey on the top. I was like, ew, that's weird. Now I see it's a clothing line. Notice the necklace with with a figure on all fours in the pyramid with rays emanating from it. Interesting.

Bible Believer said...

I am familiar with that Obey artist and his art work. Talk about being full of mind control triggers and other occult symbols. I have to admit when I saw that Obey figure around years ago, it made me sick, kind of like it was a designed meme to influence people. Ever wonder why in the art world someone who draws "NICE stuff or lets say a poster that said OBEY GOD, well they'd never let them in the door of the apostate art museum. I went to an art show that had too many Eastern religion influences for my liking and told a friend, I bet if a Christian art show was done, with pictures of people reading the Bible or paintings of people praying or pictures of flowers and bible verses, the art museum would never let it in the door. Never have seen one, but Buddha seems to get a lot of play without reservation.

That Obey stuff, by the way, see the Elephant shirt, has a LOT of Communist iconography, it is embedded all over the place as well as the sun worship rays. Then noticing the grey shirt, where it says Worldwide Propaganda, I notice the pentagram and more OBEY. This clothing I believe is designed for the "peasants" to wear while the elite mock them, and probably a chosen artist to design the whole lot of it.

Did you know the artist who designed that Obey stuff did the Obame HOPE poster everyone came to know so well?

I wonder why he wears a T-shirt that says DAMAGED on it. Is he trying to tell us something?

As false preachers and others are "chosen", I believe it definitely can extend to artists.

The art world is infiltrated to the max, as well as many other areas.

Bible Believer said...

Wow on the whosoevers blog

Tons of satanic hand signs. What are they trying to emulate gangsters flashing hand signs?

That Arise 37 "art" is sickening.

What's with the guy wearing the SS Skull T-Shirt?

Absolutely sickening.

They couldn't make their art, posters, T-shirts more satanic if they tried.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the Obama poster yesterday with their pentagram logo in the bottom left hand corner.

The guy in the SS skull shirt as well as others seem to be using thier index finger to point alot. Is that a masonic sign? I see they are using the fist image here and there, too. Thanks for responding to me concerns and pointing out things that I missed.

And you're right. The more twisted the 'art' is the more it's praised.

I noticed some people commenting on other websites on obey and how it's all about the irony and how brilliant it is.


Bible Believer said...

Yes the weird pointing goes along with endless handsigns

Did you see the newest on the blog?

I thought you got to be kidding me when I saw this one....

OWl, X-sign--just like the crossed keys on the Vatican insignia, saturn spirals for the feathers, "V" in the owl forehead...

It is just so in your face.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah the obey supporters, claim it's ironic, but that is just more delusion, there they can brainwash people openly putting OBEY OBEY OBEY in their faces.

Anonymous said...

I had not seen the owl poster. Can't get much more in your face than that.

I was reading the Whosoever blog, and at around page 12 Brian Head Welch reunited with Korn at a concert in May and played a song with them. I googled it and read a few articles about it. He said he was happy to be reunited/reconciled with his family. He left that life because it was killing him - but now he's happy to back?

I think of 2 Corinthians 5:17

I didn't realize Welch had a new band Love and Death. The cover of which has a kid with a gas mask on. What's with the gas masks? Silent Nine uses it on their moniker. Blueprint Graffitti, who is touring with Silent Nine, has it on thier sticker.

This guy from Maranatha has an interesting interview and his thoughts on being labeled a Christian band:
The statement about Spirit-Filled music, or being led by the Spirit came up a couple times. But I don't believe it's the Holy Spirit. Would the Holy Spirit lead someone to use an inverted cross as cover art?

And then we have the Indi Vision Music logo.

Anonymous said...

The Silent Nine has a new video on their site. They focus a lot on the one-eye symbolism. They played at Calvary Chapel. The closest they come to saying anything about God is in the song Jim Jones where the lyrics say: "They look up at the skies with confusion in their eyes. They stand and look around for their savior to return."

It made me think of people waiting for the rapture that doesn't happen.

Listening to the song on their website and the lyrics they showed was pretty creepy. Cadavers lying in the street. I guess from people slaying the evil doers or something like that.

I thought of the people slaying true Christians thinking they are doing God a service. John 16:2

It is becoming so real to me lately how people are not reading the Bible and following false teachers with their new age teachings. I think Alice Bailey said that churches would be infiltrated with new age beliefs and methods. Looks like her channeled beliefs have become reality.

Anonymous said...

A friend went with her church yesterday for a taping of praise the lord at TBN. She said they were paid for sitting in the audience. Scott Strapp from Creed was interviewed. They gave everyone a copy of his book about how he went from suicidal drug addict to finding Jesus. She just showed me the book. I looked at the back cover at there's one half of his face, giviNg us the one-eyed symbolism. She didn't know about TBN, but she's looking at them now. She said the place was gaudy. I think that pretty much sums them up.

Bible Believer said...

Anon, I could only watch that video for a few minutes, it made me sick, wonder how many MK triggers they got in that thing. What kind of "Christians" would mock saying "We will cut your heads off", especially when some theorize the way of martyrship for those persecuted by the antichrist will be the guillotine?

The song below it is so sickening, I couldn't even believe it. This song is so satanic it's not funny...sounds like a demon talking especially in the chorus...









Inverse praise for the secret society, looks like they are reaching out to confuse the young PURPOSEFULLY who are getting snippets of truth about the NWO...[you know the types who read Vigilante Citizen and elsewhere.

John 16:2 does come to mind.

Agree about Alice Bailey...

Bible Believer said...

Last anon, I am glad you are warning your friend about TBN, keep up the good work. Yes those books are full of symbols aren't they?

Maliaj Rivera Yang said...

R u serious......i'm going to go right now and check it out.....I'm so sad and hurry but thank u so much for the info.....all of u

Maliaj Rivera Yang said...

R u serious???!!!...I'm going right now to go check it out....I'm so sad but thankful to know.....i used to attend one of the Calvary chapels......and so sad about Dr.David Jeremiah and third day and max lucado too....ty all of u for the info.....

Anonymous said...

I commend all the efforts, energy and research each of you have placed in your comments. Really well thought out and informative! As a born again Chrisitan I think it is imperative to utilize your ability to discern, that has been graciously provided by the Holy Spirit, to all those who believe in Christ Jesus. It is difficult to label something as broadly scoped as TBN as all negative. Creflo Dollar, Joseph Prince, T.D. Jakes, J. Hagee and many more appear hungry to do God's will and impart truth. Again discernment becomes paramount. I like Jesus Culture, Casting Crowns, Ricardo Sanchez and The Binions, to name a few musicians and have no doubt as to their intentions. Keep the faith, know that these times were prophesied about, don't get discouraged. Just remain hungry for the Word, covered in the Lamb's blood and host the presence of the Spirit and the Lord almighty will remain your fortess and refuge. Peace in Christ. As an aside, the more time we take to fill our heads with the wrongs of society, the less time we spend in truth, it's Satan's great diversion tactic to create in us such a fascination about our opposition. Don't give him too much due diligence. Then he wins.

Anonymous said...

About Christian Music...

If a person believes that Lucifer is the savior to the world and is goodness and light and is the "anointed one" (christos) an they form a band and write and sing songs...

is it still considered to be a "Christian Band"?

Anonymous said...

There is a Skillet song called "Saturn" and it is a Saturn worship song. swoop! almost every single corporation is updating their logos to have luciferian swoops/rings of Saturn worship symbols.

Bible Believer said...

I looked up that song...very very creepy..

I ask Him when will I be free
He said, "I am"
Asking Him when will I change
He said, "No matter now, no matter now"

Saturn has a ring around it
You can never see it with your eyes
Saturn has a ring around it
Many moons know this to be true

You ask Him, how can you be real
He said, "You'll be"
Knowing Him how you do
Now He says, "Rest in this, rest in this"

Saturn has a ring around it
You can never see it with your eyes
Saturn has a ring around it
Many moons know this to be true

Saturn has a ring around it
You can never see it with your eyes
Saturn has a ring around it
Many moons know this to be

Saturn has a ring around it
Which you can never see it with your eyes
Saturn has a ring around it
Many moons know this to be

Heaven has a ring around it
The angels sing a song over You
Heaven has a ring around You
If You don't see it know that it's true

Heaven has a ring around it
The angels sing a song over You
Heaven has a ring around You
If You don't see it know that it's true

If You don't see it know that it's true
If You don't see it know that it's true
If You don't see it know that it's true

Who is the HIM they are singing of but Satan.

They know most people and listeners are not going to know about the SATURN symbols or what the swoops mean.

Ugh the video even has the Masonic two grey pillars around the band..


Unknown said...

The new POD also has gas masks on the cover. These masks have that alien gray look to the faces.

Kathy Bonham said...

What do you think of this video-documentary? It is over 2 hours long, but necessary to see the entire thing. I am anxious to hear your thoughts on this. Kathy

Kathy Bonham said...

Also, this is two parts, and again over 2 hours. You will notice in the second one beginning around 1:01:00 to see symbols noted right before our very eyes. However, they are shown throughout the entire documentary.

Kathy Bonham said...

I told you wrong. Check part 2 of that video beginning at the 21:00 mark.

Anonymous said...

The eye of Horus is not the eye on the dollar bill!!

The eye of Horus has been used for thousand upon thousands of years and represents good ( also adopted by many ancient and modern civilisations to repel the effect of "The Evil Eye".

Now sure the powers that be use a lot of reverse symbolism off the top of my head the Swastika used by Hitler and many racist movements, yet what can we find of it's origin (The word "swastika" comes from the Sanskrit svastika - "su" meaning "good," "asti" meaning "to be," and "ka" as a suffix.The swastika means "to be good").

There is soo much documentation on the "Eye Of Horus", and unfortunately a lot of it by people who have done no research whatsoever on the subject(looking @ youtube and reading books written by people who have gathered 99.9% of their info from the net and youtube isn't helping.

But search and you will find this symbol stood and still stands for good and is still used by many civilisations around the world to repel the effects of the "Evil Eye"

I have been studying (Ancient Egypt) since my teens,(not the Egypt inhabited by Greeks or Romans...long before). Now in my 40's ..You will see and continue to see Egyptology both literally and symbolically used, and I refer again to reverse symbolism in which the goal is to reverse the power of said object or symbol to achieve exactly that, & harness the energy it may contain but to be used in reverse.

Most things in this world can be used in this way..

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm the same person who wrote about the "EYE OF HORUS" not being this eye you all seem to be talking about. The Owl sign is the sign of the bohemian society..

What I wanted to say was all these people talking about Jesus etc and I appreciate and respect each and every one of you, But Jesus the word, the symbols are all part of this thing and you guys are pointing the finger elsewhere.

just who was Jesus?? Are you all referring to Yashua Bar Miriam ?

I strongly doubt this will even be posted up and if I had more time I would really like to go into this. We get the change of name when adopted by the Greeks who loved Zues.. Ever wonder why when a Spaniard is called Jesus and you hear it pronounces phonetically it's pronounced "Hey Zeus"!!

What the Greeks done was take the Yah or Jah you know these guys replaced every Y with a J, so they took the Yah from YHWH or Jah and combined it with Zues so what we got was Jahzeus or Jesus..

If we believe In the Karast or Christ then why are we not calling the name of Yashua Bar Miriam the Hamasshiak..

I love you all from the bottom of my heart don't loose faith but search a little. We have no excuse any more.

We have been duped for far to long and it's time to wake up and move the stone from the tomb and free our minds, may the creator of existence bless you all on your going out and coming in and your blessing be abundant in the personification of all things good in Joy, true happiness and Love.

Bible Believer said...

The swastika is related to sun worship. That is why the Dalai Lama and his temples has his textiles even plastered with the symbols. If one explores the history of the HORUS eye and even Eygptology, that definitely all traces back to the same luciferian roots. Yes they will say these symbols are "good" but they are not. Widespread in the world's religion does not mean they are "good" in fact they are representative of Satan's lies via multiple false religions.

Thousands of years ago the "sun" ties are there.

Bible Believer said...

Anon, are you part of the NAME movement?

Some of that stuff can be used with errors and to bring in Hebrew Roots stuff. I have noticed immense "Jewish fables" with groups that advance the "Sacred Name movement" or Lew White teachings.

I am familiar with Lew White and have read several fossilized Customs book, those books had a mixture of TRUTHS--Mystery Babylon stuff, mixed with deceptions.

Probably another thing I need to study more and write on.

With the "name" stuff, I know in language we have limitations, I am still stuck using FREIDA, FRIDAY, if I say to people oh the 5th or 6th day of the week, it's not going to work as well.

I figure God will understand what we are dealing with.

I mean how do I trust these translators of Jesus's name, when they have their teachings cholk full of Jewish fables?

Anonymous said...

No I am part of no movement I have studied Religion and Ancient Egypt for over 24 years.. and trust me I have been a full 360 degrees one full circle on this journey.. This will be my last post i rarely have the time and literally stumbled across this and was just tired of people talking about things they couldn't really back up and then to see people talking and referring to Jesus who like it or not is Yashua is Tammuz is Sananda is Melchizideck is the Angel Mikael ..

The church and league of churches and early vatican leaders saw to it the truth will always avail the vasst majority, the people are evil beyond comprehension how many people here have read the bible in it's original form?? Including Gnostic and aporapha writing that it was decided would not be included..

How can you rubbish a name system that derives from the people who bought the writings to you are we in agreement the old testament is a direct translation from the Torah??

There was once a man called Ibrahim , Abraham Ibrim Abram whatever suits you, this man had no religion according to the earliest writing he worshipped Ba'al as did his father before him.

The thing here is this and something i was guilty of myself long ago, and that's taking what we want or see as wrong, picking and choosing, the bible is either totally corrupted or not after all one rotten apple will truly eventually rot the whole barrel, this is a fact..

Genesis or the genealogy of Isis??
you talk of Jewish fables and Hebrew roots stuff, just where did your teachings come from?

Its time to wake up people and make a decision i am @ peace within me after 24 some years of being left totally messed up by organised religion.. There are truths and thngs in this world that will truly blow your mind, If you can't move from this place and start to address some of the issues open mindedly then your children's children's children will still be none the wiser..

As true believer or seekers of the truth you have to have an open mind and accept we have been systematically brain washed as were our fathers fathers from the womb.. Until we forget what we think we know this will go on and on, one day approach something as knowing nothing, because my brothers and sisters what the vast majority know accounts for a tiny grain of salt.

You all be blessed I will not be returning as I said before but wish you all True Love with every part of me and believe in you and the power you have because if you have true belief you truly can move mountains, so move them my brothers and sisters and believe in your god self.. It was once asked of you " Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?" .. be the goda you were born to be one love one heart peace and blessings to you all may you and you families be blessed continually .. It is your duty to ask questions and seek answers but it is like the undoing of the healing of the deaf and blind if we continue to let the ignorance impacted on us by principalities and powers allude us from enlightenment from the true grace..

Love eternally yours


Unknown said...

This chronicles step by step how the adversary had a hand in our modern English pronunciation of Yeshua HaMachiah as gee-juz kryst.

Unknown said...

oops wrong link from my last post:

Gordon said...

Since you feel you are god or a god or one of many gods,

Would you explain how you or anyone else was created as a god? Who created you to be a god? The very fact that you are physical, refutes your claimed deity according to the very Gnostic writings you feel have been hidden.

Gnostic doctrine teaches all matter is evil- therefore physical you as "god" cannot truly love, as that would be opposite of evil. The circle you claim to have completed is a loop of circular reasoning with a beginning but no end, not really true peace, because you will have to maintain it yourself as god anyway.

1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Matt 14
25 And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea.

There is only One God who is our Creator, and He walks on water.
Three Co-equal, Co-eternal, Persons, One Being. -Not a created being-

John 14:6
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
John 14:27
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
John 3:18
He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

Anonymous said...

The eye of horus is not the eye on the dollar bill.

The eye on the dollar bill is the sign of the great architect. Also known as Lucifer.

This being has shown such great signs & wonders to his followers that they believe him to be god.

It is a part of the final delusion by Lucifer (satan) so man swears allegiance to him & his fraternities/groups, in exchange for status &/or wealth, in order that they accompany him in the lake of fire to come.

The individuals who honor the great architect (some of them anyway) do not know he is satan. They believe he is god, and a benevolent being of light come to help them. This is the delusion, and a master stroke at that.

Anonymous said...

Tsk! You Christians, eh? Always ready to twist anything to suit your own beliefs and to persue the idea with a blinkered pedantry. This also goes for the followers of any religion, by the way, it's just that Christians are the main protagonists on this webpage I happen to have stumbled across. If you're wondering about my own personal origins/background I am 60 years old, white and English and am proud to consider myself non-religious. Which is not to say that I am atheist; being brainwashed by organised religion is not the same as having a belief in a God or Gods, nor as having any other sense of spirituality. But to the facts: the original comment on this page makes a very basic error, proclaiming "you've all seen the Eye of Horus on the American Dollar". Well, only a right-wing American would be so arrogant and ignorant as to assume that everyone everywhere reading this sentence would be familiar with your country's currency, but thanks anyway for magnanimously providing a picture for our reference. Several pictures, in fact. None of which actually depict the Eye of Horus. What you've got hold of there is the Eye of Providence, the All-Seeing Eye of God, adopted in 1782 as part of the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, in which it is accompanied with the Latin "Annuit coeptis", meaning "He approves (our) undertakings". I leave it you to decide on your interpretation of your Founding Fathers' intentions in this; whether they intended it to be read that it is God or Satan who looks kindly upon the prosperity, success and well-being of the USA and its citizens. Ironically the illustration at the head of this webpage actually DOES depict the Eye of Horus, and it takes only a cursory examination to see the vast differences between the two designs. The Eye of Horus has its origins in ancient Egyptian theology and was held to be a protective symbol offering and representing health, wealth, happiness and prosperity, which is where you might be getting confused. It has never been associated with Devil-worship, except possibly in the minds of the more rabid Christian extremists. The Eye of Providence (also adopted as a symbol of Freemasonry) is usually regarded as a reminder that one's deeds and thoughts are always under the scrutiny of the All-seeing God. Maybe that's why it has been adopted into Christian religious symbolism by the Christian heirarchy of their day. Nothing whatsoever to do with Satan. But I guess there are always people who see "evil" and "the Devil's work" everywhere they look. Strange how those same people are so adamant that their God created everything.

Bible Believer said...

If you read enough of this blog, I haven't always been a Christian, and remember the Horus eyeball all over the place in various guises. "god's eyes" in the 70s, evil eye amulets, etc. It appears all over the place in a wide variety of FALSE RELIGIONS. I can find the Horus Eye in a variety of world cultures.

I live in America, what other currency am I going to see and talk about? I guess I could go download some various world currencies and find NWO markings there too. Yeah I have seen them. This was an older article too before I had built an audience that is now world-wide.

I'm not right wing. Did you see the index. RIGHT AND LEFT WING DECEPTIONS?

I am not a neo-con.

And by the way being an ex-UNITARIAN-UNIVERSALIST all the stuff you have to say about being non-religious but not an atheist isn't new either!

Eye of Province. Not it is not. Did you see what the commenter above said, they lie and say these symbols are of God, when they are NOT!

Sure there are people that call things Christian that are not. I even read in a false book, these people who considered the pentagram to be a "Christian" symbol!

I studied the religion of Eygpt etc, during my UU years. Yes there are many that say things are "good" and not devil-worship, but really ARE.

It has everything do with Satan. Satan represents himself under both "light" and dark duality.

Anonymous said...

Well well well, why did I not see that one coming!

Actually I did, because those of you who are hide-bound by organised religious dogma and doctrine simply do not want to acknowledge anything else. You are blinkered and ultimately blinded by a paranoia of your own making. You think you know it all, but by denying everything you know nothing.

Religion is superstition. That is how it began, in the earliest days of man's attempts to understand and explain the world around him. In the absence of any science, it was the blind hope that, since humanity is too weak and powerless to control the world, our environment and our destiny then maybe there is something else that can. And maybe if by offering our subjugation we can influence that "whatever-it-is" (ie, "God")to fix things in our favour. This is how religion started. And then, certain individuals realised that if they claimed to have some special secret, some kind of a hotline to the Gods whereby they could mediate with them on our behalf, then it would give them a certain influence and power within their social group, whether that be a tribe, a village, a town or a city. They became "priests". As society grew, so too did their influence, their power, their control, and their appetite for holding onto it.

This mythology which you adhere to may have had its origins in true, factual events: probably Abraham, Moses, the Old Testament prophets, and Jesus himself really were actual people who lived actual lives. Or maybe those stories were "based on true-life events". Or a combination of the two. I myself don't doubt that that is the case. But if they WERE real people then they were only human beings, not the basis for some theological structure or hypothesis.

You stipulate that the eye shown on the Dollar is not the Eye of Providence. Well, you're never going to believe what I say, so how about I refer you to some other sources for reading? Let's start with this one:

"On Independence Day, 1776 a committee was created to design a seal for the new American nation. The committee's members were Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams, with Pierre Du Simitiere as artist and consultant. Of the four men involved, only Benjamin Franklin was a Mason, and he contributed nothing of a Masonic nature to the committee's proposed design for a seal.

"Du Simitiere, the committee's consultant and a non-Mason, contributed several major design features that made their way into the ultimate design of the seal: 'the shield, E Pluribus Unum, MDCCLXXVI, and the eye of providence in a triangle." The eye of providence on the seal thus can be traced, not to the Masons, but to a non-Mason consultant to the committee.

"The single eye was a well-established artistic convention for an 'omniscient Ubiquitous Deity' in the medallic art of the Renaissance. Du Simitiere, who suggested using the symbol, collected art books and was familiar with the artistic and ornamental devices used in Renaissance art." This was the same cultural iconography that eventually led Masons to add the all-seeing eye to their symbols."
(The bold type on "eye of providence" is mine)

Running out of length so I'll continue on a second post.

Anonymous said...

Continuation (Second post)

I would also refer you to: (which categorically denies any connection with the Eye of Horus), thus:
"The Great Seal's official description does not specify a left or right eye.
The designers of the Great Seal did not call it an "all-seeing eye." They referred to it as the "eye of Providence."
And they never called it the "eye of Horus.""




Of course, as a God-fearing Christian you would deny all this factual information as the deceitful work of the Devil, but I would ask you this: the design for the reverse of the current dollar bill was personally approved by one of your greatest-ever Presidents, Franklin D Roosevelt. Would that make him a Devil-worshipper?


Anonymous said...

Not a christian, not really religious at all. However, I thought I would pass along some information. I noticed many of you were looking over the Cube symbolism. The cube / time cube is associated with the Satan many of you believe. It is the worship of Saturn. Saturn being Satan's domain.

It is believed he controls time, and the time cube is his symbol. I noticed that one churches face book page uses the cube. They will turn it so it looks like a diamond. It's not however. It is a cube. They often times find creative ways to make it three dimensional.

So if you see allot of Cube symbolism , look it up.

It also seems like allot of you are starting to figure some things out. Not all, but some. I hope you get there. -Peace

Steve said...

The eye on the back of the dollar bill is a symbol. And because it is a symbol, it can have many names.

At the time of its printing, it was named the eye of providence.

The question one must ask themselves, is what is the 'esoteric meaning' of the eye of providence.

That, of course, is the representation of the great architect. The great architect, of course, being lucifer the light bearer.

Masons regard it as god. Any who deny this are lying, as Agnosticism is a minimum requirement to join a lodge.

Many fraternal brothers cannot possibly fathom that a 'source of light' is evil. They need to read the following verse more closely:

"And no wonder, for satan himself masquerades as an angel of light" -2 Cor 11:14

Anonymous said...

Well about 2 years ago, I would have thought all these posts were nuts but after becoming a Christian let's just say I had this unusually encounter. I was asleep...initially I was having a silly dream nothing unusual..when all of a sudden the place went black and out of mid air I saw this portal...and out of it came this "eye" it was the most errie thing I have seen in my was evil to the core and I just heard this voice telling me wake up...wake up...but I was still curious as to what would happen next...but I knew the way this eye was looking at me...that it was not good...I couldn't even get myself to wake was almost like the energy from the portal had me strapped to my bed and I had to wrench myself up...when I woke my whole head was hot from the energy this thing gave off. I thought I was crazy...but I needed to know what that "eye" was all about. That was when I saw websites describing the "eye of the Horus" and I was is what I saw. I even read some websites that said it Egyptian mythology and meant that it was something "good".Sure...right...I am telling you there is nothing "good" about that is demonic. And now that I see the symbolism so many places, I don't know how I could have missed it before, particularly that I now have to study Egyptian philosophy for school now.

Anonymous said...

Well about 2 years ago, I would have thought all these posts were nuts but after becoming a Christian let's just say I had this unusually encounter. I was asleep...initially I was having a silly dream nothing unusual..when all of a sudden the place went black and out of mid air I saw this portal...and out of it came this "eye" it was the most errie thing I have seen in my was evil to the core and I just heard this voice telling me wake up...wake up...but I was still curious as to what would happen next...but I knew the way this eye was looking at me...that it was not good...I couldn't even get myself to wake was almost like the energy from the portal had me strapped to my bed and I had to wrench myself up...when I woke my whole head was hot from the energy this thing gave off. I thought I was crazy...but I needed to know what that "eye" was all about. That was when I saw websites describing the "eye of the Horus" and I was is what I saw. I even read some websites that said it Egyptian mythology and meant that it was something "good".Sure...right...I am telling you there is nothing "good" about that is demonic. And now that I see the symbolism so many places, I don't know how I could have missed it before, particularly that I now have to study Egyptian philosophy for college now.

Anonymous said...

Well about 2 years ago, I would have thought all these posts were nuts but after becoming a Christian let's just say I had this unusually encounter. I was asleep...initially I was having a silly dream nothing unusual..when all of a sudden the place went black and out of mid air I saw this portal...and out of it came this "eye" it was the most errie thing I have seen in my was evil to the core and I just heard this voice telling me wake up...wake up...but I was still curious as to what would happen next...but I knew the way this eye was looking at me...that it was not good...I couldn't even get myself to wake was almost like the energy from the portal had me strapped to my bed and I had to wrench myself up...when I woke my whole head was hot from the energy this thing gave off. I thought I was crazy...but I needed to know what that "eye" was all about. That was when I saw websites describing the "eye of the Horus" and I was is what I saw. I even read some websites that said it Egyptian mythology and meant that it was something "good".Sure...right...I am telling you there is nothing "good" about that is demonic. And now that I see the symbolism so many places, I don't know how I could have missed it before, particularly that I now have to study Egyptian philosophy for college now.

Szymon said...


I live in Poland, it is catholic and a real snakepit, just look here:

These are the lowest of low, satans foot soldiers.

Some pictures from a church in Prague:

Anonymous said...

The one eye sybolism is satanic it is done in hollywood and the music industry bye the illuminati who own the industry to mark their property. They force artists to do this wittingly or unwittingly to display this occult symbolism so they can self promote their doctrines and mark there property. The profecies are being fulfilled. The freemasons illuminati witches are in control of the world because they have sold out to satan who has the power to give. But he has but a short time so he roars about like a mighty lion seeking whom he may devour. What profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul. Read the scriptures it reveals the truth about the agenda of the illuminti in the parable of the idol shepard who leaveth his flock the sword shall be upon his right eye and it will be utterly darkened. This is the description of the illuminati and their god the antichrist.

Anonymous said...

The christian fish symbol also looks very much like an eye.

Katie said...

I'm leaving a comment (as a late reply, sorry) for the anonymous who talked about Awake and Alive's lyrics saying "I'll do what I want, cause this is my life".

Anonymous, you didn't finish those lyrics "I'll stand my ground and never back down. I know what I believe inside, I'm awake and I'm alive"

It goes on to say that the world is trying to take them down and steal their soul. That's what Satan wants from us, He wants our soul. We are supposed to be not of this world. That's all that lyric is saying.

If you listened to John's (lead singer) speech about the song, He talks about the war going on for our souls for how we should think and believe, and then He gives the Bible verse on how we are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus. He says that at every concert.

As I said before, you guys need to look into the character of the members before you judge.

As for John's influences, he grew up in a home, that seem to have the idea this site is giving out. That Rock is evil. He wasn't allowed to listen to any of it. It wasn't until he talked his mom into a Petra concert, that it changed. He was allowed to listen to some Christian Rock. And then, at a young age, his mom died.

Liking non Christian music doesn't make you non-Christian. I like a couple Metallica songs myself. It's what you yourself do, and you guys don't know what they do. Again, I will say check out Skillet Book Club.

Katie said...

This is their Ardent Worship album.

This is a video of Jen Ledger (their current drummer) of book club the one year Bible study. (they have also done Pursuit of God by A.W Tozer)

And everyone should watch this one

If you question them on their skulls, the Bible says we were crucified to this world.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Eye of God underneath the Sun one morning, and I am a Missionary in Thailand see my Vid on youtube:

Bible Believer said...

You need to not stare at the sun, you are hurting your eyes and have already gone blind. Satan may be leading you to stare at the sun for your own destruction. Sun-worship is of Satan. The God of the Bible is not going to lead you to stare at the sun. the Eye of Horus is not the God of the Bible but Lucifer. there is no "golden eye of the lord". Why would the Illumanti use symbol of one eye, and you think the one eye is of God? Regarding your visions, the man of perdition would have to be revealed after the world war III. Many do believe that the USA is on the brink of WWIII, regarding the rest of your vision. You need to test the spirits.

Listen to this verse:

"And beware, lest you lift up your eyes to heaven and see the sun and the moon and the stars, all the host of heaven, and be drawn away and worship them and serve them, those which the Lord your God has allotted to all the peoples under the whole heaven." Deut 4:19

Anonymous said...

What in the world. Obviously there are 7 churches to whom Christ gives correction. The are not representative of the antichrist or the false prophet.

Anonymous said...

Ask any punk deathmetal fan (who arent Christians I don't claim to be) ... they'll tell you that Skillet is not a Christian group and never has been. also check out that Michael W Smith uses these I symbols on his albums as well as demonic runes that hold coded meaning that the dragon has dominion over mankind.

Anonymous said...

Ask youself to read the Bible and study the Scriptures. And then apply them ... remove everything else. Don't listen to people who ramble on about where the devil is and feed false ideas without scripture references.

Anonymous said...

Jesus tells us to love our enemies as this is the way to heaven because Jesus is what we perceive as evil or bad in our life as only He takes us to God and when we love our enemy we are in fact loving Jesus the Son of God who takes us to our Creator.

Bible Believer said...

I agree about Skillet

Scripture is to be APPLIED.

Doesn't scripture warn of Satan as the wolf out to devour.

Anon your statement is confusing, please reword it. Some things are evil, we aren't just "perceiving" it.

Anonymous said...

the reason why these churches have that symbol is the reason why all the rest who worship satan have that symbol. so many people do not want to say it or think it but there are FALSE PROPHETS and they build churches just like any body else but just to mislead souls jeremiah 23;23 behold,I AM against those who prophesy lying dreams, declares the Lord,and who tell them and lead my people astray by their lies and their recklessness, when I DID NOT SEND THEM OR CHARGE THEM. so they do not profit these people at all declares the Lord. also matthew 23;13 woe to you, scribes and pharisees, hypocrites! for you have shut the Knigdom of Heaven in people's faces. for you neither enter yourselves nor allow those who would enter to go therefore keep your eyes open let our true believers stay prayed up and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you and Gods Word be your sword because we're in a middle of a war between God's people and the devil. he's trying to drag as many souls to hell as possible and if he have to take God's Word and twist it up and preach it to those who are called to heaven he will he's doing it now and my heart goes out to all those who are in the world because they are put under a spell (a magic trick from satan) through music, movies, video games, products, wild parties, celebrities, and the list goes on and on and on and on And ON. IN THE NAME OF JESUS LEAD YOUR PEOPLE FATHER. GOD BLESS

Anonymous said...

The TV.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to get to involved with this but most of you are just tearing apart so many great Christian bands. Why???In the end its all up to God.Skillet has been my favorite band for a long time. I saw them back in August, they were amazing. To me the lyrics "I'll do what I want cause this is my life" mean, I don't care if you tease me for being a believer and try to persuade me that it's bad because I won't listen. This is my life and I will follow Jesus because that's what I want to do. I was concerned about the awake album cover, so I asked John about it. He said its just an eye, the head is wrapped to show most people are blind to God and the gospel. I see so much hate on this page. Let's all stop and just love each other and live our lives for God, not trying to tell other people (or tearing apart great Christian bands that live for God) what they can and cannot do.<3

3Down6ToGo said...

The reason WHY this symbolism is popping up in all those "churches" is because they are false churches, the ones we were warned about. Their teachings are not Biblical. God doesn't need symbols for power.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Bible Believer......the rise of the "worship" bands and Christian(?) music industry has become a blatant idol in the hearts and minds of many people, especially the young in our society. I know. I used to be one of them, promoting bands, their music, and religious experiences that I thought were a part of following our LORD.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Look at this music industry, attend their concerts and observe the behavior of the people around you, and listen, for the life saving Gospel of Jesus Christ is absent, completely void. The "Christian" music industry basically "looks and acts just like the rest of the world" when in fact Jesus calls us out to "be not like this world." And if these bands were following Jesus and preaching/teaching His Gospel message, they would be hated by this world for His Name's sake for their message would be leading the masses to repentance, which means they would be preaching sin, and the desperate need for a Savior, Jesus, the Christ. But instead, they are promoting "God loves you no matter what you do, so do whatever you want."

And these religious bands are loved by the world, worshiped by the world, and followed by the world......and the blind love it so.

TruthVigilantee said...

I know this is late but I have to say I have seen the inside of Shadow Mountain and it is full of shadows. I saw what that commentor said, there IS an upside down cross in the pupil of the eye, it's carried diagonally upside down. It's not visible too well from far away. There is a 'mountain' (pyramid) with an eye on top and in the pupil is the upside down cross. It also looks like an eye of horus and a fish all at once, all of these things are 'hidden in plain sight.' David Jeremiah is a luciferian and into all that for sure.
And that other commenter was wrong, those guys including John Hagee are satan's servants preaching another gospel. He preaches that the jews don't need Jesus to be saved, uh, YES they do, Jesus said so Himself. There is NO OTHER way to be saved beside Jesus! Duh, it's sort of a no brainer. But he doesn't have a brain at all I guess. That man is of satan. Max Lucado is also among them as most are (99-100%)
And... I get so disgusted with all these types coming to the defense of these evildoers. No one is serving Christ if they are not an example of holiness, they are not a witness, not glorifying Him, not doing any work of the gospel, etc. They are magnifying satan. They emulate their master. There is no way around it. You cannot be a witness for Jesus that leads others to Him if you only lead them back to the fallen world by your example. That is called being a hypocrite. Compromise with the world leads to more compromise and contracts with the enemy. If you are not holy, you are not a witness for Christ and not leading anyone to Him regardless of what you say. You are just showing them how to be a really good hypocrite. For the scoffers: go google 'be holy as I am holy' and see who said it. Hint: it ain't satan.
As for they always mark themselves, uh, yeah, "eye" see what you mean here! (I am of Christ. Just a play on words combined with an observation. Good thing no one looks here anymore or else I can just imagine the false accusations...)

LovelyLady said...
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LovelyLady said...

In Titus Chapter 1, Paul was saying that a person who is pure lives a pure lifestyle and everything in their life is pure, but a person who is defiled, lives a defiled lifestyle and everything in their life is defiled because that's the manner in which they live their life. That's what he meant.

He wasn't saying that some people just think everything is evil so to that person it's evil because they think it is. Some of the things in this world truly are evil.

LovelyLady said...

Paul told the Ephesians in one of his letters to "Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." That's not condemnation, that's warning the church not to trust false prophets and follow a false gospel and a false messiah as a result.

kathie litherland said...

They have played tons of Christian music festivals and prayed and shared their testimonials.

Bianca said...

"Tom and Jerry" Satan President of Hollywood Sata…:


Bianca said...

A true believer of the Lord knows what the eye represents, so why would the band have that symbol on the cover? Have you gotten to know them long term? I think not. Wake up. Alien youth..and a book club? Think about it. I am not impressed.

Bianca said...

A true believer of the Lord knows what the eye represents, so why would the band have that symbol on the cover? Have you gotten to know them long term? I think not. Wake up. Alien youth..and a book club? Think about it. I am not impressed.

Anonymous said...

The Head center is 'the pineal gland,even the orange fruits have that center , like the Sun head of the solar system.

Anonymous said...

Oh brother! Your scraping for that one! I understand to be as wise as serpents and meek as doves, wise as serpents guys! Ive read about the eye but him making occult postures? You need to ask the Lord for a proper prospective on these things, because the enemy can also take you on a fast ride to foolishness. He would love to do it too. Just be careful.

Anonymous said...

Muslims teach the opposite of the truth. Keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

I saw the womb and phallic symbols in addition to the eye they are both in the same location, only the womb and phallis are larger than the eye.

Anonymous said...

It would be a good idea for churches to have mock lotteries for the person of the week/month who knows the most bible prophesy. People would actually start studying.

William Watts said...

I dont mean to interrupt but i do believe he uses the third eye "the mind"

William Watts said...

I dont mean to interrupt but i do believe he uses the third eye "the mind"

Trademark Lawyer said...

Thanks for the guide, it's quite unsettling that it could actually be the eye of Lucifer!

Nancy Green said...

We serve our Lord Jesus, if there is a question as to somebody's faith than something is wrong! That eye should be on nothing that represents Jesus! Nothing! Period! No argument, no condoning, no explanation that can justify it! That is what brings confusion. They should be corrected for allowing it to cause confusion and if they keep it. They are not being led by the Spirit of God. He would not want confusion about this. No idols! That is an idol is it not?

Anonymous said...

The "Eye of Horus" does not represent "Satan" in any way shape or form. In fact, in the Egyptian context in which it was used, it can be most accurately stated that it represents the opposite of Satan / Chaos. What it represents is the perfect Heavenly order. A Left Eye, I believe, represents the template for the Kingdom of Heaven. A right eye represents its manifestation on Earth. It represents the perfect, heavenly creation of law and order, and the opposite of Chaos.

This is the Egyptian doctrine that any mildly competent book on Egypt could have informed you of. You "agreeing" that the eye is of "Satan" (historically viewed as the power of Chaos) is lazy anti-intellectualism at its best. Read a book.

And, in case you were apt to disparage the eye merely because of its Egyptian pedigree, consider that the Hebrew religion arose from and is intimately tied to Egypt. If you were to speak Hebrew, knew anything of Egyptian theology, and knew anything of Jewish theology to include the deeper allegorical meanings of the Pentateuch, you would know this. Their very language has deep roots in Egyptian theology.

Anonymous said...

Just came across your website today and this particular post caught my eye as this same question has bugged me for years. Why are Christians using occult symbols? Back in 2006 I bought a book called George Washington's Sacred Fire by Peter A. Lillback. The publisher is Providence Forum Press whose symbol is the "all-seeing eye. They have evidently been questioned about this enough to warrant an entire page in the book dedicated to defending their choosing this symbol(pg. 1183 to be exact).

Anonymous said...


ran said...

anything that can be said can be said with a picture. As a historical Christian symbol it is the all seeing eye of God or Gods divine providence, the surrounding triangle is clearly a symbol of the trinity. Any supposed link to any other tradition such as that of aleister crowleys thelema or to lucofetian Satanism or anything else is a contrived attempt to draw correlations between similar mystical systems whether or not such a link is exists.
An eye is a very common and striking symbol that can be meant to mean any number of things. Just because a similar symbol exists or because it is misused by supposedly nefarious cults should not take away from its meaning as a Christian symbol.
God gave you a thinking and reasoning mind and to use it to feed into this popculture nonsense out of spiritual fear and paranoia is to give in to the very opposer himself! Be mindful that use of symbol such as this come from a time when most people couldn't read.

ran said...

It's a holy symbol no different than the symbol of the cross. Be mindful that most people in the world were illerate until the 1970s. It's a picture that means something. If all meaningful pictures are evil then how do fanatic Christians know which bathroom to use? How do you know from a glance that a red octagon means stop?
Focus your spirituality on the teachings of christ, love others and yourself as you love Christ and you'll have nothing to fear from the evil of shapes and symbols.

Anonymous said...

I found Atlantis in the mid atlantic ridge, I figured out the key is the eye..
Eye of Horus
It is EXACTLY as Plato described
The evidence is on my Facebook page

Anonymous said...

Before we can talk about "Christians" and their use of the all seeing eye and I use that term lightly because we don't really know who "Christian are". But besides that, they are being dumber down just like the average population of people. False doctrine and the occult have been taught to the masses for ever and non of them or should I say the majority of them have no clue. I have come to believe that the so called Christian both Baptist and catholic have been brain wished to giving ALL of their money and nothing in return in regards to the truth what ever that may be.

Unknown said...

Abraham is the father kane also is the trying to compare his self to our father God and lies are are in plane site in new testament

Unknown said...

Woman were deceived by Satan back them with Adam ad there greatly deceived now Thrue Lilith Adams first wife. Who became a demon.

Unknown said...

God knows who his Children are as we know him. Isn't there bigger problems in the World right now then some stupid symbol?? Many people in Church or not whatsoever the denomination are evil and many are good. I dont think a good person who is Catholic because of his culture is damnend...Paul used to be a Jew hunter. David was a warrior and stole a mans wife. Know one has the Power to see into a persons heart but God. Its about choosing good over Evil and honest repentance when you make a mistake but most of all its about loving God 1st above all else for whats right and good and whom God chooses is differant then what man would choose. I dont belive a stupid symbol is a danger to your eternal Soul. Your missing the bigger picture. Love your neigbor as you do yourself because none is Righteous not one.

blueskyys said...

As a christian, i don't understand why its so hard for people to see the difference between the truth and a lie. Good and evil. you talk of symbols and hand signs, even lyrics whether they are evil or not evil. You use scripture to back up your decisions one way or another. However scripture itself can be used and twisted to mean different things based on ones interpretation.
What is my point. Unless you have the spirit of God inside of you and are led by the holy spirit how can you discern or see clearly the scripture, its meaning, or the meaning of these websites, bands and their symbols and lyrics. I am very saddened by people avidly quoting scriptures to tear apart people and music that is actually Godly. I fear that you are judging based upon something other than the spirit of God. I'm aware of people that are of another spirit directly in the church or other places. The enemy is not hidden from me, however it is obvious to me by the discernment God gives me what spirit their of and how they operate. Finding fault with Gods believers based on a religious viewpoint whether of some validity or not tells me you have not the spirit of God in you but something else. They accused Jesus when him and his disciples ate the corn on the sabbath day because of the spirit they were of was to find fault. Their heart wasnt right therefore they looked for cause against him not seeing that the letter of the law kills but the spirit makes alive. Their was a revelation they did not have concerning Christ that would have been obvious to anyone with a heart for God. Their heart was for control and power. When I see people accusing people who I know are of god using language that sounds true and scripture even that I agree with, until they apply it falsly, tells me their reason for what their doing is not right. If someone is telling a story of showing symbolism that has an eye in it, it does not mean it is the evil eye from Horus. the eye symbol can be used for many things and to be specific to the meaning you intend would need to show that. I do know that this symbol is being used to represent evil even secretly. Yet be careful who you accuse. To accuse an annointed man of God is serious. Many of these people are being used of God and by the way as a final note. I have found that even if a Godly man is falling not to catch him or accuse him, or judge him on your own. Unless your a prophet and it's God speaking through you. I have seen people die prematurely by accusing an annointed man of God. Or becoming the conscience of the church so they believed - however it was not God doing it. This is not my opinion but my experience in God. May all believers not be confused by those seeking through a religious spirit to decieve others. But see clearly those who are their brethren in spirit and in truth so help us all. Amen

Believer of Jesus Christ said...

God bless you all ! As for me who am I to judge who or where they are in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.. One day every one will be held accountable for what they did in their life... show who you are in Christ Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV)

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Unknown said...

Look at the eye of horus and then look at the all seeing eye... the only resemblance is that there is in fact an eye. Other than that they are 2 different symbols...

Erik Spottz said...

Look at the Eye of Horus which there are two, the left and right. And then look at the all seeing eye. The only similarity is that there is in fact an eye... there is only one all seeing eye not two. Also the all seeing eye is a symbol hijacked from the egyptians so again not the same symbol for the meanings behind the two completely different symbols are completely different. There is much power in symbols and you Christians use many of them however you may want to do your research

Anonymous said...

Eye of Horus is evil eye which manipulates time. I have encountered with its negative influence. More information can be found in the video.

Greg said...

Horus eye represents Antichrist. I have seen its negative influence on me and other people after burying it in the ground from where it disappeared. From my experience and interaction with that evil force I can surely say that Horus eye is the origin of conspiracy against Christ and humankind.

Anonymous said...

Satan possesses Eye of Horus as a means to see everything in our life and control people actions and profane material world.

Thompson Mark said...

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Anonymous said...

Folks are so deceived. Paul rebuke in the open. Follow Jesus Christ and not some band that is man. When the music stops then what? Nothing but John 8:44's. We judge each other in the body. You don't need to judge the unbelievers because they are condemned already John 3:18. Matthew. 7:1 thou shall not judge. Yeah right. Question? Who is Jesus talking to when He said, "thou brother's eye?" Answer: His disciples and not the world at large. Again John 3:18. I was in the music industry producing etc.. Work with many and witness a lot if these artist Christians and non selling their souls. Holy Spirit gives u discernment so use it and keep moving. You see it in your face then call it out. Be bold in the Lord. Satan's. Weapon is music. Christians artists have already mix the sacred with profane. Flash news. Jesus never said to act out the Gospel nor sing, the Gospel. Study to show thyself approved. Not follow a band or man. Today's Christians bible are either a Hip Hop artist or Christian band or singer. Christians do not read no more they just follow man and the lyrics of their music. That is their bibles now. Satan got folks all caught up in themselves. So anytime you talk negative or try to bring true light to them, these followers will back their favorite artist up tooth and nail because they feel they have something common. It is nothing more but a familiar spirit of the old ones. Stick with God's word and not man. is a site that I found some interesting facts. Remember, facts. Running out time. Get saved or get Played.. CHRiST UP..

Curious said...

Please direct me to the scripture specifically connecting these eyes to devil worship or symbolism. At least the mark of the devil.